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Thing type 1304, Lavafall, is a type of hazard Thing used in Red Volcano Zone Act 1 that releases a column of lava for a few seconds and then stops for a short interval before starting over. The column causes fire damage when being touched, will hurt players without an Elemental Shield and burn rings.

It instantly attaches to the ceiling as a ring of rocks, which shakes and rumbles as a warning signal that it is about to release a column of lava. The ring of rocks piece alone is harmless.


  • The Ambush flag (Flag [8]) will double its size and the its damage range from 32 to 64 fracunits.
  • The Height will set the offset distance from the ceiling.
  • The Angle adds up the initial delay in tics. The default initial delay is 30 tics after level load. Positive angles will increase the initial delay, while negative angles, from -1 down to -29, will shorten the delay. Anything from -30 or below will disable the lava fall.

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