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This is a list of all Thing types that are available in SRB2 v2.2.

Player starts


Main article: Enemy


Main article: Boss

Rings and weapon panels

Other collectibles


Main article: Monitor

Generic items and hazards

Springs and fans

Main article: Spring

Special placement patterns

Miscellaneous invisible

Greenflower Zone

Techno Hill Zone

Deep Sea Zone

Castle Eggman Zone

Arid Canyon Zone

Red Volcano Zone

Botanic Serenity

These Thing types are from the Botanic Serenity level pack.

Azure Temple Zone

Dream Hill Zone


These Thing types are used in NiGHTS levels.


These Thing types are used in Mario mode levels.

Christmas and disco


Haunted Heights Zone

Frozen Hillside Zone


Main article: Flickies
  • Thing type 2200: Bluebird
  • Thing type 2201: Rabbit
  • Thing type 2202: Chicken
  • Thing type 2203: Seal
  • Thing type 2204: Pig
  • Thing type 2205: Chipmunk
  • Thing type 2206: Penguin
  • Thing type 2207: Fish
  • Thing type 2208: Ram
  • Thing type 2209: Puffin
  • Thing type 2210: Cow
  • Thing type 2211: Rat
  • Thing type 2212: Bear
  • Thing type 2213: Dove
  • Thing type 2214: Cat
  • Thing type 2215: Canary
  • Thing type 2216: Spider
  • Thing type 2217: Bat