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This is a guide on how to obtain all emblems in SRB2 v2.2. There are 200 emblems in total. It is suggested that you attempt to find them on your own before using this document, as you can only find things for the first time once. Use this document at your own discretion.

This article or section contains a spoiler, an unlockable, or a secret. Please leave the page if you do not wish to view spoilers.

General Record Attack advice


  • The best character to use varies from level to level.
    • Sonic and Metal Sonic are viable choices in mostly horizontal or closed levels, like Greenflower Zone Act 1 or Deep Sea Zone Act 1, due to their abilities to maintain speed on ground. Tails and Knuckles, however, are much better choices in open levels where they can fly or glide around time-consuming obstacles or skip parts of the level completely, like Castle Eggman Zone Act 2 or Arid Canyon Zone Act 1. Amy and Fang are generally not recommended for speedrunning due to their inability to spin, but Amy does have an advantage in levels with heavy use of springs, and Fang can sometimes skip over significant areas with his tail bounce.
    • The key to playing as Sonic is to thok as efficiently as possible, and grab a Whirlwind Shield when possible to allow for extra jump height and sometimes opportunities to skip through areas. Well-timed thoks allow you to cut corners and skip platforms. However, be careful to avoid overshooting and use the backpedal key to control your speed after thokking.
    • The key to playing as Tails is to fly without losing too much speed. Flying directly upwards will cause you to lose most of your horizontal speed, so only use the jump key if necessary. A good trick is to charge up a full spin dash, then fly with a big boost of speed that rivals Sonic's speed if you don't move too much upwards.
    • Knuckles' glide can be exceptionally powerful for speed if combined with a spin dash or Super Sneakers, and the glide's speed increases with time, making it very useful in open levels. However, you should avoid using Knuckles to speedrun a level if it forces him onto a unique path, like Techno Hill Zone Act 1.
    • As Metal Sonic, levels are easiest to quickly clear if you combine the hover with Boost Mode so that you can zoom over many hazards without compromising speed.
  • In boss levels, Fang is usually by far the best choice because of his pop gun, which allows you to decimate a boss without having to move much or risk getting hurt.
  • Try to find the quickest route through the stage. If you fell short of the time requirement despite a good run, try to take other paths and see if they are faster. In the more open levels, try to look for shortcuts.
  • Don't abort a run just because you made a mistake, such as getting hit or missing a jump. Achieving a "perfect" run can be very difficult and is rarely worth the effort, since the time requirements for the emblems are loose enough to allow for small mistakes as long as they don't cost you too much time.
  • Practice difficult sections of the stage until you can get through them efficiently. If you are playing as Sonic and are having problems with a difficult section that Tails can skip, consider using Tails for the run instead. Even if Sonic might be faster in a flawless run, a good Tails will usually also be able to finish under the par time and get the emblem.
  • Super Sneakers can vastly improve your run if you are skilled enough to control your character at high speeds. Most Super Sneakers monitors are worth getting, even if they might seem too far out of the way at first. If used properly, the speed gain is so enormous that it will usually make up for a slight detour.


  • The ring emblems are usually fairly straightforward and don't require full exploration of the stage. In some stages, you may need to backtrack and go through several paths to collect enough rings.
  • Try to equip yourself with a shield at all times to avoid losing your rings if you get hit, preferably an Attraction Shield. If you have no Attraction Shield or if you need to go underwater, look for a different shield. The next-best option is a Force Shield, since it protects you from two hits.
  • The best characters for ring runs are usually Tails or Knuckles, since they can easily reach most areas in a level. In levels with Knuckles, Amy, and/or Fang paths, they may be a better choice since they can reach sections of the level Sonic, Tails, and Metal Sonic cannot.


  • Boss levels (Act 3 of every zone, and Black Core Zone Act 2) have score emblems instead of ring emblems, where the key is to defeat the boss without taking damage so you can earn a full Guard Bonus of 10,000 points. Fang is usually the easiest choice for those, because he can simply hit targets from a safe distance with his popgun. Timing shots properly and dodging the boss' attacks with Fang's moveset should be enough to receive the Score emblem and the Time emblem in one go.
  • While it is not possible to earn an emblem through scoring in non-boss acts, those seeking to score big regardless should focus on collecting rings plus chaining together enemies through spin jumps or Invincibility Monitors for bigger scores. Be careful not to get hit without a shield, as not every ring can be re-collected afterwards.
  • If the level contains an Armageddon Shield, bring it into an open space with lots of enemies and set it off, destroying everything in one go and awarding lots of extra points. If two or more can be found on the same path, be sure to locate and use both.

General NiGHTS Mode advice

Map Emblems

  • Although you can easily spot most Sun emblems, the Moon emblems do not appear unless you paraloop around them.


  • Drill dash as much as possible to gain speed, except in sections that require careful maneuvring. As long as you fly through enough hoops, you are unlikely to deplete your drill meter.
  • Once you have enough spheres to break the capsule, stop collecting items entirely and try to break the capsule and finish the level as fast as possible.
  • Avoid damaging obstacles at all costs. While the time penalty is only relevant for the countdown and not the general level time, you will still lose time from being stopped and spinning out.

A rank

  • Try to keep a continuous link throughout the stage, since this vastly increases the score per item. Breaking a link of more than 10 will cause you to lose a total of 450 points on the next 9 items you collect.
  • Search for power-ups, since they are often helpful for increasing your score. If you get a Super Paraloop, try to make large paraloops to attract nearby items, but be careful not to break your link while doing so. The Link Freeze power-up is often placed near the Ideya Capture, allowing you to keep your link while breaking it.
  • After destroying the Ideya Capture, you are awarded 100 points for every second left in the clock as a time bonus. This gives an incentive to go through the first lap at a faster pace. Additionally, you can also look for the Extra Time power-up, which increases your timer by 30 seconds, furthering your score boost.
  • After the capsule is broken, all items except power-ups will respawn every time you pass the Ideya Drone. This allows you to make multiple laps around the map, which is often necessary to get the A rank. If you reach the Ideya Drone with leftover time but not enough for another lap, try to collect items close to the Ideya Drone in the remaining time.
  • All item scores are doubled once the Ideya Capture is broken, so try to reach and break it as fast as possible. Afterwards, take your time and try to collect as many items as possible. It may be useful to ignore certain power-ups, especially Super Paraloops, on the first lap and only use them on the second lap when items give you more points.
  • 50 points are awarded for every sphere you bring back to the Ideya Drone, giving you an additional score boost at the end.

Hidden emblems video walkthrough

Main stages

Greenflower Zone Act 1

Emblem Game info/hints Description

This one's in plain sight.
Why haven't you claimed it yet?
Surely you saw it.

Start the level normally up to the point where the path makes a U-turn after crossing the first bridge. The emblem is visible to your left at the center of a small depression.

To find this emblem,
You will have to take a dive.
Check behind the spring.

After exiting the tunnel with the second Star Post, jump into the lake. To your left is a small underwater cave with a yellow spring in front of some blocks. The emblem is hidden behind the blocks.

Tails can be helpful
To fly you under the arch
And find the entrance.

Make your way to the third Star Post. Above you is an arch with a small hole under it containing the emblem. The easiest way to collect it is to fly up to the entrance as Tails.

On top of a box,
Above the narrow pathways.
Spring to get up there.

Just before entering the tunnel with the second Star Post, you will walk past a small underpass to your right. Go through the underpass to reach a side area of the lake. Two pillars guarded by SDURFs lead to a ledge with a diagonal yellow spring. Jump across the pillars while avoiding the SDURFs and take the spring to reach the top of a cliff above the corridor area. You should now see the emblem in front of you, positioned on top of a block. You can reach it by first jumping on a smaller block to your right.

Up high on a ledge,
There is a breakable wall.
Smash it for the prize.

After exiting the tunnel with the second Star Post, jump into the lake. Use the yellow spring in the underwater cave to your left to propel yourself to the top of a high cliff overlooking the lake. Turn around to see a ledge on the other side of the lake. Jump onto that ledge and look for a cracked wall next to two sunflowers and a tree. Break through it with a spindash to enter a small cave with the emblem.
Clear in 0:30.00 Due to the level's short length, it should be easy for every character to reach the end in under 30 seconds. Sonic should repeatedly thok through the stage as much as he can (taking the shortcut over the large lake is not necessary). Tails, Knuckles, and Fang should use their flight/climb/spring jump to scale the first waterfall and navigate around the ledges over the large lake. Amy should keep her speed high by jumping and taking tight turns on corners. Metal Sonic, with optimal control over his boost mode and hover abilities, should be able to reach the end in roughly 20 to 25 seconds.
200 rings The level has 453 rings in total, and the goal is easily achievable by all six characters. If you're worried about taking damage from a Crawla early on, follow the river at the start into a cave and pick up a Force Shield, which will protect you from two hits. In the lake area after the first Star Post, an Attraction Shield can be found on top of the high cliff in the center of the lake. If you keep your eyes peeled, you should have all the rings you need by the second Star Post.

Greenflower Zone Act 2

Emblem Game info/hints Description

Near the giant lake
lies a cave with a 1-Up.
An emblem's there, too!.

Play through the level normally following the lower path until you reach the third Star Post after launching into a large valley. Instead of proceeding inside the cave, turn around to see a waterfall feeding the lake. Jump into the lake and continue towards the waterfall. You should then come across a cracked wall on one of the cliffs facing it. Use Spindash to break through the wall and into an underwater cave. Proceed through the cave to find an Elemental shield, an extra life monitor and the emblem.

Such a wet level.
Find the source of the water,
Atop of the fallst.

In the area with the second Star Post, right before the cave that leads to the large valley, is a waterfall that feeds a small pool with two SDURFs in it. Jump into that pool to find a spring that you can use to reach the top of the waterfall and a ledge with a Star Post. Continue through that path without falling into the river. You will then see a barrier that you can jump across. In the following area, you will see two ledges. Use the smallest one to reach the other where you will find a diagonal yellow spring leading into a small cave. Use the spring at the right time to avoiding getting hit by the SDURF. Once inside the cave, use spindash to go against the current and slip under a narrow gap leading into a secret room with the emblem.

Backtrack a blocked path
Then go through another one
To prove you love him.

This emblem can only be collected as Amy. Play through the level normally until the very last room with the Level End Sign. Once there, you will have to break through a cracked wall that serves as the exit to the Knuckles exclusive path. If you took the upper path leading to the end of the level, the wall should be to your right. If you took the lower path, you will need to use blocks in the final room and the opening in the wall showing the sky to reach the upper section with the breakable wall. Backtrack through Knuckles' path by jumping down the bridge and breaking the wall that originally leads into it. From there, jump up Sonic and Tails' path and use the moving platforms to reach the highest ledge in the room with a super ring monitor and a row of horizontal red springs. The floor on the left corner is breakable and will lead into a secret room with a yellow spring surrounded by spikes. Watch out to not hit the springs leading out of this room. Once you are safely in this room, break the spikes and use the spring to reach a pink-themed area with the emblem.

It's under a bridge,
Right behind a large pillar.
Echidnas only!

This emblem can only be collected as Knuckles. Play through the level by taking the upper route leading to the end. Upon entering Knuckles' exclusive path, instead of climbing up the tall pillar to proceed, climb up the smaller one to your right. You should now see the emblem just below the bridge and can collect it by climbing up the pillar you now face.

High in the canyon,
There's a house with a garden.
Check inside the fence

At the beginning of the level, jump onto the ledge to your left and follow it's wall to find a diagonal yellow spring. Use the spring to reach a higher ledge with a Super Sneakers monitor and another diagonal yellow spring. That spring is the first of a chain of five springs that, if followed without moving, will lead to a cliff with an Attraction shield. At the end of the chain, there is another cliff to your right. Move in that direction upon hitting the last spring to land on it. You will then find a diagonal red spring on that same cliff that will propel you into a narrow canyon. Follow it to come across a red house with a small garden containing the emblem.
Clear in 1:00.00 This emblem can be easily collected with any character. Instead of taking the regular route, jump into the first water puddle to your right after the downwards slope to find a yellow spring. It will launch you into a ledge with a Golden Whirlwind Shield monitor. By using the shield's double jump ability, you will be able to progress through the upper area. When you reach a small garden, take one of the yellow springs and jump over to the diagonal red spring atop a wooden block, launching you into the river route. Keep running through this area until you reach the top of the large waterfall - from there, leap onto the cliffs below you to take the upper route of the open area. From here on, the path will split. Take the according paths depending on what character you're playing as and you will reach the Level End Sign at the segments' other end. With good execution, you're sure to collect this emblem.
250 rings An Attraction Shield is available to collect right in the first section of the level. In the section with a sharp turn to the right, jump on the moving platform to reach a small ledge with the shield monitor. From there on, you are free to explore the level as you will. Taking the regular route with some more careful exploring is bound to nab you the ring emblem easily. Tails is of course a recommended pick, although you are free to use any other character.

Greenflower Zone Act 3

Emblem Game info/hints Description
10,000 points This emblem is easiest to earn as Fang, since he can shoot Eggman for a distance. However, as any other character, it should be easy to acquire as long as you do not stick with rushing Eggman down until he's defeated. Once the Eggmobile is hit five times and starts smoking, Eggman will attempt to catch you off guard with a trio of laser beams that fire from every side, followed by two more triple-beams in rapid succession. It requires very fast timing to hit Eggman before his triple laser attacks, so it's a better idea to play it safe for the score emblem.
Clear in 0:30.00 If you want to finish the fight as quickly as possible, simply hit Eggman at every opportunity he gives you without hesitating. As with the score emblem, Fang is a good choice here, since he can easily shoot Eggman before, or even while, he fires his lasers, including the triple lasers. If you are playing as a character other than Fang, once Eggman enters his pinch phase and starts firing three lasers at a time, navigate around the lasers and hit Eggman quickly before he turns to you and fires a triple beam straight for you. If you get hit, tank the shot and use your invulnerability to retaliate until the fight ends- you should recollect your rings to protect you in case Eggman snipes you a second time.

Techno Hill Zone Act 1

Emblem Game info/hints Description

Ya can't miss it Tails!
It's right on top of the cliff.
Just fly and get it

At the start of the level, right after running up the first slope, fly or climb up the cliff to your right. The emblem is located at the highest point. Despite what the emblem hint says, it is also possible to earn this emblem as Sonic using careful platforming around the start of the level, aided by a few gas jets.

The slime lake is deep,
But reaching the floor takes height.
Scream "Geronimo!"...

In the large slime lake after the first factory area, there are barrels floating in the slime to your left. Next to these barrels, there is a huge crater under the slime. At the very bottom of the crater is a platform with the emblem. As Tails or Knuckles, you can fly or climb to the top of the wall above the cave to reach a cliff with a ring monitor. From there, jump down into the crater and you will have enough downward momentum to reach the emblem. As Sonic, you will need to use a Whirlwind Shield. You will find in a small cave next to the floating barrels. Get on top of the large slime generator in the lake by using the gas jet of one of the pipe protruding from it. Use the Spring Shell on top of the generator to reach the grassy ledge in front of you. From there, use another Spring Shell to reach another ledge and a third Spring Shell on that ledge to reach the top of the cliff. Use Whirlwind jumps to reach the three pipes sticking out of the wall and from there, the cliff with a super ring monitor. Then, jump down into the crater with another Whirlwind jump and you will have enough downward momentum to reach the emblem.

Climbing yields great range.
Yet, on a path for climbers,
flying is the key.

This emblem is located on Knuckles' path but can only be gotten as Tails. Since Tails can't break the block in front of the vertical conveyor belt, you must enter the path from its exit. In the area with the large slime lake, look to the right of the island in the center to find an area with an Attraction Shield. From there you can enter a cave that leads to a room with a large wall to your left. If you look up towards the ceiling, you will see the emblem inside a small indent.

That's a lot of slime.
Say, do you ever wonder
what's dumping it all?

At the path split after the first factory area, take the left path and follow it until you get to the slime river that leads into the large slime lake. Fly or climb up the slimefall that feeds the river to find the emblem hovering slightly above the top of it. This emblem can also be collected as Sonic or any other character by grabbing a Whirlwind Shield from the network of pipes near the end of the factory path, then backtracking and using the shield's double jump ability to make it up the slimefall.

Knuckles can't go up.
Well, at least not directly.
Come back the wrong way

This emblem can only be collected as Knuckles. Play through the level normally up to the exit of Knuckles' exclusive path. Backtrack through the normal path up to the point where the route originally split. One of the panels on the wall to your right is breakable. The emblem hides behind it.
Clear in 1:15.00 This emblem is most easily acquired as Sonic or Tails. At the path split after the first factory section, the right path is the faster option, since that area has an easy to collect Super Sneaker monitor. Knuckles is not viable for this time emblem, since his route is very long and time-consuming.
250 rings In this zone, use an Attraction Shield or Elemental Shield to collect as many rings and Super Ring Monitors as you need. The Elemental Shield's dive ability is useful for rings and ring monitors inside goop, while the Attraction Shield is useful for those outside goop. Note that the only two Attraction Shields in this zone are found out after the factory path split, so an Elemental Shield will be good to have in the first half.

Techno Hill Zone Act 2

Emblem Game info/hints Description

Near the first checkpoint,
Take a look through the windows.
See something you want?

At the first path split, take the left path that goes into the slime. Proceed through that path until you complete the section with the periodically moving blocks that push you off the platforms and into a slime pool. Immediately after that section, run up a row of stairs and before crossing the bridge, look to your left to see a breakable panel. It leads into a secret room with the emblem.

Behind the windows,
near crushers, ever smashing,
a conveyor belt.

At the second path split, take the left path with the conveyor belt. If you look through the windows to your left before reaching the crushers, you will see a slime-filled corridor that leads to a platform with an extra life and the emblem. To reach it, you will need to dive deep into the slime pool, which you can do in three ways: jump on a Spring Shell at the end of the conveyor belt, use the Whirlwind Shield for a jump boost, or use the Elemental Shield to dive in directly. The wall to the left of the conveyor belt has an opening below the slime that you can dive through, allowing you to enter the corridor with the emblem.

A button under slime
near the end of the level
will open a door.

In the large factory area near the end, after pressing the button in the slime that makes it rise up to let you proceed, continue forward up until the point where you have to jump onto a conveyor belt. Instead of making that jump, make your way to the left of the ledge you are standing on. A button is hidden under the slime in that spot and you can reach it by jumping from there. The button will open a door behind the conveyor belt and near the row of horizontal red springs. Enter that new room to find a red spring facing a pool of slime. Use the spring to reach a gap in the wall containing an Elemental Shield, then use the shield's ability to dive into the slime pool and press the button at the bottom. The button will make the slime rise and let you reach a high up room on the right with super ring monitors and the emblem.

There is a hallway
that a button floods with slime.
Go through it again!

When entering the large factory near the end, you come across a button in the slime that you need to press to make the slime rise up. After doing so, instead of continuing forward, go back through the corridor behind you, which is now flooded. At the end of it, you will reach a small area where the slime doesn't extend to the ceiling. The emblem is to your right in this area.

Jumping on turtles
will send you springing skyward.
Now, do that six times.

In the large factory building near the end, after having pressed the button to reach the top of the dam, turn right. On the far side of the room you will see an area with a series of small floating blocks that contain Spring Shells. Go to this area. At the floor level, there is another Spring Shell. You must bounce up this chain of Spring Shells to reach a ledge with the emblem. Alternatively, you can simply fly up there as Tails.
Clear in 2:00.00 This emblem is best earned by taking the piston path as Tails or Knuckles, though it is also doable as Sonic. A lot of time can be saved by skipping the piston room straight to the bridge above it, which can be by spin dashing up the quarter pipe before the pistons and then jumping, or by flying or climbing as Tails or Knuckles. As Sonic, it is recommended to grab the Whirlwind Shield on top of a pipe near the start of the level. The run will be much more efficient with that shield handy.
300 rings The ring requirement can be easily met by any character on any path if you keep an eye out for Buzzes and other hazards. Attraction Shields can be found in various places in the level, but if you use such a shield, be careful not to fall into goop. Tails and Knuckles are recommended because they can skip over most areas involving or requiring goop, including the final section with the large goop-raising button needed to progress as any other character.

Techno Hill Zone Act 3

Emblem Game info/hints Description
10,000 points Beating this boss without getting hit is fairly easy; the best choice for it is Fang, because he can shoot bosses and enemies from a distance. In the initial phase, hit Eggman from the sides of the arena much like with the time emblem; in the pinch phase, stay in one hit and defeating the boss will be a breeze
Clear in 0:30.00 At the start of the boss fight, Eggman will pass in front of you and to your left. The key to beating him quickly is to hit him before leaves your sight, so that he will turn around and move to the other side, where you can hit him again. Move sideways without moving the camera so that you always face strictly forward and Eggman always remains in your sight. If you time your jumps well, you can hit him five times and start the pinch phase in only about 10 seconds. Keep in mind that he speeds up after every hit, so each time you need to move a little more quickly to the left/right in order to catch him. The pinch phase is straightforward. Simply stand in one place and wait until he bounces towards you to hit him. If you manage to hit him every time he comes near you, you should beat him quickly enough to meet the time requirement.

Deep Sea Zone Act 1

Emblem Game info/hints Description

Tails can't break the block,
Knuckles can't climb up that high,
Who can tackle both?

As Amy Rose, grab a Whirlwind Shield and press the red button atop a pillar, located after the room with a big temple with a V-shaped crown. The pillar will sink, opening up to an underwater cave. Progress through this area normally and turn left at the path split. Hit one of the mines to break a wall at the end of the corridor, and hammer one of the four red springs to skyrocket to the ceiling. Atop is a small indent blocked by a bustable block, which Amy can hammer to break. Behind it is the emblem.

Bridge with a closed door.
Don't bother going inside.
Check the falls instead.

On the right path's lower route, when you reach the room containing the long bridge with two giant waterfalls, use Tails or Knuckles to go into the left waterfall to find the Emblem.

There are three closed doors.
They all lead to a statue.
Open all of them.

Near the end of the stage, there is a giant Gargoyle statue in between three doors. Depending which path you take, one of these doors will open shortly before you end the level. To open all three doors, you will need to go through the left path and the right path's two subpaths in one go without dying, which will require you to backtrack after you open the first two doors. The paths can be traversed in any order, and the pillar button on the left path is a useful shortcut that makes it easier to backtrack. When all three doors are open, the pillar the Gargoyle is on will rise up, revealing the Emblem.

This emblem is most easily earned as Tails or Knuckles, but it is also possible as Sonic with clever usage of the various Whirlwind Shields found throughout the level, plus a few slopes leading to walls that you can spin dash up then jump off for extra height.

The blue switch is stuck
Behind a broken blue door
Jump through the small hole

Make your way to the crumbled column with a red switch on top, located near the temple with the V-shaped crown. Open up the underwater cave path, and turn right at the path split. You will come across a door with the sides chipped off and several mines surrounding it. Avoiding the mines, jump through the hole in the door and press the blue switch, opening it and a door across the hall containing an Invincibility Monitor. After opening the door, drop down and make your way through the last portion of the level's left path, and before the button that opens to the end of the level, jump or swim up to a small platform. Inside the room it leads to is the Emblem, as well as an Elemental Shield Monitor and an Extra Life.

Push the gargoyle switch
To find the purple button
Near the beginning.

On the left path at the beginning, one of the two Gargoyle statues immediately after turning left is on a pushable track. Push it to the left to open a hole in the other side in the wall. In there, you'll find the purple switch and an Extra Life Monitor. After activating the switch, take the top path on your right and go into the room with a crumbled column. At the top, you'll find a red switch that sinks the column underwater. A door on the left should be open if you've pressed the switch. Inside, you'll find an Elemental Shield Monitor, an Armageddon Shield Monitor, and the emblem.
Clear in 1:15.00 Playing as Sonic, you will have no trouble getting this emblem if you thok efficiently and take the left path, avoiding underwater sections as much as possible.
150 rings This one is somewhat more difficult than the other ring emblems, since this zone is largely underwater and water destroys attraction shields. However, there are three attraction shields in this zone. The one most useful for this emblem is found in the water area below the start of the left path, next to a wall breakable using Big Floating Mines that hides an invincibility monitor. Grab the invincibility and then the attraction shield so that it is not destroyed underwater, then use the springs behind you to go back on the left path and then avoid the water as much as possible while collecting rings. It is of course still possible to collect this emblem without an attraction shield or continuing underwater using the aforementioned shield, and a force shield is also a good choice because it protects from two hits.

Deep Sea Zone Act 2

Emblem Game info/hints Description

A fast waterslide
That is filled with many spikes.
Jump before the end.

As Amy or Fang, take the underwater path at the beginning. Go through the room with the moving crusher, then break the bustable floor in front of the trackball switch after the Star Post. Move through the corridor then turn left to find a set of Red Springs. You'll come to a room with four breakable walls. Behind one of them is a button. Press the button then ride the springs to the waterslide blocked off by a row of spikes. Jump in the waterslide, jump over the spikes, and you'll find the emblem on a wall with several spikes that can be used as platforms.

Up on the high cliff
Before reaching the locked gate
Just out of your view.

As Tails or Knuckles, take the upper path at the beginning. Go through the large cave area you're dropped in, and, at the first path split, take the outdoor route with the series of platforms. After leaving a room with rising and falling water levels, you'll find yourself in another outdoor section with a small tiled floor and a Crushstacean. Instead of entering the temple like you usually would, enter the cave to your left and fly or climb up the wall to your right. The emblem sits atop this wall near one of the temple's windows.

Through the fence you see
An azure room in a wall
Find a way inside.

Go through the underwater path until you reach the first temple's entrance. There will be a breakable wall to your right; break it and you'll enter a room with five cyan columns to your left. The emblem is in the column on the far right.

Mount a spinning wheel,
Then turn around and look up.
Climb to claim your prize.

On Knuckles's path, when you reach the room with the spinning wheel that opens the door, turn around and you'll see the emblem in the small square hole in the ceiling. Climb up the wall to get it.

Crushing from above.
However, there is a hole.
Go see where it leads.

In the underwater room with a crusher, there is a hole at the top where you can either fly or climb out of. On top, there is a small corridor containing an Elemental Shield Monitor, an Extra Life Monitor, and the Emblem.
Clear in 2:15.00 As with Act 1, efficiently using the thok as Sonic (especially in the waterslide sections) is good for earning this emblem. In large underwater segments, like the one in the very beginning, a max rev spindash followed by a jump is the best tool for maintaining speed.
200 rings Unlike Act 1, this zone has no attraction shields whatsoever, so the best choice of shield to use for this emblem is the force shield. 200 rings are well within reach no matter which path you take, so long as you don't get hit.

Deep Sea Zone Act 3

Emblem Game info/hints Description
10,000 points As usual, Fang is the best choice for this emblem, though it isn't too difficult as any character. Jump over Eggman's shockwave and dodge his bullets each time he appears, and hit Eggman shortly after he fires both. In the pinch phase, you will also have to avoid his balloon clones' bullets.
Clear in 0:40.00 The same strategy (and optimal choice of character) as the score emblem applies here, except you will not need to worry as much about not getting hit. Be sure to hit Eggman each time he appears; missing the chance will cost you a few seconds each time.

Castle Eggman Zone Act 1

Emblem Game info/hints Description

A tall bell tower.
The only way to get up,
Is to fly or climb.

As either Tails or Knuckles, there is a bell tower in the area with the line of maces that can knock you off. Either fly or climb up to the tower to find the Emblem in the air between two Super Ring Monitors.

Locked in a tower
What's that behind the banner?
Is it a way in?

After riding the springs into the area near the end of the level, there is a castle facade on a cliff that houses a Suspicious Lance-a-Bot Statue. Next to it are two flags. Jump into the flag on the left and you'll fall into a small corridor containing two Super Ring Monitors, an Extra Life Monitor, and the Emblem itself.

Circle of pillars.
Wait, is one of them missing?
Wonder where it is...

After ascending the sloped staircase following the music fadeout, the structure you stand on is surrounded by eight pillars of varying heights, most of which have platforms connecting them on top. The shortest of the pillars is most easily found by flying or climbing as Tails or Knuckles, and has an emblem on top.

A super tight squeeze
between the wall and a spring
hides a secret path.

In a tower on the bottom path, there is a small hole on the left of the row of horizontal Yellow Springs. Inside, you'll find an Armageddon Shield Monitor and the Emblem.

Trees growing in caves?
It's more likely than you think.
Go pay a visit.

In the right path near the start of the level, after encountering the first launcher, go all the way down to the bottom path and carefully make your way through maces and other obstacles. A set of diagonal red springs will take you to a cave with trees, where you can turn around and find the emblem. Shortly after the emblem is the bottom path's third checkpoint, which is in front of three horizontal red springs.
Clear in 2:00.00 Knuckles is easiest for this emblem. By gliding off launchers when they hit their peak, you can skip a lot of sections in this zone, and you can climb the wall behind you before the bridge collapse starts to make that part easy as well.
200 rings This zone has only two Attraction Shields, one of which is towards the end, so this emblem is one of the more difficult ones. Knuckles is by far the best choice for this emblem, because he can discover rings and Super Ring Monitors without much risk of getting hurt, and can climb up the wall before the bridge collapse section and then glide over all the hazards.

Castle Eggman Zone Act 2

Emblem Game info/hints Description

Outside the castle
hop along the support beams
over the brambles.

Early in the zone when you are outside the castle, there is a relatively low support beam hidden above the brambles shortly before the springs leading to the courtyard room. The beam can easily be found by flying, or hammering on the diagonal yellow springs; on top of the beam, the emblem can be found,.

The eye of the storm
in a vortex of platforms
high above the ground.

In one of the outdoor areas, there is a series of spinning platforms with a set of Yellow Springs in the middle. Next to them are chains. Use them to build up speed and jump high, but as soon as you jump off, turn the camera around immediately to see another series of spinning platforms above the ones below. The Emblem is suspended in the middle of them.

Launch from the large wall,
stop before the shaft of rings.
See something moving?

Take the lower left subpath from the castle's courtyard until you reach the top of the castle's walls with five Egg Guards on a patch of wood above the brambles. Behind the Egg Guards is a launcher that will take you to a star post. In front of the star post is a vertical shaft of rings; instead of going down the rings, turn right (most easily as Tails or Knuckles), hop on the moving platform, and turn right again to reach a room that contains the emblem.

The goal's within sight!
But there is something else above...
Soar to greater heights!

Near the end of the stage, there is a chain that will launch you to the End Level Sign. As Tails, you must wait for the chain to build up momentum, then jump off and fly. The Emblem will be in the center of the middle platform.

In a rocky cave,
on top of a grassy hill,
the emblem awaits.

On the path split from the wide bridge, take the left path and keep on the upper route. In the hilly forest room, after jumping from the diagonal springs, backtrack from the rocky hall you entered and platform up more hills until you find the emblem on top.
Clear in 2:45.00 Again, Knuckles is good for this time emblem because of his ability to glide off launchers. The back left path from the courtyard will allow you to clear this zone efficiently if you time the series of springs correctly.
350 rings This zone contains numerous shields (including six Attraction Shields), but it also contains numerous hazards. To collect the 350 rings needed for this emblem, you will need to explore some rooms fairly thoroughly, especially large open ones. If you lose a shield, try to find another one (preferably attraction or force) as soon as possible. It will also be good to keep an eye out for invincibility monitors, which are often hidden at the start of rooms that contain lots of hazards.

Castle Eggman Zone Act 3

Emblem Game info/hints Description
10,000 points This emblem is much more difficult than the prior boss zone emblems, and as such, playing as Fang is highly recommended. In the initial phase, you will need to avoid the swinging maces while pressing all the buttons needed for each hit. This becomes more difficult with each hit. In the first few hits, you can quickly get where you need to by jumping over the maces, but as they get faster, it will be more efficient to run in between the maces so you can press the buttons most efficiently. As the floor progressively collapses, you will need to hop across the platforms more carefully without landing in the brambles. Although it is possible to tail bounce on the brambles unharmed, doing so may increase your risk of getting hit by the maces. After opening the cage each time, shoot Eggman if you can, but if you miss, you can try again since you aren't aiming for the time emblem, as long as you don't get squished by falling maces.

In the pinch phase, Eggman circles around the arena at increasing speeds. Go over to a yellow spring, wait for Eggman to be all the way behind you, and then take the spring onto a safe spot in the arena's audience not occupied by Spectator Eggrobos. Once you make it up there, you will need to shoot Eggman each time you get the chance. This is best achieved by positioning the camera so that Eggman spends as much time as possible facing in front of you, allowing you to shoot him when the arrow appears and hit him. This is especially difficult in the final hit, but you will not need to worry about time.

Clear in 1:45.00 To earn this emblem, you will not need to worry as much about avoiding hazards, but it is important to be efficient with hitting Eggman. If you're playing as Fang, shoot him immediately after the cage opens each time. If you are efficient in the initial phase, you will have plenty of time to take Eggman down in the pinch phase, which will once again require you to position the camera so that the target arrow appears over Eggman as long as possible.

Arid Canyon Zone Act 1

Emblem Game info/hints Description

Some falling boulders
Next to a large wooden plank
Check the cliffs above.

In the area with a large rock wall, there is a wooden bridge with five Diagonal Red Springs on it leading to an alcove with an Extra Life Monitor. Turn around, jump, and land on the cliff with the cacti on the left. Perform a spindash jump to the cliff across, and you'll find the Emblem in the middle of the cliff.

Can't go on the ramp?
Hop the fence and tread slowly.
It's a long way down!

Near the highway area, there is a part of the guardrail that's broken. Down below, land on the toppling slate on the mountain, then jump on the cliff of the other side. Behind the cacti is a raised levee with a fence leading to a lone Super Ring Monitor. Behind the fence, you'll land on a small cliff. Sidle along it to find the Emblem.

It gets annoying
hearing traffic all the time
right above my head

When going up the sprial turn, jump behind the guardrail to land on a small cliff. Walk along it to find the Emblem in an alcove.

A crack in the cliff
near the end of the highway
contains the emblem.

After coming out of the tunnel from the highway, there is a crack in the wall to the right. Jump inside it to find the Emblem.

Try to grab the rope
When you launch up the big ramp.
Ride it all the way.

After the second Star Post on the right path, there is a downhill slope leading to a ramp. When you build enough speed, jump at the edge of the mountaintop to land on a cliff containing the diagonal Yellow Spring. Past the cacti to your left, there is a small levee with a rope pulley. Ride it across the chasm to get the Emblem.
Clear in 1:45.00 Knuckles has by far the easiest time speedrunning this zone. Climb the wall behind you at the start, and that will allow you to easily glide through most of the level. Follow the path of rings to the right instead of going through the rope hanging section.
250 rings Tails and Knuckles have an enormous advantage in this level, since they can explore all of its paths quite easily. Be on the lookout for Super Ring Monitors and Attraction Shields, both of which are very plentiful here.

Arid Canyon Zone Act 2

Emblem Game info/hints Description

Hey! I can see it!
But the mine cart can't go there...
Find another way in.

On Amy's path, there is a breakable floor that takes you to a minecart. At the end of the path, you'll come across another set of minecart tracks. Run up the minecart track and jump to the other set of tracks. Turn around you'll find the Emblem on a wooden beam next to the wall.

A crack in the box.
You can see inside the top.
Just smash it open

Near the beginning of the stage, there is a cliff above where you start containing boxes. One of them has an opening. As Amy or Fang, use the hammer or tail bounce to break the box open and get the Emblem.

An X marks the spot
Where Knuckles will need to climb
To reach this emblem.

In the large canyon area on the left path, there is a hole in the wall to your right containing four Eggman Monitors with a Super Ring Monitor in the middle. As Knuckles, climb up the wall to your left and you'll find the Emblem at the top in an alcove.

The water's all gone
All that's left is cracked sand.
Leave it to the boss!.

On the same path as the first Emblem, there is a small sloped levee that you climb up. Stay to the wall and you'll find a dried up river with a Red Spring. Ride it up to find an Elemental Shield Monitor on top of a breakable floor. Break the floor surrounding the monitor, and you'll find the Emblem in a small pond.

Hooray, you made it!
But instead of finishing
Why don't you explore?

Once you reach the end of the stage, there is a cliff off to your left that requires either Tails or Knuckles to get the Emblem. Either fly or climb up to it, and you'll find the Emblem in the circle of cacti.
Clear in 2:30.00 Unique among the game's levels, Amy and Fang are the best choices to get this time emblem. Take the right path at the start, fall through the hole in the floor with TNT barrels, then proceed to the left and break a floor to enter an area you'd normally ride a minecart in on foot (the same room you enter to get the star emblem). As Amy, break the spikes surrounding diagonal red springs to reach the next room; as Fang, shoot the TNT barrels to break a gate and reveal an entrance to that same room. After breaking another floor, proceed through the platforming in the open room that follows, then get through the final minecart gauntlet and the emblem will be yours.
250 rings This is one of the more difficult ring emblems in the game, because this stage's paths often cannot be backtracked due to the minecart sections. Tails is the best choice here, since Knuckles at the start is forced onto two paths of his own where it is much more difficult to explore. Attraction Shields will help you greatly, especially in minecart sections.

Arid Canyon Zone Act 3

Emblem Game info/hints Description
10,000 points To beat Fang (or his holographic copy) without getting hit, you're best off playing things safe—stay on the floor instead of hopping on the crates, hide behind crates while he tries to shoot you with his pop gun, and hit Fang only while he's taunting you after his attacks. In the pinch phase, it is especially vital to stay on the floor and avoid the bombs. This emblem is about equally easy to get as any character, including Fang himself.
Clear in 1:30.00 For this emblem, hit Fang every time he taunts, and if you're skilled and want to shave off some time, try hitting Fang from above while he bounces around. Playing as Fang is a good choice for this emblem, because he can shoot his holographic copy from afar, including while the copy bounces toward you.

Red Volcano Zone Act 1

Emblem Game info/hints Description

Look around the room,
just before you clear the stage;
something's hidden there!

In the rocket room at the end of the level, if you look to the right you can jump to a platform. Hop on a nearby rock, and continue to roll through the tunnel behind the rocket. The emblem is inside the tunnel.

Ever look upwards
when you're traversing across
collapsing platforms?

At the first Star Post, as Tails, take the left path. Before the large pathway with platforms, look at your right and fly under the stalactites. There is an emblem in a small indent in the ceiling of that area.

A lake of magma
ebbs and flows unendingly.
Wait for its nadir.

At the first Star Post on the right path, you'll come into a room with magma rising and falling at intervals. To your left is a small corridor containing three Red Springs. Wait for the magma to lower, then jump into the cave, ride the spring up, and you'll find the Emblem in a hidden room on a ledge.

Where fire revolves,
Bring a sparkling gold key.
No rocks can enter.

This emblem is hidden in the room with the spinning flamethrower platforms. In the secret room with the Emerald Token and two Super Ring monitors, there is a cracked wall that can be broken through, containing a golden invincibility monitor. Quickly make your way back up to the spinning flamethrower room, using invincibility to cross the lava, and search for the small opening in the wall parallel to the entrance. Break the second golden invincibility monitor to refresh your invincibility, and then continue along the lava path. After jumping over some lava platforms you reach a platform with the emblem and an Elemental Shield.

Bring a rock somewhere
you would not think it belongs,
then ride carefully.

In the second outside area, there is a small ledge with three Pterabytes flying in a circle over an Extra Life Monitor. There is a cracked wall in the middle of the lava lake. While riding a Rollout Rock, bowl straight into the wall to knock it down, then ride up the lava river avoiding the lavafalls along the way. At the top, you'll find a Horizontal Yellow Spring. Spin into it to break both bustable walls, and you'll find the Emblem in an alcove next to another Rollout Rock.
Clear in 2:30.00 If you stay on the top path whenever possible and don't get hurt too many times, you should be able to collect this emblem as most characters. Several characters are particularly good choices for this emblem: Tails is good at efficiently skipping areas, Fang can bounce on stationary lava, and Metal Sonic's hover is good for speeding through the outdoor sections. Be careful as Fang, because he cannot bounce on moving lava and instead gets hurt.
200 rings This is one of the most difficult ring emblems in the game, because shields are rather sparse in this level, and it heavily uses lava which destroys your rings if you get hurt. Thoroughly explore this level's outdoor areas, grab shields whenever you can find them, and be on the lookout for Super Ring Monitors.

Egg Rock Zone Act 1

Emblem Game info/hints Description

Vanishing platforms,
then collapsing ones herald
a last-second jump.

In the room with the crumbling red-striped platforms on the right path, there is a ledge with the emblem below the rocks to your left. Stand on the second platform and let it crumble, then jump off shortly before you fall into the pit.

What is this red stuff?
You can't breathe it in, but look!
It can't reach up there...

Take the right path at the beginning and follow it until you reach a room in reverse gravity where you press a button that causes red fog to descend from the ceiling. As Tails, press fly to the bottom of the room. The emblem is hidden below a square platform in the center of the room.

The team's paths diverge.
Should Tails run the crusher path?
No! Fly outside it!

At the character-specific split on the left path, take Tails' path. After you pass over the crusher gauntlet for the first time, fly behind the lavafalls to your left. Continue flying along the corridor, avoiding two more lavafalls, until you reach an alcove with the emblem.

Don't jump too high here!
No conveyor will catch you;
you'd fall to your death.

In the room with the stacked conveyor belts on the left path, go right instead of left at the first split. Pass the crusher and turn left to find an emblem near the edge of the conveyor belt.

Conveyors! Magma!
What an intense room this is!
But, what brought you here?

After exiting the 2D section on the right path via a zoom tube, turn around and go back into the room with the zoom tube exit, where you will be flipped into reverse gravity. The emblem is just below the exit of the zoom tube.
Clear in 2:00.00 Both Sonic and Tails can meet the time requirement comfortably, but Tails is recommended because the stage is easier as him than as Sonic. Take the left path at the initial path split since it's much shorter. Allow yourself to get hit at the start of the laser gauntlet to get through it faster. In the room with the conveyor belts and the switching gravity, you can fly to the exit if you keep pressing the jump button during the flight; you will switch back and forth between normal and reverse gravity, always staying at roughly the same height. In the outer space section at the end, you have just barely enough time to fly up to the exit without suffocating, but you need to stop on one of the beams midway up and restart your flight.
100 rings The ring requirement is very low, so the challenge here is keeping 100 rings to the end of the level. The easiest way to get this emblem is to go on the left path, grab the Attraction Shield near the start, carefully make it through the following laser gauntlet without getting hit, and then progress through the rest of the level as usual.

Egg Rock Zone Act 2

Emblem Game info/hints Description

Walk on the ceiling;
resist the urge to flip back!
Find the cyan path...

This emblem is located on the left path in the room with the cyan force field. As any character, take the zoom tube. Near the beginning of the cyan force field, jump. You will land on a platform outlined with yellow and black stripes. Turn around, and you will find a zoom tube entrance and an invincibility monitor. Ignore the zoom tube, and get the invincibility monitor. You can also get to this platform by flying, climbing, or bouncing onto it. While you are invincible, jump through the laser wall to get to the platform with the emblem, as well as two Super Ring Monitors and an Extra Life Monitor. As Tails, Knuckles, or Metal Sonic, you can also fly/climb/hover over to the platform, but the side of the platform where you would enter in is covered by the wall, so you might need to maneuver around the side carefully without hitting the laser wall.

X marks the spot? Nope!
Try standing further away
when the timer flips.

In the second room of the section where the gravity switches back and forth on the left path, you will come across a red X on the floor that you have to stand on and wait to be be flipped. Instead of doing this, walk forward to the edge of the platform. After being flipped, you will land on a platform with the emblem.

There is more than one
method to going up the
elevator shaft...

Take the right path at the first Star Post and follow it until you get to the elevator that you have to supply with electricity. In the elevator shaft, fly or climb upwards until you reach the platform with the exit that the elevator will move up to. The emblem is on top of that platform.

Gears with missing teeth
can hide a clever secret!
Take them for a spin.

Near the end of the stage, you will come across a conveyor belt that leads into a set of two rotating gears with one missing tooth each. Instead of simply passing through them, circle around the left to find the emblem in a corner.

Just before you reach
the defective cargo bay,
fly under a bridge.

After the 2D section on the left path, you will come across a room with a large bridge and an extra life surrounded by a circle of Eggman monitors to your left. The emblem is in an alcove under the bridge on the far side of the room.
Clear in 4:00.00 The time requirement is very generous; the real challenge is beating the stage in one run without dying. Tails is recommended since he can skip many difficult platforming sections. You can save time at the start by simply flying up to the door in front of you to open it. Take the right path at the path split, since it's much shorter.
150 rings Much like the time emblem, the ring requirement isn't very high. The challenge here is the about the same as the time emblem, except you also have to avoid getting hit without a shield. Because of the stage's large amount of hazards and the low ring requirement, it is recommended that you take the fan path at the very start and grab the Force Shield at its end, and keep an eye out for any shields after that.

Black Core Zone Act 1

Emblem Game info/hints Description
Clear in 1:20:00 The easiest choices for this emblem are Tails, Knuckles, and Metal Sonic, because of their abilities to skip over tight platforming sections, either by flying, gliding, or hovering. Metal Sonic also has the advantage of running through spikes while in boost mode.
50 rings To earn this emblem, you simply need to make it through the stage without getting hit. To make ring collecting easier, there is an Attraction Shield behind a column after the first drop.

Black Core Zone Act 2

Emblem Game info/hints Description
10,000 points Unlike most boss zones, the best choice for this emblem is Knuckles. You can efficiently glide through Metal Sonic to make him spin out, three times before his first chance to attack and twice before his second chance. In the pinch phase, you can only hit Metal Sonic once for each attack. To avoid his pinball attacks, climb up the walls around the arena for a few seconds at a time, then jump off briefly to glide into Metal Sonic.
Clear in 1:40.00 As with the score emblem, Knuckles is a good choice here because he can glide through Metal Sonic and make him spin out, but Fang is also a viable choice if you can aim his pop gun well.

Black Core Zone Act 3

Emblem Game info/hints Description
10,000 points Beating Brak Eggman without getting hit is difficult due to his large swath of attacks. It is beneficial to hide behind barrels whenever he attacks, and hit him (preferably as Fang) right before you hide behind a barrel so you can avoid his attacks. In the pinch phase, you will need to be especially careful not to fall into the death pit around the arena.
Clear in 1:40.00 As usual, Fang is by far the best choice here. The most time-consuming part of this boss fight is luring Brak Eggman into the slime to disable his shield. Try to hit him as often as possible before the shield re-activates and move sideways to avoid his attacks while still staying close to him. It's possible to hit Brak Eggman up to six or seven times before the shield re-activates, which means that if playing optimally, you will only need to lure him into the slime twice. Since the behavior of this boss is partially randomized, you may need a few attempts until you get a favorable combination of attacks.

Secret levels

Frozen Hillside Zone

Emblem Game info/hints Description

What once was moving,
Has now become motionless.
It no longer falls.

On the right path, there is a frozen waterfall with an entry at the top. Inside it is the Emblem, but beware of the Penguinator.

Below the frozen ice.
A waterfall makes a hole
You can go under.

After the first Star Post, you'll come to a lake frozen in ice. To the left is a waterfall making a hole in the ice. Go in the water and you'll find the Emblem next to a wall.

A cold, frozen heart.
Free it from the cavern depths
and it's icy cage.

Inside the cave near the beginning of the stage, there is a translucent ice wall to your left. Spindash into it to find the Emblem shrouded in a block of ice.

Atop a pillar,
Resting in a place where the
Snow flows like water.

In the area where the snow is flowing, a pillar is in the middle of the river. Bounce, fly, or climb up to the top of the pillar to find the Emblem.

Somewhere near the end,
There lies a cave blocked by ice.
Defeat the penguin.

Near the end of the stage, there is a high cliff with a breakable block of ice. Inside, you'll find the Emblem being guarded by a Penguinator.
Clear in 1:00.00 This time emblem is reasonably doable as any character if you stick to the upper path. Because of the level's low verticality, Sonic and Metal Sonic are viable choices.
300 rings This ring emblem is very demanding, requiring you to collect about two-thirds of the level's rings. The only Attraction Shield is hidden behind a block of ice near the end of the level, so it may be a good idea to collect the shield and then backtrack to efficiently collect rings.

Pipe Towers Zone

Emblem Game info/hints Description

A pipe in the roof
eternally drops water.
Something's stuck up there.

In the room after the first Star Post, there is a pipe hanging from the ceiling that drops water into a pool below. Fly up into that pipe to find the emblem.

Pushing a red switch
raises the water level;
from there, can't miss it.

After pressing the red button in the rising water room of the second section and riding the platforms to the top, you should see the emblem floating near the ceiling in the corner to your left.

A high-up passage
hides near the second checkpoint.
Climb in; then, climb more.

After entering the room with the waterfall and the three mushrooms in the third section, turn to your left and jump behind the pipe. In the corner is a red spring that leads up to a hole in the wall. Walk through the hole to enter a room with a ? block. As Knuckles, climb up the wall behind you to reach the emblem at the very top.

The underground room
with platforms that fall and rise
only LOOKS empty...

In the underground section, go forward at the path split. On the far side of the room with the moving platforms, you can see a pipe hanging down from the ceiling and very narrow pillar extending from the pit. As Tails or Knuckles, if you fly or climb around that pillar, you will see an opening in the wall to your right, leading into a small cave with the emblem. To reach it as Sonic, you need to jump down on the rim of the pipe from the exit of the room. Then, walk around the pipe and jump down to the pillar. From there, turn around to see the hole and jump towards it.

Thank you Sonic! But
the green-colored emblem is
behind the castle!

In the final room, fly or climb up to the outer rim surrounding the room and walk behind the castle containing the end sign. The emblem is located on the left of the room, looking from the pipe which you came from.
Clear in 1:40.00 This is one of the stricter time requirements in the game. Tails is recommended since he can fly to the top of many of the more vertical rooms quickly, but Sonic is also a viable choice if you grab the Whirlwind Shield near the start. In the large room after the starting area, look for a ledge in front of and to the left of you, next to a crumbling orange platform. Fly or whirlwind jump up to that ledge and take the red spring to get to the top of the room quickly.
200 rings There are 422 coins in this stage, so getting 200 won't be too difficult. Note that there are three one-way pipes in this level; if you fall through one, you can't backtrack to previous sections. There are 163 coins in the first section, 85 in the second, 65 in the third and 109 in the last. The only Attraction Shield is located at the start of the second section, in a secret room that can be reached with a red spring hidden behind a pipe. Although many coins are hidden in ? blocks, you won't need to hit them when you come across them because there are plenty of coins found elsewhere in the level.

Forest Fortress Zone

Emblem Game info/hints Description

Forest far away.
Jump the fence, but not too far
Or else you will fall!

At the start of the level, on the right there is a fence. Jump the fence and spindash/hammer your way into the discolored wall to find the Emblem.

Search shallow water
Surrounding the stronghold wall.
Surely you will see it.

In the level there are guard towers with Robo-Hoods on top. In the area with the water, jump off the tower and into the water. Navigate to one of the corners, in which there is an emblem in some shallow water.

Heavely guarded.
Look for the secret passage
To drop in unseen.

In the level is a fortress area, with a cave to the left of it. To the right are some platforms, which you can jump over and find a small hole to spin through. You will find yourself in a room full of Robo-Hoods. Kill all the badniks and you can grab the emblem, then spin through a discolored wall to exit into the cave.

Springing through the air.
Was there something in the trees?
Turn around and look.

In the area where you must use a spring to bounce over some trees, hold back and fall into the area with the trees. In there is a small alcove with the Emblem.

Near the last Starpost...
Look through the gate, to the tree.
Is there a way out?

After the last starpost, platform over to the left, fenced-off area and spin through a discolored wall. Jump to the right, and spin-jump to the tree to get the Emblem.
Clear in 1:50.00 Any character should reasonably be able to earn this time emblem, so long as you stay on the upper path and avoid landing in the water. If you are playing as a less vertically oriented character like Sonic, be sure to grab the Whirlwind Shield at the start while avoiding the Eggman Monitors that surround it.
250 rings Because of the level's relatively low verticality, any character should reasonably be able to earn this emblem. There are multiple Attraction Shields throughout the level, but if you use one, you will need to be careful not to fall in the water. A Force Shield will be a better choice if you plan on traversing the optional water sections.

Haunted Heights Zone

Emblem Game info/hints Description

Get a running start,
Then jump, bounce, and bounce again,
On hills near the start.

At the beginning of the level, as Fang, take the upper path. After jumping on the first set of yellow springs, turn around. Get a small run-up, and bounce on the same platform. You should have enough momentum to bounce onto the next platform on the same structure as the platform with the springs. Don't stop here, as you need momentum to get onto the next platform. This one has a bustable floor, and breaking through it gets you the emblem.

Eggman's waist is not
The only thing that is fat.
His head is big too!

Near the end of the level, jump to a high ledge then land behind the skeleton head. The Emblem is there.

Spikes, spikeballs and springs.
And a whole lot of goop too!
Most of this room hurts!

In the room with many Spikes, Spikeballs, and Yellow Springs, look for a hole above you. Jump into the goop above with the square outline in it and you'll land in a zoom tube. You'll then land in a small room with the Emblem to your left.

Take a leap of faith!.
The spirit will lift you up
to find greater heights.

One of the rooms in Knuckles' path contains the emblem. To get it, you need to gain some momentum. To gain it, you need to fall on a ring monitor then glide to get this emblem.

Behind a goop fall.
Can echidnas breathe in goop?
With a shield they can!

This emblem is exclusive to Knuckles and requires you to grab an Elemental Shield, found in a room with two Spinboberts floating above a goo pool. Then bring it all the way to an outdoor goop fall near the end of the level. A bit below the goop fall is a bustable wall followed by a spin gap, where you must use the Elemental Shield's jump+spin ability to dive into the goop and then traverse a hallway of goop while avoiding maces. After the hallway ends, you will rise up and then enter a room with another goop-based challenge. In this room, you need to jump and get through four moving columns of goop with spikes at the bottom without getting hit or gliding, then use the Elemental Shield's ability once you get out of the last column to dive into the goop pool that follows. If you get hurt during this section, there is a golden Elemental Shield that you can grab back at the start of the room to try again as many times as you need. After diving into the goop pool, jump onto the red spring to the left and the emblem will be yours.
Clear in 2:00.00 Tails and Knuckles are good choices for this emblem, because they can skip over platforming challenges and easily go through the wide open areas. Take the upper paths when possible and avoid hazards, pop Super Sneakers Monitors when possible, and the time emblem should be doable.
250 rings This is one of the most difficult ring emblems in the game due to the zone's extreme amount of hazards, and the difficulty of finding shields. It is advisable to explore the outdoor open areas to get rings and Super Ring Monitors. Because of the zone's hazards and heavy usage of goop, a Force Shield is a good choice if you can find one, since the shield protects you from two hits. Although there are several Attraction Shields in the level, they are not a viable choice due to the zone's heavy usage of goop, which destroys Attraction Shields.

Aerial Garden Zone

Emblem Game info/hints Description

A central tower,
one with many waterfalls,
hides a secret room.

The large waterfall in the center of the second room is open on one side. Jump into the water, find the right side and walk through the opening to find a room containing the emblem.

The path Knuckles takes
leads to a floor he can't break.
Be brave, bouncy one.

The emblem is under a block that can be destroyed as Fang, but getting there requires extremely difficult platforming over death pits with heavy use of his tail bounce ability. You will need to go through Knuckles' path in the AGZ2 section and bounce on the platforms to reach the skyscraper tower. This emblem is widely considered the most difficult one in the entire game, and punishes you enormously for missteps. As such, before collecting this emblem, it is a good idea to get a clear save file as Fang, then rack up a lot of extra lives by revisiting levels. Once clearing a save file, you can access any bonus levels you've unlocked with the number of lives you currently have. Even for highly experienced players, a large number of extra lives will be a great help for collecting this emblem.

To enter Knuckles' path, you will need to take the right path after descending from a staircase. Instead of jumping up through a hole in the ceiling, proceed a bit past it and tail bounce up to the ledge to your left. This will take you to a Star Post that leads to an outdoor room. In front of you in the outdoor room is a pillar high enough to tail bounce to, followed by several small platforms that require careful but efficient use of the tail bounce to traverse through.

After the outdoor room, a large indoor room with an enormous amount of platforms awaits you, some platforms stationary, and others moving vertically. Proceed through either of the first sets of platforms, each of which requires at least one tail bounce, until you get to a set of crossed beams. From there, proceed through moving platforms until you reach the opposite side of the room from where you entered. You will not need to tail bounce there; instead, wait until your current platform is at its peak and the next platform is falling, then jump to the next platform. Then, rotate the camera around 180 degrees and bounce onto the L-shaped platform in front of you, and bounce once more onto the next platform, which is T-shaped. Release your bounce right before landing, and then turn the camera to the right. On the T-shaped platform, go to its back side, then run and time a bounce wide enough to reach the extremely narrow platform that follows, then a vertical yellow spring that takes you to a much larger, stationary platform. On this platform is a Lightning Shield for you to grab.

Once you have grabbed the Lightning Shield, you will alternate between using its double jump ability and tail bouncing up the platforms that follow. After a few platforms, you will reach a diagonal red spring that takes you to a hanging platform with four gargoyles on it. Between the gargoyles in front of you is a diagonal yellow spring, which leads to stable ground with one more diagonal yellow spring. After taking that spring, you will finally exit the open room, leading to the next Star Post in a room with grass and a small pool of water. In front of the Star Post, a cracked floor awaits you at long last. Bounce to break the floor and obtain the emblem.

Find all four buttons
that sink when you stand on them.
They'll open a door...

The section of the map that used to be the second act of AGZ in Mystic Realm contains six large square buttons, four of which need to be pressed to open a gate to a room containing this emblem. The buttons are in the following locations:
  • At the end of the large second room of the level, take the regular (non-Knuckles) path. You will enter a room with a large fountain and a building entrance. This is the beginning of the AGZ2 section. A button is located on top of the fountain.
  • At the second path split of the AGZ2 section (the one with an Armageddon Shield directly in front of you), take the left path. You will eventually enter a room with many narrow beams floating in the air. After reaching the red spring leading to the exit of that room, look across the pit to your left to see a platform with a button. Jump across the beams to reach it.
  • At the same path split, take the right path. You will eventually enter a room with many small floating platforms moving up and down. Look across the pit to your left from the entrance to see a platform with a button. Jump across the floating platforms to reach it.
  • After the second path split of the AGZ2 section merges, you will enter a long corridor with a Star Post and a Super Sneakers Monitor. Follow that corridor until you reach an outdoor room with a very tall building. Walk around the building to find a red spring on the backside, which leads up to a ledge with a button.

After pressing all four buttons, a chime sound will play. Go back to the start of the corridor where the second path split merges. Behind the Star Post is a gate that has now opened. Walk through it to enter a room with the emblem, five extra lives and twelve ring monitors.

Much like the last one,
you'll need to find some switches.
Only two, this time.

This emblem is behind a gate that is opened by the remaining two buttons of the AGZ2 section. One button is on either path of the second path split in this section:
  • On the left path, make your way through the first outdoor room and look to the right of the exit to see a platform with a yellow spring. Use this spring to get on top of the narrow L-shaped beam floating next to the exit. From there, continue across several beams to reach a platform containing a button.
  • On the right path, make your way through the first outdoor room. At the exit, turn around to see a small peg with a yellow spring. Take the spring to reach a platform in front of you containing a button.

After pressing both buttons, a chime sound will play. Go back to the start of the path split, turn around and walk through the room with the four waterfalls. On the other side, you will see the emblem behind the gate which has now opened.

The inner sanctum!
Teleport to its switches;
then, check near the goal.

At the end of what used to be AGZ2 in Mystic Realm, you will reach an outdoor room with a very tall building. Inside this building, there are four orange platforms which teleport you to different rooms where you must complete platforming challenges. This used to be the third act of AGZ. At the end of each room, you will find a button as well as a teleporter leading you back into the building. After pressing all four buttons, the floor in the center of the building will turn into a platform that rises when stood upon. Ride this platform to the top of the building. In each corner of the building you will see a button. Press all four buttons and then jump down again and continue through the level. When you reach the last Star Post, instead of turning left, continue forward. After walking down a staircase, you will enter a room with a large pit to your right. To your left is a doorway which is normally blocked but was opened by the buttons you pressed earlier. Walk through the doorway to enter a room with several pillars holding gargoyles. Each gargoyle points in the direction of an invisible floor that you can walk across to reach the next pillar. After making your way through this room, you will enter a corridor leading to an outdoor shrine containing the emblem. This shrine used to be Inner Sanctum Zone in Mystic Realm, whereas the section leading up to it used to contain the Mystic Shrine that allowed you to access it.
Clear in 3:30.00 Tails can easily clear the level in three minutes since he can simply fly to the exit in most rooms. In the AGZ2 section, take the right path at the second path split and enter Knuckles' path as Tails. If you fly up the large vertical room efficiently, this is actually quicker than any of the other paths.
500 rings There are 1,921 rings in this stage. Many of the rings in this stage are located in hidden areas, some of which require you to press buttons in other areas to open them. There are nine Lightning Shields in the level, so if you lose one, there are enough other ones you can get. Always look out for enemies when entering a new room, since they can easily knock you into a pit if they hit you from behind. Tails is recommended for this emblem since he can navigate around the stage easily, unlike Sonic, and can access all paths, unlike Knuckles.

Azure Temple Zone

Emblem Game info/hints Description

For those who can swim,
a long tunnel hides rewards.
Do mind the Buggles!

Shortly after the first Star Post on the upper path of the second path split, you will enter a room with floating blocks that move up and down over a death pit. The far left corner of the room contains the entrance to a passage with many Buggles floating above a death pit. There are several ledges throughout the passage that act as safe spots. You must swim through this passage as Tails while avoiding the Buggles, since hitting them will cause you to cancel your swim and fall into the pit. If you manage to carry a Bubble Shield to this passage, you can traverse it more easily, since you can destroy the Buggles without breathing their air. You can also use an Armageddon Shield to blast some of them. At the end of the passage, swim up and enter an opening to your left to reach a room containing several monitors and the emblem in an alcove to your right. The floor in the alcove will crumble, leading you back into the room with the floating platforms.

It is also possible to obtain this emblem as Knuckles — though the entrance to the upper path is normally too high for Knuckles to reach, he can use a the Bubble Shield's bounce ability to enter the upper path rather than taking his own exclusive path.

So many skylights!
A markedly large one hides
behind a starpost...

At the point where the second path split rejoins, turn around and walk down the hallway behind you. You will enter a large room with an opening in the ceiling. An emblem floats in the center near the ceiling.

When you reach gauntlets
of diagonal fire,
check out the corners.

Shortly after the first Star Post on the lower path of the second path split, you will come across two hallways where Glaregoyles shoot downwards diagonally from beams near the ceiling. When entering the second of these hallways, instead of turning left, look in the corner to your right. Behind one of the pegs with a gargoyle on top, there is a small hole in the wall. Spindash through that hole to enter a hidden passage. In that passage, you will come across a death pit with a fence behind it. The passage continues to the right of the death pit, so turn right while jumping over it. You will reach an outdoor room. Walk to the other side of the room to find the emblem next to a window.

A room of currents;
most of them are marked by flames.
This one? A corner.

In the last room of the action path of the third path split, after passing over a fan that extends almost to the ceiling, you will land on a safe platform. From there, jump over the fan in front of you and then turn right immediately and move towards the corner. You will see a few bubbles rising up from a fan near the bottom of the pit. Let the fan propel you up to a hidden room with an extra life. To your right is an alcove with the emblem. The floor in the alcove will crumble, leading you back into the fan room.

The only way to hit
all those gems at once is with
a radial blast.

At the end of the puzzle path of the third split, before entering the final outdoor area of the level, turn left to enter a room with many crystals and a closed door, but no Glaregoyles you can push to activate the crystals, let alone all of them at once. There is a nuclear symbol on the floor, indicating that you must use the blast of an Armageddon Shield to activate the crystals and open the door. The only Armageddon Shield in this level is located on the upper path in the room where the path splits, directly after the room makes a U-turn. You must carry one of that shield through the rest of the level without getting hit at all, so that you can use it to activate the crystals. This will require you to either carefully study the firing patterns of the Glaregoyle gauntlets, or select the level from a save file as a character who can go super and activate your super form before grabbing the shield. Once you blasted all the crystals, the door will open, revealing a room with three Extra Life Monitors and the emblem.
Clear in 4:00.00 This is one of the most difficult time emblems in the game because the stage is long and difficult and you have to stop for air every 20–30 seconds. Compared to ERZ2 and AGZ, this time requirement is fairly strict. Knuckles is not suitable for this run because his path is too long, but both Sonic and Tails are viable options. Sonic is faster overall while Tails can skip some of the more conventional platforming segments, particularly in the right path at the beginning. Neither character has a significant advantage in the fire gauntlets and the fan section near the end, however. At the first path split, the right path is recommended since it contains a Super Sneakers Monitor. When playing as Tails, try swimming as much as possible while the Super Sneakers are in effect, because the speed difference between walking and swimming is particularly dramatic underwater. At the final path split, take the action path with the fans, which can be completed much faster than the puzzle path.
200 rings There are 921 rings in this stage, so you won't have to backtrack through paths you didn't take to get the required 200 rings (although you may want to take both paths at the first path split, since they're both fairly easy as Tails or Knuckles). The main challenge is getting through the entire stage without dying and keeping all your rings. Keep yourself equipped with a shield at all times, preferably a Bubble Shield since it will remove the need to look for air bubbles and allow you to kill Buggles safely. Since the entire stage is underwater, you can't carry an Attraction Shield. The fire gauntlets of the second path split will be especially challenging since you can't afford to get hit more than once there, so you will need to memorize their patterns and practice getting through them unharmed. If you're confident about refreshing your air supply in time but not so confident about not getting hit more than once, you may want to switch to a Force Shield for this section. Unless you need more rings, choose the puzzle path at the third path split since it's much less dangerous than the action path.

NiGHTS levels

Floral Field Zone

Emblem Game info/hints Description
(n/a) This emblem is in the circle you will take once you exit the cave. Simply paraloop it, along with the spheres.
(n/a) Paraloop the circle of Blue Spheres and Rings at the entrance of the upper path.
180,000 points Do as many laps as possible in the time limit. If you keep a continuous link, you should have enough points after four laps.
Clear in 0:40.00 This should be fairly easy if you drill dash through the entire stage and line yourself up with items in your path. The sphere requirement is fairly low, so you shouldn't need to worry about getting enough spheres to break the Ideya Capture.

Toxic Plateau Zone

Emblem Game info/hints Description
(n/a) After paralooping the small circle of spheres that gets you an Extra Time power up, continue shortly to the flat area after the Eggman boxes. Go down and to the left to find the emblem next to a bumper.
(n/a) Once you destroy the Idyea Capture, dive into the purple slime. Under the slime is a circle of Blue Spheres that you can paraloop to get the emblem.
190,000 points You have enough time for three laps, which should be enough to get the required points. On the second lap, take the path that you didn't take on the first lap at the path split in the factory. Leave the Super Paraloop near the start of the stage for the second lap, when the score multiplier has started and you get twice as many points per item.
Clear in 0:50.00 This time requirement is very strict and will require you to plan your path to the capsule carefully. Drill dash throughout the entire stage. Don't paraloop the first circle of rings and spheres. Once you reach a circle of rings, angle yourself downward so that you hit the bumpers in the glass tube. At the path split in the factory, take the upper path but don't paraloop the circle of rings and spheres there. When you drop down back onto the main path, make sure to get three spheres from each group of four, and then align yourself with one of the two rows of spheres and rings afterwards. You should reach the capsule with at least 60 spheres. Afterwards, finish the rest of the stage as quickly as possible and make sure you hit the bumpers in the tunnel near the end.

Flooded Cove Zone

Emblem Game info/hints Description
(n/a) In the room after the capsule with the hoops surrounding a small structure, paraloop it to find a Super Paraloop powerup. In the very next room, break through the walls into a circle near the emblem. You can just paraloop near it to bring it in.
(n/a) Immediately after the capsule, go down instead of straight ahead. The underwater path you will enter contains a circle of blue spheres that hides the moon emblem.
270,000 points This emblem requires you to take three laps while paralooping enough to earn as many items as you can. In the room with breakable walls, it is vital to use the Super Paraloop powerup to collect all the spheres behind the walls. In the third lap, you may have to rush through a bit and not collect every item.
Clear in 1:15.00 While this zone presents many opportunities to earn more spheres by paralooping, you can get 80 spheres before the time capsule by only doing one or two paraloops. The launchers should help you get to the end within the time limit.

Cavern Fortress Zone

Emblem Game info/hints Description
(n/a) In the section just after the capsule where you go in circles around a four-tiered building, paraloop through a clump of spheres on the second-highest floor to earn a Super Paraloop item. Then, paraloop in a tight corner on the top floor to attract the sun emblem.
(n/a) In the area near the beginning where you circle a mace, fly up. There are some blue spheres and rings you can paraloop to find this emblem.
240,000 points You have enough time to complete three laps around the stage, although in the third lap you might not have enough time to collect all the items. If you don't have enough points after the second lap, you can either try to get the remaining points in the section after the Ideya Drone and then backtrack, or you can go for a full third lap. Once you have enough points, stop collecting items and simply dash to the exit as quickly as possible.
Clear in 1:15.00 Paraloop the circle that reveals the Nightopian Helper near the start. You should have enough time to collect it as well, but if you're confident you can collect all the items in the fenced gauntlets afterwards without it, you can save a little bit of time by leaving it. Take the time to paraloop the three shelves with spheres after the gauntlets, since you will need the spheres. If you collected most of the spheres up until this point, you should have enough by the time you get to the moving bookcases. Be careful with dodging the maces near the end of the track; if you don't get hit by any of them, you can make it to the end in time safely.

Dusty Wasteland Zone

Emblem Game info/hints Description
(n/a) Shortly after the Egg Capsule, paraloop around the middle of the pillar to attract the sun emblem.
(n/a) In the second area with rising and falling platforms, go all the way down and turn right into a small, dark area. A paraloop through the circle of spheres and rings will reveal the moon emblem.
120,000 points Run two laps through the stage and collect as many items as possible without getting hurt, and the A rank emblem should be doable.
Clear in 1:15.00 If you are careful to collect almost every sphere you see, especially in the section where the spheres and rings go in waves around cacti, without losing too much time, this emblem won't be difficult.

Magma Caves Zone

Emblem Game info/hints Description
(n/a) In the final room, take the top path. There is a sun emblem in the lava ceiling, but you need to paraloop to get it.
(n/a) In the room with the spinning flame jets, instead of going down, use the Super Paraloop power up from earlier in the level to grab the emblem in the middle of the room.
90,000 points You need to complete two full laps to gain enough points for this emblem. There is just enough time for two laps, so you can't afford to lose many seconds to hazards. You should use the Super Paraloop in the first lap to get spheres for the Ideya Capture in the flamethrower room, but you can leave the Link Freeze for the second lap.
Clear in 1:15.00 You can't afford to get hit more than once or twice, so practice your timing at the lavafalls near the start and the lava wave in the capsule room. You need to collect most of the spheres before the capsule, so use the Super Paraloop to get all the spheres in the flamethrower room. Make sure you hit all the bumpers in the large room after the capsule, but don't bump into the lava or the rocks. Avoid the backwards bumper at the end of the corridor that leads back to the Ideya Drone.

Egg Satellite Zone

Emblem Game info/hints Description
(n/a) Not too far from the start, grab a Super Paraloop from a ring of eight orange hoops beneath a crusher and paraloop through the area with vertically moving damaging blocks of yellow and red to attract the sun emblem.
(n/a) Near the start of the shrink ray section, go up and turn left from the damaging red cube that contains spheres. A small set of spheres hides the moon emblem.
90,000 points As with Magma Caves Zone, the time limit is fairly strict, so you can't afford to lose much time to hazards. Make sure you collect the Extra Time power-up since you will need the additional time to gain more points after the first lap. There is no need to complete two full laps around the stage. After finishing the first lap, fly around the area with the Ideya Drone and collect the items there for additional points. If you are still missing some points when the timer is up, finish the stage anyway since the sphere bonus will add a few points.
Clear in 1:45.00 The main challenge here is to avoid getting hit. If you don't get hit and collect enough spheres to break the capsule right away, you should be able to meet the time requirement. Use the Super Paraloop near the start to collect most or all of the spheres in the room with the moving lasers. The section after the capsule has some obstacles that can steal a lot of your time. Don't go too fast here, since you need a lot of precision to avoid them. If you go fast in the less dangerous sections, you can afford to go slightly slower to avoid these obstacles.

Black Hole Zone

Emblem Game info/hints Description
(n/a) At the beginning of the large roundabout, collect the Super Paraloop power-up hidden inside a circle of spheres. The emblem is located in the middle of this section, but you will need to do a paraloop to pull it towards you. Get in a comfortable position and do a moderately wide loop - the emblem will be yours.
(n/a) Instead of entering the building with the Ideya Capture, fly under it and into the bottom-right corner to find the emblem.
80,000 points One well-executed lap should be enough to attain the regular A-rank for this stage. Collect the Super Paraloop power-up located at the start of the large roundabout of flickering blocks and do one large loop in that area to pull around 60 spheres to you. At the end of this same section, grab both the Extra Time and Nightopian Helper items - the former to increase your time bonus, and the latter to help you collect the scattered spheres in the next segment. After destroying the Ideya Capture, slowly guide yourself through the tight corridor, grabbing as many collectibles as you can. If you still have spare time, wander around the beginning area to increase your score. The emblem should be yours by then.
Clear in 2:30.00 As with Egg Satellite Zone, the main challenge here is to avoid getting hit. Of course, the obstacles in this level are much more difficult to avoid, so you will need a lot of practice to get through them smoothly. Utilizing the Super Paraloop strategy explained above and collecting the Nightopian Helper powerups are a must if you want to collect this emblem, since they'll make collecting spheres a whole lot easier. If you still don't have enough spheres by the time you hit the capsule, grab a few in the building underneath it, where the Moon Emblem is located. If you manage to get hit as few times as possible (preferably once or twice) and not lose track of time, the emblem should be yours.

Christmas Chime Zone

Emblem Game info/hints Description
90,000 points
Clear in 1:15.00

Dream Hill Zone

Emblem Game info/hints Description
80,000 points
Clear in 2:30.00

Alpine Paradise Zone Act 1

Emblem Game info/hints Description
(n/a) When you reach the upper area of the level while on the way to the Ideya Drone, you will encounter a tall structure. Go in the bottom entry and you'll find the Emblem near the top next to some NiGHTS stars.
(n/a) Just after the Ideya Drone, instead of going to the right, head down and into the lake below. While in the water, keep going until you encounter a big circle of Chips. Once you see it, perform a Paraloop and the Emblem will appear in the middle of the circle.
120,000 points
Clear in 1:30.00

Alpine Paradise Zone Act 2

Emblem Game info/hints Description
(n/a) This Emblem is found in the same location as in Alpine Paradise Zone Act 1, but instead of taking the bottom path, enter the top path to find this Emblem in the middle of the cave.
(n/a) In the second Mare, you'll encounter a small circle of stars near the start. Perform a paraloop to make the Emblem appear in the middle.
50,000 points
Clear in 4:00:00

Extra emblems

Emblem Game info/hints Description
Complete 1P Mode Complete the Single Player campaign with any character, with or without Chaos Emeralds.
Complete 1P Mode with all Emeralds Complete the Single Player campaign with any character after collecting all Chaos Emeralds.
Conquer the Challenge Levels! Beat Azure Temple Zone with any character.
Spoilers end here.