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Thing Type 1305, Rollout Rock, is a pushable Thing that rolls when pushed by the player and can be jumped on to ride over ground and liquids, including water, goop, acid, and most usefully lava. The Rollout Rock appears at several points in Red Volcano Zone Act 1, where the player must ride the rock over lava while avoiding fire hazards and enemies.

When a Rollout Rock is moved far enough from its original location, a new rock spawns in its place. If a Rollout Rock goes long enough far from its original location without being ridden or lands in a sector tagged as a death pit, it will despawn. A Rollout Rock can break monitors and be moved by springs, but passes straight through enemies. If the player gets hurt while riding a Rollout Rock, they will fall off the rock and need to hop back on before it despawns. It should also be noted that the rollout rock does not spawn immediately upon level load; it will instead drop down from the sky at its location after a few seconds.

Checking the Ambush flag (listed as Non-buoyant in Zone Builder) changes the rock's color to be more reddish, and prevents it from floating in liquids (except goop, which is itself buoyant). This behavior extends even to lava, which is solid to the player but not to a non-buoyant rock.

Lastly, the reactiontime of rollout rock sets the number of frames the rock can cycle through, while the painchance sets how long an unridden rock should last before disappearing. Painchance can be set to 0 to prevent it from disappearing.

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