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MAP16, Red Volcano Zone Act 1, abbreviated as RVZ1, is the first act of Red Volcano Zone, the sixth zone in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.2. It takes place in the outskirts of a volcano and features lava as the main hazard. The lava is solid to the player and destroys rings, making recovery more difficult than other hazards. The level uses lava in several distinct ways to pose a threat, including intermittently falling lava curtains, rising and falling lava, a lava wave and fireballs. Crumbling platforms also appear in several spots throughout the stage.

This act introduces four new enemy types: the Unidus throws spikeballs at the player, the Pyre Fly periodically bursts into flames, the Dragonbomber drops explosives at the player, and Pterabytes pick up the player and drop them into lava. Unique to this level is the Rollout Rock, which the player can use to ride through rivers of lava.


First segment

You spawn in a viny cave decorated with Torch Flowers. Start moving forward for a while to find a small river of lava leading into a pool. Jump over it, taking care to avoid the Unidus's spikeballs, and keep heading forward until you find another body of lava. Hop into a platform floating in this lava river. From here, you can choose to either continue forward or turn to the right.

Forward path

Jump to the next ledge and walk over to the next area. You will see a set of four columns with melted surfaces that are periodically engulfed by a perpetually rising and falling body of lava. Platform your way through this section while staying away from the Pterabytes' line of sight, then enter the next cave. Go up the sloped ledge then jump over the lava river to hit the stage's first Star Post.

In front of you will be a row of floating platforms that lead to the outside of this cave. Carefully maneuver through this section, taking care not to fall off and avoiding the Pyre Flies. After jumping through the first three platforms, you will exit the cave and see another set of platforms to jump through. Time your jumps correctly so you don't get hit by the lavafalls; after 4 platforms, you'll reach another cave segment, where all paths rejoin.

Should you fall off any of these platforms, you can instead follow through a lower path. If you fall off from the very first floating platform indoors, go through an indent in the caves that leads you to the outside area. Use the bobbing platforms as steps, but don't stand in them for too long, as they will slowly sink into the lava. Once you reach the outside, dodge the row of lavafalls and enter another cave. Head to your right and jump on a circular floor with a spinning flamethrower. Look to your left to see an inclined lavafall partially covering four sets of platforms. Take care while platforming through the small ledges, as the Pyre Flies in this room can be very difficult to avoid. Jump onto another circular column with a flamethrower, then head to the right. You'll enter a room with many lavafalls, floating platforms, and a Dragonbomber. After going up these, jump into the cave's hole to reach the room where the paths rejoin.

Right path

Jump into the floor to your right, marked by a set of Torch Flowers. From here, carefully platform through the moving columns in front of you and to your left, taking care to not hit the lava. After reaching safer ground, follow the cliff and jump over a small lava river. From there you can reach a large gray platform, which will crumble when stepped on. Use it to jump to the ledge on the other side. Then, jump across the broken bridge while dodging the lavafalls that fall off from above it. Turn left and use another crumbling platform to reach another cave containing a Star Post.

In the following room, the lava periodically rises and falls. You will see a giant pillar in the middle, so head there once the lava is low enough. The rocky floors that will be submerged when the lava rises are marked in a bright red, while the ones safe from the lava retain their grayish color. Once you reach the pillar, head to your left. The exit to the room is blocked by a gray platform that floats in the lava. Wait until it has reached its lowest point and then exit the room, taking care to avoid the Dragonbomber's explosives. After taking the gray platform, you will see a set of ledges in front of you with lava pools in between them. A curtain of lava periodically falls through the ceiling, and a Unidus stands on the very last platform trying to hit you. Wait for it to throw all its spikeballs then focus on leaving the area unscathed. You will drop into a bobbing platform, and rejoin with the forward path.

Second segment

Head deeper into the cave, where you will hit the second Star Post. From there, you'll have your first encounter with the Rollout Rock gimmick. In front of you are three rocks standing atop viny stones. You'll notice that the path to your right is filled with lava, and you cannot get past it without getting hurt. Jump into the Rollout Rock and head straight for the river. Now that you're riding on the rock, you can keep moving through the lava pool until you meet its end. Once you see the exit, jump off the rock and head to the exit of the cave.

You'll find yourself in the outskirts of the volcano, in a jungle-like area filled with grassy cliffs and lavafalls over a death pit. This outdoors segment has both an upper and a lower route, which are intertwined and freely accessible.

Upper route

After leaving the cave, hop onto the first grassy cliff and head to the right, taking care to avoid the Unidus. Platform your way to a gray-rocky pillar, by jumping from cliff to cliff and dodging the fireballs. From there, jump onto a set of grassy ramps around a lavafall, where three Pterabytes fly over. Go up these ramps, then jump to another grassy ledge marked by a trail of rings, leading into a rocky area with a pool of lava and a Unidus. Make your way through these obstacles and head to an indent in the wall in front of you, marked by a grassy platform and a Star Post. Once you've reached the platform, run down the slope and fall through a hole to your left - jumping to the right instead will lead you to the lower path.

After falling down, you'll land on a grassy ledge with a Unidus and a Golden Whirlwind Shield monitor to your left. You'll notice that the platform to your right can't be accessed with a normal jump, so grab the shield and double jump to the platform and then enter a cave to your left. From here, use the whirlwind shield to platform up the cave into the exit above you, leading into another rocky area with vertical flame jets and a Unidus. Head forward on this path until you reach an arc of rings that goes beneath a spring. To clear this section, walk off the ledge, following the trail, then use the whirlwind shield's ability by pressing the jump button. With this technique, you'll land on the other side of the pit. Go up the small ledge and dodge the lavafalls that periodically fall down from the ceiling to land on a grassy cliff. Follow the three rings and jump to one of the bobbing pillars to reach another entrance to the volcano, where the lower and upper routes merge.

Lower route

After leaving the cave with the first set of Rollout Rocks, falling off of the first grassy cliffs will throw you into a lava pool. Look for a yellow spring and let it take you to a small hill below a gray rock. Turn to the right and jump into the rocky ledge, then head forward while dodging the Unidus that floats atop a lava pool. Jump up the platforms and enter the cave to your left, where flame periodically bursts off the floor. Make your way to the yellow spring at the end and time your jump as to not get hit by the fireballs. You will land in a grassy cliff, guarded by a few Pyre Flies. Jump down this area into one with a rocky floor, then keep moving along the path to hit a Star Post. In front of it, you will notice a hole in the floor marked by a trail of rings. Fall down this floor to land on a small platform surrounded by lava. Hop on the Rollout Rock to your left to continue this path.

Ride the rock down the lava river, avoiding the Pyre Flies and lavafalls as you go. Eventually, you'll reach the end of the river, where you will drop down to a lava pool. Jump out of the Rollout Rock and take the diagonal yellow spring to move to the next rocky platform. Once you've landed, jump to the grassy cliff in front of you. From here, you can either keep going through the lower route by going up the lava river, or look for yellow springs in the lava pools attached to the left to enter the upper path's Whirlwind Shield segment. Continuing on the lower path, jump to the platform with viny rocks. Be very mindful of the Pterabytes in this segment, as they are very close to you and will try to throw you into the lava as soon as they can. Jump from platform to platform until you reach two perpetually rising and falling pillars. Time your jumps well, as they will eventually sink into the lava, and jump to the grassy ledge with a red spring. After letting the spring send you upwards, jump your way through the bobbing platforms until you reach another entrance to the volcano, where both paths rejoin.

Third segment

This entrance to the volcano is marked with the fourth Star Post. Drop down into the floor below you and follow the rocky path, turning right after seeing a lava pool. At the end of this path, you'll find a large body of lava spanning the rest of this cave segment. A platform containing a single Rollout Rock is visible in front of you; hop on the rock and move your way through the lava river, avoiding the lavafalls and Pyre Flies. Turn right, then use the sets of yellow springs to continue moving along the lava; at one point, you'll need to wait for a moving pillar to ascend to progress. From there, you'll arrive back at the beginning of the section, only now at an upper level; be careful not to fall and hit the block of yellow springs to launch yourself to the end of this segment. Jump off the rock then exit to your right. The next room has four sets of platforms with spinning flame jets you must avoid. Go through them with caution, then jump to the next area after the last platform to hit the level's fifth Star Post.

After hitting the checkpoint, turn to the left at the end of the corridor, then jump to the bobbing platform in front of you, timing it properly as to not get hit by a lavafall. Quickly turn right, as the platform you landed on will start start to sink, and hop on to the next platform, which will also start sinking on contact. Jump to the rocky pillar to your left; in front of you will be a ceiling filled with yellow springs facing downwards. Time your jump correctly as to not hit these springs, and land on the rock on the other side. From there, a row of lavafalls will be blocking the exit on your right; jump when the row is clear to progress to the next area. Head forward then jump to the cliff to your right. You can either jump on the floating platform to follow an upper route, or head to an indent below you to enter a lower cave route.

If you choose the upper route, be mindful of the lava walls that periodically fall from the ceiling. After having crossed two lava walls, enter a hole in the wall and head to your right following the path. From here, an inner ledge is blocked off by a row of lavafalls; traverse through this area then jump to an area outside the cave, where you'll see two groups of Pterabytes and a floating platform. If you decide to go through the lower route, however, enter the indent and proceed through the downwards ramp, manouvering through the Dragonbomber's explosives and the Unidus's spikeballs. When you find a Rollout Rock, jump on it and keep moving through the body of lava, where you'll need to dodge two sets of spinning flame jets before you reach the outside. Ride through the huge pool of lava and land on the rocky floor in front of you. Jump on the bobbing pillar in front of you, then platform up the set of four gray pillars until you reach the upper area, and rejoin with the upper path. After reaching this area, dodge the three big lavafalls that block the entrance to a cave to enter the final section, where you'll hit the final Star Post of this act.

From here, head forward then turn left to enter an open corridor with lava that moves in waves, periodically submerging some of the platforms that you must jump across. Make your way through this room and then exit to the left. You will reach a room with three big bobbing platforms and a giant rocket. Jump across these pillars and enter the rocket to get to the Level End Sign.

Points of interest


  • The second segment's upper path holds a Golden Whirlwind Shield after the section's midway Star Post. This shield is necessary to clear the path as characters that cannot attain vertical height.
  • In the third segment's dedicated Rollout Rock path, ride until the first batch of yellow springs. Use these springs to reach a ledge opposite to the lavafall you're supposed to climb up to; the ledge houses an Attraction Shield.
  • At the end of the third segment, take the path with the three floating platforms and two falling lava curtains. After clearing this room, jump on to the rocky ledge blocked by a row of lavafalls, then turn backwards. An Armageddon Shield will be lying inside an indent in the wall.
  • In the lava wave room, wait for the last beige bobbing pillar to rise to its highest point, then jump to the cliff on your left. An Attraction Shield lies in wait.
  • A single Elemental Shield lies hidden off the main path in this level. To collect it, ride through the third segment's dedicated Rollout Rock segment until you're able to see the sky. Drop to a hidden cave to your left, which will contain an Emerald Token, then break a bustable rock at the end of this cave to find a Golden Invincibility monitor. Take the powerup and stay invincible until you reach the room with the spinning flamethrowers. From there, move to a small hole filled with lava in the rightmost wall, where you'll find another golden invincibility monitor blocked by a group of Torch Flowers. Take this powerup to the end of the lava river, and jump on the floating lavafalls to find an Emblem and the Elemental Shield.

Super Sneakers

  • In the first outdoors area, move to the area with the two grassy ramps. Jump onto the next ledge, then turn backwards and jump onto the gray wall of rocks marked by a Big Fern. Move along this wall then drop to the rocky floor in front of you. A Super Sneakers Monitor will be sitting next to a wall.


  • This level has two Golden Invincibility Monitors, which are required to collect the singular Elemental Shield of the level. Refer to the Shields portion of the article for more information.

Extra lives

  • In the lava wave room, there is a small pillar with an extra life in plain sight. To collect it as Sonic, get on moving stone platform a bit behind the pillar, then turn around and jump off as the platform rises.
  • In the outdoor area after leaving the first Rollout Rock segment, walk across the borders of the lava pools below you. An extra life will be at the farthest corner.
  • In the first outdoor area, travel to the cliff with two grassy ramps and a group of Pterabytes. A body of lava is coming out of a cave; enter this cave to find an extra life sitting on a rock.
  • In the designated Golden Whirlwind Shield segment, enter the first cave. Instead of jumping up the bobbing pillar, follow the lava in a hole to the left. An extra life monitor will be sitting at the end.
  • In the room with the rising and falling lava on the first segment's right path, there is a ledge with an extra life to the upper left of the exit.
  • In the room with the spinning flamethrowers, look to your left when you are on the platform with the second flamethrower. On the far side of the room is a small ledge with an extra life on it. Falling down the hole will take you back to the second Rollout Rock segment.
  • In the final room with the giant rocket, the first pillar to your right holds a platform with an extra life.
  • In the room with perpetually rising and falling lava on the first segment's right path, wait until the lava has reached its lowest point then head to an indent to the left of the starting area. You will reach a blocked-off cave containing an Emblem and an extra life.
  • In the first outdoor area, follow the lower path until you reach the pair of rising platforms. Instead of jumping to the cliff with a red spring, head to the pool of lava to your right visible from a distance. A trio of Pterabytes guard an extra life sitting on the corner.

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