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MAP16, Red Volcano Zone Act 1, abbreviated as RVZ1, is the first act of Red Volcano Zone, the sixth zone in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.1. It takes place in an underground volcano and features lava as the main hazard. The lava is tangible from the sides, but the surface is solid to the player. Rings fall right through it, making recovery more difficult when falling into lava. The level uses lava in several distinct ways to pose a threat, including intermittently falling lava curtains, rising and falling lava, a lava wave and fireballs. Crumbling platforms also appear in several spots throughout the stage. The Unidus, which throws spikeballs at the player, is the sole enemy used in the stage.


First half

You start in a cave with a low ceiling. In front of you is a small pool of lava and a Unidus. Behind them is a large gap in the floor, which presents you with a path split: You can either jump down or cross the gap.

Lower path

After jumping down, enter the cave to your right. Lava will fill up the area, so step onto one of the elevated platforms and continue across them until you reach a button that lowers the lava. Once the lava has lowered, it reveals a passage to the next room. In this room, jump up the platforms to your right. From there you can reach a large gray platform, which will crumble when stepped on. Use it to jump to the ledge on the other side. Then, jump across the broken bridge while dodging the fireballs that jump out from under it. Turn left and use another crumbling platform to reach a ledge with yellow springs.

Take the springs to reach a room with lava that periodically rises and falls. In front of you are several platforms that you must jump across. The first and fourth platforms are safe from the lava, but the other ones will be submerged when the lava rises. The exit to the room is blocked by a platform that floats in the lava. Wait until it has reached its lowest point and then exit the room. A Unidus is located on the fourth platform, so make sure to either kill its or dodge its spikeballs while you're waiting.

In the following hallway you must dodge several curtains of intermittently falling lava. A Unidus is placed behind the last curtain, so strafe sideways to avoid its spikeballs until the curtain is gone. After exiting the hallway, continue forward until you see a Star Post to your right. Here the paths rejoin.

Upper path

Jump across the gap to reach a room with lava that periodically rises and falls. Wait until the lava is at its lowest point and then jump across the four platforms in front of you to reach the exit. The lava won't reach the fourth platform, so that one is safe to stay on. In the next two rooms, you must jump across several platforms that crumble when stepped on. Eventually you will reach a bridge made out of crumbling platforms. Make your way across it while avoiding the Uniduses.

At the other end of the bridge, you must drop down a small cliff in front of you. Then jump across two platforms floating in a lava pool before reaching a curtain of intermittently falling lava. Wait until it is gone and then jump to your left. Now just must jump across a broken bridge while dodging fireballs that jump out from under it. At the end of the bridge is a row of springs, and another lava curtain behind it. Use the springs immediately after the lava has disappeared and land on the ledge with the first Star Post. Here the paths rejoin.

Second half

Walk past the Star Post to enter a room with a net spanning between several platforms over a lava pool. A Whirlwind Shield Monitor stands on a small pillar in the center of it. Try to get it, since it will make the next section easier. Jump into it with enough speed to pop the monitor and still make it to the ledge on the other side. In the next room, you must make your way across several platforms with spinning flame jets on them that shoot fire in a rotating spiral shape. The easiest way to dodge them is to jump over one arm of the spiral, move with it until you reach the edge of the platform and then jump to the next platform, landing behind one arm of that platform's spiral. With the Whirlwind Shield, you can double jump to gain additional height, making it easier to see where the safe spots are.

The last platform leads to a corridor with a lava pit. The ceiling above the pit is lowered and upside-down springs are attached to it. Jump across the pool, but stay as low as possible to avoid touching the springs and being pushed into the lava. After a small step up, you will reach another such obstacle, but this time the ceiling is even lower. As Sonic, reach the apex of your jump before the springs and then thok when you start falling.

Next, you will reach a room with two curtains of intermittently falling lava. In front of the curtains are crumbling platforms. Jump to the first crumbling platform shortly before the lava disappears, and then jump to the next crumbling platform while it's gone. There are two platforms before the second curtain, so jump to the second one when the first one crumbles to gain additional time before the curtain disappears and you can reach the next hallway, which contains the second Star Post.

The next area consists of a lava river with two shores. Follow the river on the right shore until you reach a cliff. In front of you, you can see the remnants of a bridge that was destroyed by falling lava. Jump down the crumbling platforms to your left and then turn right to reach a platform in the lava, and a second platform from there. Now you will be able to see the other end of the broken bridge in front of you, which hangs down from the wall. You must make your way across several small stepping stones to reach it, while avoiding the spikeballs from the nearby Unidus. Jump up the steps of the bridge, avoiding the flames.

You will reach a factory area, with windows blocking off a circular room full of lava. Turn left to enter a corridor with lava that moves in waves, periodically submerging some of the platforms that you must jump across. Make your way through this room and then exit to the right. You will reach the room that was blocked off earlier. Here, jump across the pillars of red rock extending from the lava to get to the Level End Sign.

Points of interest

Secret outdoor area

The room with the intermittently rising and falling lava on the lower path contains an entrance to a hidden outdoor area. When the lava is at its lowest point, you can see a small opening underneath the wall in front of the second platform. If you jump into that opening and run forward, you will see a small hole in the ceiling that leads into an underground tunnel. If you try to access the area without a shield or invincibility, you must time your entry to correctly so you can jump up into the tunnel before your temporary invincibility wears off. However, if you jump into the lava too late, it will reach the ceiling before you can get to the hole, trapping you under the surface. You can use the invincibility monitor in the level to enter this area, but you must be very fast in order to get there before the invincibility wears off.

The outdoor area itself is fairly straightforward. In the first half of the room, you must make your way across a group of staircase that wind around a bottomless pit. You will then come across a hole in the wall that you must spindash through. The hole contains three Whirlwind Shields, at least one of which you will inevitably grab when spindashing through the hole. On the other side of the wall, you will see a pit with a lowered ceiling in the middle. Upside-down springs are attached to the ceiling. To make it across the pit, jump below the upside-down springs and then use your Whirlwind jump once you are past them to reach a ledge on the other side of the pit. Afterwards, use your Whirlwind jump again to make it up the cliff in front of you. As a last obstacle, you must jump across a wide pit with a Special Stage Token floating in the center of it. To cross the pit normally, simply use your Whirlwind jump. To get the token, you must jump towards it carefully and immediately use your Whirlwind jump after grabbing it. After the pit, you will reach a tunnel that leads back to the room that you came from. Next to the tunnel are two extra lives and an Elemental Shield. Make sure to take the Elemental Shield, since the tunnel will lead you right into lava.

In addition to the two extra lives next to the tunnel, there are four more extra lives hidden in the area. Next to the pit with the upside-down springs, there is a large pillar with an extra life on it to your left. You can reach it with a Whirlwind jump from the cliff before the pit with the token. Try to land on one of the edges with the Eggman Monitors. Now backtrack to the area before the Whirlwind Shield. There is a small indentation in the cliff to the left of the path with a yellow spring. Use the spring to get on top of the cliff. Above the hole with the Whirlwind Shields is a ledge with an extra life. Stand on the pipe and Whirlwind jump from there to reach it.

For the last two extra lives, turn around and look at the U-turn cliff with the aqueduct above it. Directly below the aqueduct is an invincibility monitor. Jump to it, pop it and return to the cliff from which you jumped. Now Whirlwind jump on top of the aqueduct. Go towards the cliff it originates from and Whirlwind jump up to that cliff. On top of the cliff is a crate with an extra life on top of it. If you look across the cliff from there, you can see another ledge with the last extra life. Use your Whirlwind jump to reach it.

Extra lives

  • In the upper path's first room, jump to a ledge to your right from the second platform.
  • In the room with the crumbling bridge on the upper path, there is a ledge with an extra life to the upper left of the exit. Sonic can reach this by taking the Force Shield tunnel below this room and bouncing off a Unidus from the exit.
  • After the room with the crumbling bridge on the upper path, you will come across an intermittently falling lava curtain. Instead of jumping to your left, jump down to the corner in front of you and to your right. You will reach a small ledge with an extra life and a row of springs sending you back.
  • In the room with the rising and falling lava on the lower path, there is a ledge with an extra life to the upper left of the exit. Sonic cannot reach it.
  • In the room with the spinning flamethrowers, look to your left when you are on the platform with the third flamethrower. On the far side of the room is a small pillar in the lava with an extra life on it.
  • In the room with the ladder that is on fire, turn around on the platform before the small rocks floating in the lava and jump between the two lava curtains behind you and to your right. You will reach a platform with an extra life and a Special Stage Token.
  • In the lava wave room, there is a small pillar with an extra life in plain sight. Use the floating platform to reach it.


  • In the first room after the lava drainer on the lower path, there is an Attraction Shield on top of one of the three pillars that surround the first crumbling platforms. To get to it as Sonic, cross the bridge and jump on top of the small elevation on the right side of the ledge that the bridge leads to. From there, jump to the platform with the Super Ring Monitor in front of you. The pillars are accessible from there.
  • In the room with the crumbling bridge on the upper path, standing on the first piece of the bridge and let it fall. While you are falling, you will see a staircase to your left. Jump to it and enter the cave that it leads to. In the cave is a Force Shield.
  • In the room after the first Star Post, there is a Whirlwind Shield on a tiny pillar above the lava. Jump to it, but make sure that you have enough momentum to land on the other side of the lava pit.
  • At the lava river, after the room with the two curtains of falling lava, jump across the river to reach an Armageddon Shield.
  • In the very last room, instead of going to the end sign, turn around. An Elemental Shield is on a ledge behind you.

Super Sneakers

  • In the room where both paths merge, there is a large platform that goes up and down in the lava. It contains a Super Sneakers monitor.


  • In the room with the spinning flamethrowers, between the two rows of upside-down springs, there is an opening in the wall to your left. Behind the rocks that hang from the ceiling is a ledge with two Super Ring Monitors and an invincibility monitor.

Technical data