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SUBARASHII title screen

SUBARASHII (also known as SUGOI 2, full title: Oh My God! It's Joseph Joestar In SUBARASHII: X-Mas Mode In July; stands for Sonic Uncovers Banning And Realizes Anime Spoilers Hurt Intricate Ideas) is the second entry in the SUGOI series, a series of collaborative level packs created by community members under the supervision of TehRealSalt. It contains 48 levels created over the course of December 2016 and features work by more than 60 different contributors. In addition to regular levels, this edition of SUGOI also asked mappers to create their own Special Stages. As a result, SUBARASHII includes seven Special Stages, each of which utilizes Lua scripts to create its own unique playstyle. The level pack was initially released on July 27th, 2017.

This, along with it's predecessor SUGOI and it's sequel KIMOKAWAIII, is part of the combined v2.2 remaster of the SUGOI trilogy.

Current release information


As with SUGOI, the levels in SUBARASHII are accessed via a hub stage, Joestar Manor. The levels are presented in the form of paintings hanging on the walls of the manor. Jumping into a painting selects the respective level. In Coop mode, players can vote on whether or not to enter a selected level – the level is only entered if the majority of voters agree. At the beginning, only one level is accessible, with the others in five closed-off rooms that can be unlocked by collecting emblems. One emblem is awarded for completing each stage, while many of the stages also contain hidden in-map emblems and/or Record Attack emblems. Collecting 35 emblems unlocks the final boss fight, Final Tower Zone. Excluding the boss fight, there are 37 main levels, although the six levels in the bedroom are not considered part of the main progression since they are unlocked after the final boss fight.

Collecting Special Stage Tokens in the main levels allows the player to access the seven Special Stages, which are located in the basement of the manor. Each attempt at a Special Stage costs one token. Beating a Special Stage awards the player a Chaos Emerald. If the player enters Final Tower Zone with all seven Chaos Emeralds, a door will open up that leads to the secret final boss fight, Star Genesis.

Finally, SUBARASHII includes two bonus levels that are unlocked by completing special requirements, as well as several auxiliary maps that are used for cutscenes or unlockables.

Initially accessible

  • MAP01: Green Flowers Zone 1 (VentureSonic)

Living room

Requires 1 emblem to unlock.
  • MAP02: Green Flowers Zone 2 (VentureSonic)
  • MAP03: Holiday House Zone (TexDreemurr/PSI Pikachu)
  • MAP04: Sunlit Cavern Zone (BronsoKip)
  • MAP05: Frozen Valley Zone (VentureSonic)
  • MAP06: Steel Valley Zone (Elvin & Revan)
  • MAP07: Holiday Hill Zone (SeventhSentinel)
  • MAP08: Bubble Tides Zone (TehRealSalt)
  • MAP09: Green Flowers Zone 3 (VentureSonic)

Dining room

Requires 5 emblem to unlock.
  • MAP10: Green Flowers Zone 4 (VentureSonic)
  • MAP11: Plastic Factory Zone (SteelT)
  • MAP12: Funky Headquarters Zone (Puppyluvv)
  • MAP13: Sapphire Frost Zone (Glaber)
  • MAP14: Polluted Polis Zone (a guy)
  • MAP15: Night Temple Zone (ManimiFire)
  • MAP16: Crimson Castle Zone (Elvin)
  • MAP17: Ice Cap Zone (Chicmunk & SSG3)


Requires 15 emblems to unlock.
  • MAP18: Dusty Desert Zone 1 (Lilac)
  • MAP19: Abandoned Airbase Zone (ICE)
  • MAP20: Magma Peaks Zone (Inferno Drag)
  • MAP21: Atlantis (DarkTechno)
  • MAP22: Snow Summit Zone (Spectorious)
  • MAP23: Twilight Grove Zone (Knux576)
  • MAP24: Mount Torval Zone 1 (Boo)


Requires 25 emblems to unlock.
  • MAP25: Mount Torval Zone 2 (Boo)
  • MAP26: Fort Nitrate Zone (fickleheart)
  • MAP27: Mix It All Together ! Zone 1 (sluggard)
  • MAP28: Steaming Towers Zone (DirkTheHusky)
  • MAP29: Sundial Veld Zone (WindTakadiyami)
  • MAP30: Leaps of Faith Zone (MK.exe)
  • MAP31: Palace Peaks Zone (Garrean)


Requires 45 emblems to unlock.
  • MAP32: Roasted Ravine Zone 1 (Lat' & Spectorious)
  • MAP33: Propulsion Peaks Zone (Inferno Drag)
  • MAP34: Pipes of Green (VAdaPEGA)
  • MAP35: Empty Sanctum Zone (Chaobrother)
  • MAP36: Illumination Aerie Zone (JMRante)
  • MAP37: Roasted Ravine Zone 3 (Lat' & Spectorious)

Final Tower

Requires 35 emblems to unlock.
  • MAP38: Final Tower Zone (TehRealSalt)

Secret ending

  • MAP39: ??? (Varren)
  • MAP40: Star Genesis (Varren)

Auxiliary maps

  • MAPA0: Joestar Manor (TehRealSalt)
  • MAPA1: Intro (Boinciel)
  • MAPA2: Ending (Boinciel)
  • MAPA3: Star Fountain (Varren)
  • MAPA4: Secret Ending (Boinciel)
  • MAPA5: Credits

Special Stages

  • MAPS1: Greenflower Grove Zone 1 (Maximus Universal & Tripel the fox)
  • MAPS2: Tropical Island (LZA)
  • MAPS3: A Minesweeper Field (Rapidgame7)
  • MAPS4: Unknown Temple 1 (Rapidgame7)
  • MAPS5: Shade Mountain Zone (Badz)
  • MAPS6: Soniguri (Yacker & Root)
  • MAPS7: Highly Responsive to Hedgehogs (LunarDestroyer)

Unlockable maps

  • MAPU1: Custom Minesweeper (Rapidgame7)
  • MAPU2: Deleted Domain Zone (Garrean)
    • Totem Island Zone (Root)
    • Green Meadow Zone (Bluesfire)
    • Alpine Heights Zone (Simsmagic)
    • Verdant Valley Zone (Fres)
    • Storm Stronghold Zone (frozenLake)
    • Greenflower Caves Zone (TelosTurntable)
    • Sunset Mine Zone (White T.U)
    • Acid Plant Zone (CoatRack)
    • Disco Foundry Zone (Kuja)
  • MAPU3: Emerald Practice
  • MAPU4: Marathon Mode startup
  • MAPU5: What Not To Do (TehRealSalt)


The hub stage contains a shop run by Shadow the Hedgehog, located in the hallway between the ballroom and the bedroom. It allows players to buy power-up items in exchange for emerald tokens. Bought power-ups are activated at the beginning of the next level that is entered. The item selection is randomized and changes every time the hub map is loaded. Occasionally, the shop will offer a Chaos Emerald, allowing the player to bypass one Special Stage.

Secrets and unlockables


SUBARASHII contains 190 emblems in total. 45 of these are awarded for beating the 37 main levels, the seven Special Stages and Deleted Domain Zone. 92 are placed as in-map emblems, while 50 are awarded for beating Record Attack or NiGHTS Mode requirements. Finally, there are three extra emblems: One is awarded for beating the regular ending (Final Tower Zone), one for beating the secret ending (Star Genesis) and one for beating all of the 37 main levels.


  • Emblem Hints: Unlocked by collecting 10 emblems.
  • Emblem Radar: Unlocked by collecting 20 emblems.
  • Custom Minesweeper: A customized version of the third Special Stage, which implements Minesweeper in SRB2. Unlocked by collecting 60 emblems.
  • Deleted Domain Zone: A collection of SUBARASHII submissions that were not finished in time, compiled into a single map. Unlocked by collecting 80 emblems.
  • Pandora's Box: Unlocked by collecting all 190 emblems. This also opens the main door of the manor in the hub stage, allowing the player to access the surrounding outdoor area. The outdoor area itself contains a teleport leading to a secret joke level, What Not To Do, which is a simple square containing 5000 Crawlas and several power-up items.
  • Replay Credits: Unlocked by beating either the regular or the secret ending.
  • Level Select: (excluding Bedroom): Unlocked by beating either the regular or the secret ending.
  • Bedrooom Level Select: Unlocked by beating either the regular or the secret ending and unlocking the bedroom.
  • Emerald Practice: Allows the player to practice the Special Stages without spending emerald tokens, but also without actually awarding the emeralds. Unlocked by beating either the regular or the secret ending.
  • Gallery: A hidden section of the hub stage, accessible from the ballroom. It contains a piano, which allows the player to change the currently played musicm and grants access to Custom Minesweeper and Deleted Domain Zone. Unlocked by beating the secret ending.
  • Marathon Mode: Allows the player to play all main levels back to back, with a global timer running through all of them. Unlocked by beating the secret ending.
  • Star Genesis: A secrets menu entry for the secret ending, which is unlocked after beating it.
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