Spinning Flame Jet (Clockwise)

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Thing type 1303, Spinning Flame Jet (Clockwise), is a type of Thing used in Red Volcano Zone Act 1 and Magma Caves Zone that shoots a continuous jet of flames sideways while spinning clockwise. The flames cause fire damage when being touched, and will hurt players without an Elemental Shield. NiGHTS Super Sonic will not lose rings if he comes into contact with the flames, but he will be knocked backward.

This Thing will only produce one spinning arm of flames – to produce two arms of spinning flames as seen in Red Volcano Zone Act 1 and Magma Caves Zone, two of these Things must be placed in the same position but with one facing the opposite direction to the other.

Note that this Thing itself is invisible, and does not contain any visual cue as to where the flames come from. Therefore, it should usually be placed somewhere where there is an obvious indication, such as in a hole in a pillar.

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