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This is a list of some of the most popular and notable SRB2 modifications. Except for the ones listed under Outdated modifications, they are all compatible with SRB2 v2.1. More modifications can be found at the Releases section of the SRB2 Message Board.

Source code modifications

See also: Source code

These modifications are custom versions of SRB2 that contain new features for the game and have their own executable.

  • SRB2 Top Down – A source code modification created by the community group "Kart Krew". Its gameplay is similar to SRB2 but with a top-down camera that is shared by all players in Coop. It can be played as a standalone game, featuring four main zones with boss fights and two minor zones without boss fights.


These modifications consists of one or several WAD files that can be added to SRB2. The most notable type of these are level packs.

  • Acid Missile – A level pack created by FuriousFox containing three Single Player zones, a final level, custom emblems and unlockables. Most of its levels were released in the Official Level Design Contest during the Final Demo era, where they were well received. The level pack was originally assembled for v1.09.4 and has been ported to all new versions since.
  • Arch Pack – A level pack created by Ezer.Arch which compiles two full Single Player zones, a standalone Single Player level and four multiplayer maps. The majority of these levels were originally released in the OLDC during the v1.09.4 era to high acclaim.
  • Chaos Domain – A level pack created by CoatRack which contains five Single Player zones. Most of its levels were originally released in the OLDC between 2008 and 2012, where many of them were highly acclaimed.
  • Dumbventure – A single-level mini-mod by D00D64 which consists of several level fragments compiled into a single map and tied together with a storyline. It was originally released in the July/August 2011 OLDC, where it became the highest-rated Single Player level in the history of the OLDC.
  • The Emerald Isles – A level pack created by Kuja. It contains six full-length Single Player zones as well as two multiplayer levels. Work on it was started in 2007 and it is still in active development today, with older zones being replaced by new ones. The first two acts of Aquatic Labyrinth Zone were premiered in the OLDC during the v1.09.4 era, where they were highly acclaimed.
  • Mystic Realm – A level pack created by Mystic containing seven Single Player zones, several hidden stages, and numerous extra secrets. It was one of the first large-scale modifications of SRB2 and is still one of the most popular. Its last zone, Aerial Garden Zone, is featured in SRB2 as a bonus level.
  • SUGOI (Shut Up and Get On It) – A Single Player level pack created as a community project led by TehRealSalt, with levels submitted by community members. It contains 30 maps in total, including several secret levels.
  • SUBARASHII – The sequel to SUGOI. It contains 48 levels, including custom Special Stages.
  • Thokker – A multiplayer level pack which features a new team-based gametype inspired by soccer.
  • Tortured Planet – A level pack created by Fawfulfan containing eight Single Player zones plus a final boss, several unlockable maps, and a Match rotation spanning ten maps. It was made during the v2.0 era and remains the largest level pack for SRB2 made by a single person.

Outdated modifications

These modifications are outdated and are not compatible with the current version of SRB2.


  • Botanic Serenity – A level pack created by Digiku containing the highly detailed Botanic Serenity Zone, which was the first custom NiGHTS level, as well as an unlockable map.
  • SRB2 Community Build – A source code modification created by Kalaron which adds a variety of features to the game, including improvements to the OpenGL renderer, bots in Coop and Match as well as functional slopes, among other things.
  • SRB2Morphed – A source code modification created by Morph which enhances customization capabilities by adding new actions and character abilities. Many of the features from this modification were added to SRB2 itself in v2.1.
  • XSRB2 – A source code modification created by Inuyasha which features an incomplete Single Player campaign, a new gametype called "Shards", as well as a miniature golf zone.


  • Blue Heaven – A level pack created by Tets containing five Single Player zones with two acts each. It was made during the Final Demo era and some of its levels debuted in the OLDC, where they were well received.
  • ShufflarB2 – A source code modification created by Shuffle that modifies existing gametypes and adds a new gametype, new actions, custom maps and other miscellaneous features.
  • SRB2JTE – A source code modification created by JTE that adds many different features, including bots for Coop and Match and custom special abilities. Together with Mystic Realm, it was the most popular modification of the Final Demo era.


  • SA-SRB2 – A modification created by BlazeHedgehog that re-textures and modifies the official levels to work with Adventure mode.
  • SPMoves – A source code modification created by JTE that, among other features, adds new special abilities to the game.

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