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Thing type 307, Grenade Ring, is a Match weapon that, when fired, falls to the ground and automatically detonates after 6 seconds, hitting any players nearby. It can be fired at a rate of 3 rings per second. Knuckles can fire it at a rate of 4.5 rings per second. It does not explode on contact with walls, floors, ceilings or solid Objects, but instead bounces off them until it gradually comes to a halt. Any players it collides with while moving will be hurt, but once it has stopped moving, it will not be harmful until it detonates. Like the Explosion Ring, this weapon can cause anywhere from medium knockback to a great deal of knockback when hitting another player, depending on how close the enemy player was to the blast. 10 shots are immediately granted upon pickup.

Picking up a Grenade Ring on the map will not allow the player to fire it unless the player has picked up the Grenade Ring Panel previously. However, the ammo granted will be retained (provided the player does not drop it) and will carry over when the player picks up the panel. This weapon will reach its maximum capacity at 100 shots.

Giving a Grenade Ring the Ambush flag will make it float 24 fracunits above the ground. All Grenade Rings that are not already floating above the ground due to Z offsets should have this flag because items that do not float are difficult to collect and look as if they were stuck in the floor. The flag stacks on top of the Thing's regular height, allowing Grenade Rings to be a total of 4119 fracunits above the ground at maximum.

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