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Emblems are little winged logos that can be collected by the player in SRB2's Single Player campaign to unlock secret levels and other content. There are 160 emblems in total: Every non-boss level (including secret levels) contains five emblems hidden in the map itself as a special type of collectable Object, as well as one emblem for each of the three categories in Record Attack. Boss levels contain one Record Attack emblem for time. The only exception to this is Egg Rock Zone Act 3, which contains emblems for score and rings as well. NiGHTS levels contain three emblems: one hidden in the map, one for time, and one for getting an A rank. Additionally, there are five global emblems that are awarded for certain achievements.

Various unlockables can be unlocked by collecting emblems. The game aids the player with collecting emblems by providing hints (after collecting 40 emblems) and a radar (after collecting 80 emblems) that can be accessed in the pause menu while playing a level. See the Emblem guide for further help on collecting emblems.

Custom modifications can supply their own emblems. See Custom unlockables and emblems for an explanation.

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