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"Flame Jet" redirects here. For the vertical flame jet, see Flame Jet (Vertical).

Thing type 1300, Flame Jet (Horizontal), is a type of Thing that shoots flames sideways for a few seconds and then stops for a short interval before starting over. The flames cause fire damage when being touched, and will hurt players without an Elemental Shield. NiGHTS Super Sonic will not lose rings if he comes into contact with the flames, but he will be knocked backward.

Note that this Thing itself is invisible, and does not contain any visual cue as to where the flames come from. Therefore, it should usually be placed somewhere where there is an obvious indication, such as in a hole in the wall or an open pipe.

By default, the fire shot from the flame jet waves from side to side; adding the Ambush flag will make the fire wave up and down instead.


This section details how to set up the flame jet.

On/off durations

The Angle of the flame jet determines how long it will be on and off. By default, it will be on for 3 seconds and off for 71 tics (slightly over 2 seconds).

The flame jet's default off time can be extended by a multiple of 17 tics (approximately 0.5 seconds), which must be multiplied by 1024. For example, a flame jet with an Angle of 1024 will extend the off time by 17 tics (for a total of 88 tics), a flame jet with an Angle of 2048 (2 × 1024) will extend it by 2 × 17 tics (for a total of 105 tics), and so on. In contrast, the flame jet's default on time can be replaced entirely with a multiple of 17 tics, which must be multiplied by 8192. For example, a flame jet with an Angle of 8192 will give an on time of 17 tics, a flame jet with an Angle of 16384 (2 × 8192) will give an on time of 2 × 17 (or 34) tics, and so on.

In total, there are eight possible off times and four possible on times that the flame jet can have, which are listed in the tables below:

Angle Off time
Tics Seconds
0 71 ~2
1024 88 ~2.5
2048 105 3
3072 122 ~3.5
4096 139 ~4
5120 156 ~4.5
6144 173 ~5
7168 192 ~5.5
Angle On time
Tics Seconds
0 105 3
8192 17 ~0.5
16384 34 ~1
24576 51 ~1.5

The Angles needed for each off time and on time listed above can be added together for a combination of off and on times, e.g., a flame jet with an Angle of 9216 (or 8192 + 1024) will have an off time of 88 tics and an on time of 17 tics. The flame jet's total Angle value can be calculated as follows: Angle = (actual angle) + (off time Angle) + (on time Angle).

Giving the flame jet a negative Angle will make it shoot fire endlessly instead of intermittently, in which case off/on times are not used.

Shooting strength

The Thing's Parameter value determines the strength with which the flames will be shot. A Thing's Parameter value is multiplied by 4096 and added to the Thing type number, so the resulting Thing type number is 1300 + (Parameter)×4096. The shooting strength decreases as the Parameter value (and the Thing type number) increases; e.g., Thing type 1300 has the highest shooting strength, Thing type 5396 has a slightly lower strength etc.

Parameter Thing type # Shooting strength (FU/tic)
0 1300 20
1 5396 18.75
2 9492 17.5
3 13588 16.25
4 17684 15
5 21780 13.75
6 25876 12.5
7 29972 11.25
Parameter Thing type # Shooting strength (FU/tic)
8 34068 10
9 38164 8.75
10 42260 7.5
11 46356 6.25
12 50452 5
13 54548 3.75
14 58644 2.5
15 62740 1.25

Object/state data

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