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This is a full list of Object types that are available in SRB2 v2.2. There are 656 Object types, as well as 512 freeslots that are not occupied in an unmodified game.

Object type Description Map Thing number
MT_NULL Null Object, will disappear immediately after spawning None
MT_UNKNOWN Used for Objects of an unknown type, displays a warning graphic None
MT_THOK Thok trail None
MT_PLAYER Player None
MT_TAILSOVERLAY Tails' tails overlay None
MT_METALJETFUME Metal Sonic's jet fume None
MT_BLUECRAWLA Blue Crawla 100
MT_REDCRAWLA Red Crawla 101
MT_GFZFISH Stupid Dumb Unnamed RoboFish 102
MT_GOLDBUZZ Gold Buzz 103
MT_REDBUZZ Red Buzz 104
MT_JETTBOMBER Jetty-Syn Bomber 105
MT_JETTGUNNER Jetty-Syn Gunner 106
MT_CRAWLACOMMANDER Crawla Commander 107
MT_DETON Deton 108
MT_SKIM Skim 109
MT_TURRET Turret 110
MT_POPUPTURRET Pop-up Turret 111
MT_SPINCUSHION Spincushion 112
MT_CRUSHSTACEAN Crushstacean 126
MT_CRUSHCLAW Crushstacean claw None
MT_CRUSHCHAIN Crushstacean chain None
MT_BANPYURA Banpyura 138
MT_BANPSPRING Banpyura spring None
MT_JETJAW Jet Jaw 113
MT_SNAILER Snailer 114
MT_VULTURE Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard 115
MT_POINTY Pointy 116
MT_POINTYBALL Pointy spikeball None
MT_ROBOHOOD Robo-Hood 117
MT_FACESTABBER Lance-a-Bot 118
MT_FACESTABBERSPEAR Lance-a-Bot spear None
MT_EGGGUARD Egg Guard 119
MT_EGGSHIELD Egg Guard shield None
MT_GSNAPPER Green Snapper 120
MT_SNAPPER_LEG Green Snapper leg None
MT_SNAPPER_HEAD Green Snapper head None
MT_MINUS Minus 121
MT_MINUSDIRT Minus dirt mound None
MT_SPRINGSHELL Spring Shell (Green) 122
MT_YELLOWSHELL Spring Shell (Yellow) 125
MT_UNIDUS Unidus 123
MT_UNIBALL Unidus ball None
MT_CANARIVORE Canarivore 134
MT_CANARIVORE_GAS Canarivore gas None
MT_PYREFLY Pyre Fly 136
MT_PYREFLY_FIRE Pyre Fly fire None
MT_PTERABYTESPAWNER Pterabyte Spawner 135
MT_PTERABYTEWAYPOINT Pterabyte waypoint None
MT_PTERABYTE Pterabyte None
MT_DRAGONBOMBER Dragonbomber 137
MT_DRAGONWING Dragonbomber wing None
MT_DRAGONTAIL Dragonbomber tail None
MT_DRAGONMINE Dragonbomber mine None
MT_BOSSEXPLODE Boss explosion None
MT_SONIC3KBOSSEXPLODE S3&K-like boss explosion None
MT_BOSSFLYPOINT Boss Escape Point 290
MT_EGGTRAP Egg Capsule Center 291
MT_BOSS3WAYPOINT Boss Waypoint 292
MT_BOSS9GATHERPOINT Metal Sonic Gather Point 293
MT_BOSSJUNK Defeated boss debris None
MT_EGGMOBILE Egg Mobile 200
MT_JETFUME1 Egg Mobile jet fume None
MT_EGGMOBILE_BALL Egg Mobile spikeball None
MT_EGGMOBILE_TARGET Egg Mobile target helper None
MT_EGGMOBILE_FIRE Fire trail left by the Egg Mobile's laser None
MT_EGGMOBILE2 Egg Slimer 201
MT_EGGMOBILE2_POGO Hitbox for Egg Slimer in its pogo state None
MT_GOOP Egg Slimer goop None
MT_GOOPTRAIL Egg Slimer goop trail None
MT_FAKEMOBILE Sea Egg decoy None
MT_SHOCKWAVE Sea Egg shockwave None
MT_EGGMOBILE4 Egg Colosseum 203
MT_EGGMOBILE4_MACE Egg Colosseum mace None
MT_JETFLAME Egg Colosseum jet flame None
MT_EGGROBO1 Spectator Eggrobo 1127
MT_EGGROBO1JET Spectator Eggrobo jetting away None
MT_FANG Fang 204
MT_BROKENROBOT Broken badnik None
MT_VWREF Greyscale Fang teleport hoop front None
MT_VWREB Greyscale Fang teleport hoop back None
MT_PROJECTORLIGHT Fang projector light None
MT_FBOMB Fang bomb None
MT_TNTDUST TNT Barrel dust None
MT_FSGNA ACZ3 sign None
MT_FSGNB ACZ3 sign pole None
MT_FANGWAYPOINT Fang Waypoint 294
MT_BLACKEGGMAN Brak Eggman (Old) 206
MT_BLACKEGGMAN_HELPER Brak Eggman (Old) helper Object None
MT_BLACKEGGMAN_GOOPFIRE Brak Eggman (Old) goop None
MT_BLACKEGGMAN_MISSILE Brak Eggman (Old) missile None
MT_CYBRAKDEMON Brak Eggman 209
MT_CYBRAKDEMON_ELECTRIC_BARRIER Brak Eggman electric barrier None
MT_CYBRAKDEMON_MISSILE Brak Eggman missile None
MT_CYBRAKDEMON_FLAMESHOT Brak Eggman flamethrower flames None
MT_CYBRAKDEMON_FLAMEREST Brak Eggman flames after landing None
MT_CYBRAKDEMON_TARGET_RETICULE Brak Eggman target reticule None
MT_CYBRAKDEMON_TARGET_DOT Brak Eggman target dot None
MT_CYBRAKDEMON_NAPALM_BOMB_LARGE Brak Eggman napalm bomb (large) None
MT_CYBRAKDEMON_NAPALM_BOMB_SMALL Brak Eggman napalm bomb (small) None
MT_CYBRAKDEMON_NAPALM_FLAMES Brak Eggman napalm bomb flames None
MT_CYBRAKDEMON_VILE_EXPLOSION Brak Eggman target reticule explosion None
MT_METALSONIC_RACE Metal Sonic (Race) 207
MT_METALSONIC_BATTLE Metal Sonic (Battle) 208
MT_MSSHIELD_FRONT Metal Sonic shield None
MT_MSGATHER Metal Sonic energy ball projectile (before it is shot) None
MT_RING Ring 300
MT_FLINGRING Ring lost by a player None
MT_BLUESPHERE Blue Sphere 1706
MT_FLINGBLUESPHERE Blue sphere lost by a player None
MT_BOMBSPHERE Bomb Sphere 520
MT_REDTEAMRING CTF Team Ring (Red) 308
MT_BLUETEAMRING CTF Team Ring (Blue) 309
MT_TOKEN Emerald Token 312
MT_EMBLEM Emblem 322
MT_EMERALD1 Chaos Emerald 1 (Green) 313
MT_EMERALD2 Chaos Emerald 2 (Purple) 314
MT_EMERALD3 Chaos Emerald 3 (Blue) 315
MT_EMERALD4 Chaos Emerald 4 (Cyan) 316
MT_EMERALD5 Chaos Emerald 5 (Orange) 317
MT_EMERALD6 Chaos Emerald 6 (Red) 318
MT_EMERALD7 Chaos Emerald 7 (Gray) 319
MT_EMERHUNT Emerald Hunt Location 320
MT_EMERALDSPAWN Match Chaos Emerald Spawn 321
MT_FLINGEMERALD Emerald lost by a player None
Springs and fans
MT_FAN Fan 540
MT_STEAM Gas Jet 541
MT_BUMPER Bumper 542
MT_BALLOON Balloon 543
MT_YELLOWSPRING Yellow Spring 550
MT_REDSPRING Red Spring 551
MT_BLUESPRING Blue Spring 552
MT_YELLOWDIAG Diagonal Yellow Spring 555
MT_REDDIAG Diagonal Red Spring 556
MT_BLUEDIAG Diagonal Blue Spring 557
MT_YELLOWHORIZ Horizontal Yellow Spring 558
MT_REDHORIZ Horizontal Red Spring 559
MT_BLUEHORIZ Horizontal Blue Spring 560
MT_BOOSTERSEG Boost panel segment None
MT_BOOSTERROLLER Boost panel roller None
MT_YELLOWBOOSTER Yellow Boost Panel 544
MT_REDBOOSTER Red Boost Panel 545
Interactive Objects
MT_BUBBLES Air Bubble Patch 500
MT_SIGN Signpost 501
MT_SPIKEBALL Spikeball (formerly used for Egg Mobile) 521
MT_SPINFIRE Fire trail left behind players with the Elemental Shield None
MT_SPIKE Spike 523
MT_WALLSPIKE Wall Spike 522
MT_WALLSPIKEBASE Wall Spike base None
MT_STARPOST Star Post 502
MT_BIGMINE Big Floating Mine 1012
MT_BLASTEXECUTOR Blast Linedef Executor 756
MT_CANNONLAUNCHER Cannonball Launcher 1123
MT_BOXSPARKLE Gold monitor sparkle None
MT_RING_BOX Super Ring Monitor (10 Rings) 400
MT_PITY_BOX Pity Shield Monitor 401
MT_ATTRACT_BOX Attraction Shield Monitor 402
MT_FORCE_BOX Force Shield Monitor 403
MT_ARMAGEDDON_BOX Armageddon Shield Monitor 404
MT_WHIRLWIND_BOX Whirlwind Shield Monitor 405
MT_ELEMENTAL_BOX Elemental Shield Monitor 406
MT_SNEAKERS_BOX Super Sneakers Monitor 407
MT_INVULN_BOX Invincibility Monitor 408
MT_1UP_BOX Extra Life Monitor 409
MT_EGGMAN_BOX Eggman Monitor 410
MT_MIXUP_BOX Teleporter Monitor 411
MT_MYSTERY_BOX Random Monitor None
MT_GRAVITY_BOX Gravity Boots Monitor 413
MT_RECYCLER_BOX Recycler Monitor 416
MT_SCORE1K_BOX Score Monitor (1,000 Points) 418
MT_SCORE10K_BOX Score Monitor (10,000 Points) 419
MT_FLAMEAURA_BOX Flame Shield Monitor 420
MT_BUBBLEWRAP_BOX Bubble Shield Monitor 421
MT_THUNDERCOIN_BOX Lightning Shield Monitor 422
MT_PITY_GOLDBOX Pity Shield Monitor (Respawn) 431
MT_ATTRACT_GOLDBOX Attraction Shield Monitor (Respawn) 432
MT_FORCE_GOLDBOX Force Shield Monitor (Respawn) 433
MT_ARMAGEDDON_GOLDBOX Armageddon Shield Monitor (Respawn) 434
MT_WHIRLWIND_GOLDBOX Whirlwind Shield Monitor (Respawn) 435
MT_ELEMENTAL_GOLDBOX Elemental Shield Monitor (Respawn) 436
MT_SNEAKERS_GOLDBOX Super Sneakers Monitor (Respawn) 437
MT_INVULN_GOLDBOX Invincibility Monitor (Respawn) 438
MT_EGGMAN_GOLDBOX Eggman Monitor (Respawn) 440
MT_GRAVITY_GOLDBOX Gravity Boots Monitor (Respawn) 443
MT_FLAMEAURA_GOLDBOX Flame Shield Monitor (Respawn) 450
MT_BUBBLEWRAP_GOLDBOX Bubble Shield Monitor (Respawn) 451
MT_THUNDERCOIN_GOLDBOX Lightning Shield Monitor (Respawn) 452
MT_RING_REDBOX CTF Team Ring Monitor (Red) 414
MT_RING_BLUEBOX CTF Team Ring Monitor (Blue) 415
MT_RING_ICON Super Ring Monitor icon None
MT_PITY_ICON Pity Shield Monitor icon None
MT_ATTRACT_ICON Attraction Shield Monitor icon None
MT_FORCE_ICON Force Shield Monitor icon None
MT_ARMAGEDDON_ICON Armageddon Shield Monitor icon None
MT_WHIRLWIND_ICON Whirlwind Shield Monitor icon None
MT_ELEMENTAL_ICON Elemental Shield Monitor icon None
MT_SNEAKERS_ICON Super Sneakers Monitor icon None
MT_INVULN_ICON Invincibility Monitor icon None
MT_1UP_ICON Extra Life Monitor icon None
MT_EGGMAN_ICON Eggman Monitor icon None
MT_MIXUP_ICON Teleporter Monitor icon None
MT_GRAVITY_ICON Gravity Boots Monitor icon None
MT_RECYCLER_ICON Recycler Monitor icon None
MT_SCORE1K_ICON Score Monitor (1,000 Points) icon None
MT_SCORE10K_ICON Score Monitor (10,000 Points) icon None
MT_FLAMEAURA_ICON Flame Shield Monitor icon None
MT_BUBBLEWRAP_ICON Bubble Shield Monitor icon None
MT_THUNDERCOIN_ICON Lightning Shield Monitor icon None
MT_ROCKET Snailer missile None
MT_LASER Egg Mobile laser None
MT_TORPEDO Sea Egg torpedo None
MT_TORPEDO2 Sea Egg decoy torpedo None
MT_ENERGYBALL Metal Sonic energy ball projectile None
MT_MINE Jetty-Syn Bomber's/Skim's mine None
MT_JETTBULLET Jetty-Syn Gunner's bullet None
MT_TURRETLASER Turret laser None
MT_CANNONBALL Launched Cannonball None
MT_CANNONBALLDECOR Cannonball (pushable) None
MT_ARROW Robo-Hood arrow None
MT_DEMONFIRE Glaregoyle fire None
The letter
MT_LETTER The letter None
Tutorial Zone scenery
MT_TUTORIALPLANT Tutorial Plant 799
MT_TUTORIALLEAF Leaf of Tutorial Plant None
MT_TUTORIALFLOWER Papersprite part of Tutorial Plant's flower None
MT_TUTORIALFLOWERF Floorsprite part of Tutorial Plant's flower None
Greenflower Zone scenery
MT_GFZFLOWER2 Sunflower 801
MT_GFZFLOWER3 Budding Flower 802
MT_BLUEBERRYBUSH Blueberry Bush 803
MT_BERRYBUSH Berry Bush 804
MT_BUSH Bush 805
MT_CHECKERTREE Checkered Tree 809
MT_CHECKERSUNSETTREE Checkered Tree (Sunset) 810
MT_FHZTREE Crystal Tree (Aqua) 2102
MT_FHZPINKTREE Crystal Tree (Pink) 2103
MT_POLYGONTREE Polygon Tree 811
MT_BUSHTREE Bush Tree 812
MT_BUSHREDTREE Red Bush Tree 813
MT_SPRINGTREE Spring Tree 1600
Techno Hill Zone scenery
MT_THZFLOWER1 THZ Steam Flower 900
MT_THZFLOWER2 THZ Spin Flower (Red) 902
MT_THZFLOWER3 THZ Spin Flower (Yellow) 903
MT_THZTREE Whistlebush 904
MT_THZTREEBRANCH Whistlebush branch None
MT_ALARM Alarm 901
Deep Sea Zone scenery
MT_GARGOYLE Gargoyle 1000
MT_BIGGARGOYLE Gargoyle (Big) 1009
MT_SEAWEED Seaweed 1001
MT_WATERDRIP Dripping Water (source) 1002
MT_WATERDROP Water drop from dripping water source None
MT_CORAL1 Coral (Green) 1003
MT_CORAL2 Coral (Red) 1004
MT_CORAL3 Coral (Orange) 1005
MT_CORAL4 Large Coral (Brown) 1014
MT_CORAL5 Large Coral (Beige) 1015
MT_BLUECRYSTAL Blue Crystal 1006
MT_KELP Kelp 1007
MT_ANIMALGAETOP Animated Kelp top 1013
MT_ANIMALGAESEG Animated Kelp segment None
MT_DSZSTALAGMITE Stalagmite (DSZ1) 1008
MT_DSZ2STALAGMITE Stalagmite (DSZ2) 1011
MT_LIGHTBEAM Light Beam 1010
Castle Eggman Zone scenery
MT_CHAIN Chain (Decorative) 1100
MT_FLAME Torch 1101
MT_FLAMEPARTICLE Torch flame particle None
MT_EGGSTATUE Eggman Statue 1102
MT_MACEPOINT Mace Spawnpoint 1104
MT_CHAINMACEPOINT Chain with Maces Spawnpoint 1105
MT_SPRINGBALLPOINT Chained Spring Spawnpoint 1106
MT_CHAINPOINT Chain Spawnpoint 1107
MT_HIDDEN_SLING Hidden Chain Spawnpoint 1108
MT_FIREBARPOINT Firebar Spawnpoint 1109
MT_CUSTOMMACEPOINT Custom Mace Spawnpoint 1110
MT_SMALLMACECHAIN Small intangible chain link None
MT_BIGMACECHAIN Large intangible chain link None
MT_SMALLMACE Small Mace 1130
MT_BIGMACE Big Mace 1131
MT_SMALLGRABCHAIN Small grabbable chain link None
MT_BIGGRABCHAIN Large grabbable chain link None
MT_YELLOWSPRINGBALL Yellow Spring Ball 1134
MT_REDSPRINGBALL Red Spring Ball 1135
MT_SMALLFIREBAR Small Fireball 1136
MT_BIGFIREBAR Large Fireball 1137
MT_CEZPOLE1 Pole Banner (Red) pole 1117
MT_CEZPOLE2 Pole Banner (Blue) pole 1118
MT_CEZBANNER1 Pole Banner (Red) banner None
MT_CEZBANNER2 Pole Banner (Blue) banner None
MT_PINETREE Pine Tree 1114
MT_CEZBUSH1 CEZ Shrub (Small) 1115
MT_CEZBUSH2 CEZ Shrub (Large) 1116
MT_CANDLE Candle 1119
MT_CANDLEPRICKET Candle Pricket 1120
MT_FLAMEHOLDER Flame Holder 1121
MT_FIRETORCH Fire Torch 1122
MT_WAVINGFLAG1 Waving Flag (Red) 1128
MT_WAVINGFLAG2 Waving Flag (Blue) 1129
MT_WAVINGFLAGSEG1 Waving Flag (Red) segment None
MT_WAVINGFLAGSEG2 Waving Flag (Blue) segment None
MT_CRAWLASTATUE Crawla Statue 1111
MT_FACESTABBERSTATUE Lance-a-Bot Statue 1112
MT_BRAMBLES Brambles 1125
Arid Canyon Zone scenery
MT_BIGTUMBLEWEED Tumbleweed (Big) 1200
MT_LITTLETUMBLEWEED Tumbleweed (Small) 1201
MT_CACTI1 Tiny Red Flower Cactus 1203
MT_CACTI2 Small Red Flower Cactus 1204
MT_CACTI3 Tiny Blue Flower Cactus 1205
MT_CACTI4 Small Blue Flower Cactus 1206
MT_CACTI5 Prickly Pear 1207
MT_CACTI6 Barrel Cactus 1208
MT_CACTI7 Tall Barrel Cactus 1209
MT_CACTI8 Armed Cactus 1210
MT_CACTI9 Ball Cactus 1211
MT_CACTI10 Tiny Cactus 1230
MT_CACTI11 Small Cactus 1231
MT_CACTITINYSEG Tiny Cactus segment None
MT_CACTISMALLSEG Small Cactus segment None
MT_OILLAMP Mine Oil Lamp 1215
MT_PROXIMITYTNT TNT Proximity Shell 1217
MT_DUSTDEVIL Dust Devil 1218
MT_DUSTLAYER Dust Devil layer None
MT_MINECART Minecart None
MT_MINECARTSEG Minecart segment None
MT_MINECARTSPAWNER Minecart Spawner 1219
MT_MINECARTEND Minecart Stopper 1220
MT_MINECARTENDSOLID Minecart Stopper collision Object None
MT_MINECARTSIDEMARK Minecart side mark None
MT_MINECARTSPARK Minecart spark None
MT_SALOONDOOR Minecart Saloon Door segment None
MT_SALOONDOORCENTER Minecart Saloon Door center 1221
MT_TRAINCAMEOSPAWNER Train Cameo Spawner 1222
MT_TRAINSEG Train cameo segment None
MT_TRAINDUSTSPAWNER Train Dust Spawner 1223
MT_TRAINSTEAMSPAWNER Train Steam Spawner 1224
MT_MINECARTSWITCHPOINT Minecart Switch Point 1229
Red Volcano Zone scenery
MT_FLAMEJET Flame Jet (Horizontal) 1300
MT_VERTICALFLAMEJET Flame Jet (Vertical) 1301
MT_FLAMEJETFLAME Flame from a flame jet None
MT_FJSPINAXISA Spinning Flame Jet (Counter-Clockwise) 1302
MT_FJSPINAXISB Spinning Flame Jet (Clockwise) 1303
MT_FLAMEJETFLAMEB Flame from a spinning flame jet None
MT_LAVAFALL Lavafall 1304
MT_LAVAFALL_LAVA Lavafall lava None
MT_LAVAFALLROCK Lavafall rock None
MT_ROLLOUTSPAWN Rollout Rock spawnpoint 1305
MT_ROLLOUTROCK Rollout Rock None
MT_BIGFERNLEAF Big Fern leaf None
MT_BIGFERN Big Fern 1306
MT_JUNGLEPALM Jungle Palm 1307
MT_TORCHFLOWER Torch Flower 1308
MT_WALLVINE_LONG RVZ1 Wall Vine (Long) 1309
MT_WALLVINE_SHORT RVZ1 Wall Vine (Short) 1310
Azure Temple Zone scenery
MT_GLAREGOYLE Glaregoyle 1500
MT_GLAREGOYLEUP Glaregoyle (Up) 1501
MT_GLAREGOYLEDOWN Glaregoyle (Down) 1502
MT_GLAREGOYLELONG Glaregoyle (Long) 1503
MT_TARGET ATZ Target 1504
MT_GREENFLAME Green Flame 1505
MT_BLUEGARGOYLE Blue Gargoyle 1506
MT_STALAGMITE0 Brown Stalagmite (Tall) 1900
MT_STALAGMITE1 Brown Stalagmite 1901
MT_STALAGMITE2 Orange Stalagmite (Tall) 1902
MT_STALAGMITE3 Orange Stalagmite 1903
MT_STALAGMITE4 Red Stalagmite (Tall) 1904
MT_STALAGMITE5 Red Stalagmite 1905
MT_STALAGMITE6 Gray Stalagmite (Tall) 1906
MT_STALAGMITE7 Gray Stalagmite 1907
MT_STALAGMITE8 Blue Stalagmite (Tall) 1908
MT_STALAGMITE9 Blue Stalagmite 1909
Christmas scenery
MT_XMASPOLE Christmas Pole 1850
MT_CANDYCANE Candy Cane 1851
MT_SNOWMAN Snowman 1852
MT_SNOWMANHAT Snowman (With Hat) 1853
MT_LAMPPOST1 Lamp Post 1854
MT_LAMPPOST2 Lamp Post (Snow) 1855
MT_HANGSTAR Hanging Star 1856
MT_MISTLETOE Mistletoe 2105
MT_XMASBLUEBERRYBUSH Blueberry Bush (Snow) 1859
MT_XMASBERRYBUSH Berry Bush (Snow) 1857
MT_XMASBUSH Bush (Snow) 1858
Frozen Hillside Zone scenery
MT_FHZICE1 Ice Shard (Small) 2100
MT_FHZICE2 Ice Shard (Large) 2101
MT_ROSY Amy Cameo 2104
MT_CDLHRT Amy Cameo heart None
Haunted Heights Zone scenery
MT_JACKO1 Jack-o'-lantern 1 2006
MT_JACKO2 Jack-o'-lantern 2 2007
MT_JACKO3 Jack-o'-lantern 3 2008
MT_HHZTREE_TOP HHZ Tree top 2010
MT_HHZTREE_PART HHZ Tree segment None
MT_HHZSHROOM Purple Mushroom 2009
MT_HHZTENTACLE1 HHZ Tentacle 1 2002
MT_HHZTENTACLE2 HHZ Tentacle 2 2003
MT_HHZSTALAGMITE_TALL HHZ Stalagmite (Tall) 2004
MT_HHZSTALAGMITE_SHORT HHZ Stalagmite (Short) 2005
Botanic Serenity scenery
MT_BSZTALLFLOWER_RED Tall Flower (Red) 1400
MT_BSZTALLFLOWER_PURPLE Tall Flower (Purple) 1401
MT_BSZTALLFLOWER_BLUE Tall Flower (Blue) 1402
MT_BSZTALLFLOWER_CYAN Tall Flower (Cyan) 1403
MT_BSZTALLFLOWER_YELLOW Tall Flower (Yellow) 1404
MT_BSZTALLFLOWER_ORANGE Tall Flower (Orange) 1405
MT_BSZFLOWER_RED Medium Flower (Red) 1410
MT_BSZFLOWER_PURPLE Medium Flower (Purple) 1411
MT_BSZFLOWER_BLUE Medium Flower (Blue) 1412
MT_BSZFLOWER_CYAN Medium Flower (Cyan) 1413
MT_BSZFLOWER_YELLOW Medium Flower (Yellow) 1414
MT_BSZFLOWER_ORANGE Medium Flower (Orange) 1415
MT_BSZSHORTFLOWER_RED Short Flower (Red) 1420
MT_BSZSHORTFLOWER_PURPLE Short Flower (Purple) 1421
MT_BSZSHORTFLOWER_BLUE Short Flower (Blue) 1422
MT_BSZSHORTFLOWER_CYAN Short Flower (Cyan) 1423
MT_BSZSHORTFLOWER_YELLOW Short Flower (Yellow) 1424
MT_BSZSHORTFLOWER_ORANGE Short Flower (Orange) 1425
MT_BSZTULIP_RED Tulip (Red) 1430
MT_BSZTULIP_PURPLE Tulip (Purple) 1431
MT_BSZTULIP_BLUE Tulip (Blue) 1432
MT_BSZTULIP_CYAN Tulip (Cyan) 1433
MT_BSZTULIP_YELLOW Tulip (Yellow) 1434
MT_BSZTULIP_ORANGE Tulip (Orange) 1435
MT_BSZCLUSTER_RED Cluster (Red) 1440
MT_BSZCLUSTER_PURPLE Cluster (Purple) 1441
MT_BSZCLUSTER_BLUE Cluster (Blue) 1442
MT_BSZCLUSTER_CYAN Cluster (Cyan) 1443
MT_BSZCLUSTER_YELLOW Cluster (Yellow) 1444
MT_BSZCLUSTER_ORANGE Cluster (Orange) 1445
MT_BSZBUSH_RED Bush (Red) 1450
MT_BSZBUSH_PURPLE Bush (Purple) 1451
MT_BSZBUSH_BLUE Bush (Blue) 1452
MT_BSZBUSH_CYAN Bush (Cyan) 1453
MT_BSZBUSH_YELLOW Bush (Yellow) 1454
MT_BSZBUSH_ORANGE Bush (Orange) 1455
MT_BSZVINE_RED Vine (Red) 1460
MT_BSZVINE_PURPLE Vine (Purple) 1461
MT_BSZVINE_BLUE Vine (Blue) 1462
MT_BSZVINE_CYAN Vine (Cyan) 1463
MT_BSZVINE_YELLOW Vine (Yellow) 1464
MT_BSZVINE_ORANGE Vine (Orange) 1465
MT_BIG_PALMTREE_TRUNK Palm Tree (Big) trunk None
MT_BIG_PALMTREE_TOP Palm Tree (Big) top 1473
MT_PALMTREE_TRUNK Palm Tree (Small) trunk None
MT_PALMTREE_TOP Palm Tree (Small) top 1475
Disco scenery
MT_DBALL Disco Ball 1875
MT_EGGSTATUE2 Eggman Disco Statue 1876
Power-up indicators
MT_ELEMENTAL_ORB Elemental Shield orb None
MT_ATTRACT_ORB Attraction Shield orb None
MT_FORCE_ORB Force Shield orb None
MT_ARMAGEDDON_ORB Armageddon Shield orb None
MT_WHIRLWIND_ORB Whirlwind Shield orb None
MT_PITY_ORB Pity Shield orb None
MT_FLAMEAURA_ORB Flame Shield orb None
MT_BUBBLEWRAP_ORB Bubble Shield orb None
MT_THUNDERCOIN_ORB Lightning Shield orb None
MT_THUNDERCOIN_SPARK Lightning Shield spark None
MT_IVSP Invincibility sparkle None
MT_SUPERSPARK Super Sonic spark None
MT_FLICKY_01 Bluebird None
MT_FLICKY_01_CENTER Bluebird center 2200
MT_FLICKY_02 Rabbit None
MT_FLICKY_02_CENTER Rabbit center 2201
MT_FLICKY_03 Chicken None
MT_FLICKY_03_CENTER Chicken center 2202
MT_FLICKY_04 Seal None
MT_FLICKY_04_CENTER Seal center 2203
MT_FLICKY_05 Pig None
MT_FLICKY_05_CENTER Pig center 2204
MT_FLICKY_06 Chipmunk None
MT_FLICKY_06_CENTER Chipmunk center 2205
MT_FLICKY_07 Penguin None
MT_FLICKY_07_CENTER Penguin center 2206
MT_FLICKY_08 Fish None
MT_FLICKY_08_CENTER Fish center 2207
MT_FLICKY_09 Ram None
MT_FLICKY_09_CENTER Ram center 2208
MT_FLICKY_10 Puffin None
MT_FLICKY_10_CENTER Puffin center 2209
MT_FLICKY_11 Cow None
MT_FLICKY_11_CENTER Cow center 2210
MT_FLICKY_12 Rat None
MT_FLICKY_12_CENTER Rat center 2211
MT_FLICKY_13 Bear None
MT_FLICKY_13_CENTER Bear center 2212
MT_FLICKY_14 Dove None
MT_FLICKY_14_CENTER Dove center 2213
MT_FLICKY_15 Cat None
MT_FLICKY_15_CENTER Cat center 2214
MT_FLICKY_16 Canary None
MT_FLICKY_16_CENTER Canary center 2215
MT_SECRETFLICKY_01_CENTER Spider center 2216
Environmental effects
MT_SEED Seed spawned by destroyed enemies None
MT_RAIN Precipitation None
MT_SNOWFLAKE Snowflake None
MT_SPLISH Water splish None
MT_LAVASPLISH Lava splish None
MT_SMOKE Puff of smoke None
MT_SMALLBUBBLE Small bubble None
MT_MEDIUMBUBBLE Medium bubble None
MT_EXTRALARGEBUBBLE Breathable bubble None
MT_WATERZAP Water zap None
MT_SPINDUST Spindash dust None
MT_TFOG Chaos mode enemy entrance fog None
MT_PARTICLE Fan particle None
MT_PARTICLEGEN Fan Particle Generator 757
Game indicators
MT_SCORE Score markers None
MT_DROWNNUMBERS Drowning countdown numbers None
MT_GOTEMERALD Intangible Chaos Emerald for Special Stages None
MT_LOCKON Lockon target None
MT_LOCKONINF Invisible Lockon Object 1126
MT_TAG Tag "IT!" sign None
Ambient sounds
MT_AWATERA Water Ambience A (Large) 700
MT_AWATERB Water Ambience B (Large) 701
MT_AWATERC Water Ambience C (Medium) 702
MT_AWATERD Water Ambience D (Medium) 703
MT_AWATERE Water Ambience E (Small) 704
MT_AWATERF Water Ambience F (Small) 705
MT_AWATERG Water Ambience G (Extra Large) 706
MT_AWATERH Water Ambience H (Extra Large) 707
MT_RANDOMAMBIENT Disco Ambience 708
MT_RANDOMAMBIENT2 Volcano Ambience 709
MT_MACHINEAMBIENCE Machine Ambience 710
Weapon rings
MT_CORK Fang cork None
MT_LHRT Amy heart None
MT_REDRING Thrown Red Ring None
MT_BOUNCERING Bounce Ring (pickup) 301
MT_RAILRING Rail Ring (pickup) 302
MT_INFINITYRING Infinity Ring 303
MT_AUTOMATICRING Automatic Ring (pickup) 304
MT_EXPLOSIONRING Explosion Ring (pickup) 305
MT_SCATTERRING Scatter Ring (pickup) 306
MT_GRENADERING Grenade Ring (pickup) 307
MT_BOUNCEPICKUP Bounce Ring Panel 330
MT_RAILPICKUP Rail Ring Panel 331
MT_AUTOPICKUP Automatic Ring Panel 332
MT_EXPLODEPICKUP Explosion Ring Panel 333
MT_SCATTERPICKUP Scatter Ring Panel 334
MT_GRENADEPICKUP Grenade Ring Panel 335
MT_THROWNBOUNCE Thrown Bounce Ring None
MT_THROWNINFINITY Thrown Infinity Ring None
MT_THROWNAUTOMATIC Thrown Automatic Ring None
MT_THROWNSCATTER Thrown Scatter Ring None
MT_THROWNEXPLOSION Thrown Explosion Ring None
MT_THROWNGRENADE Thrown Grenade Ring None
MT_COIN Coin 1800
MT_FLINGCOIN Coin lost by a player None
MT_GOOMBA Goomba 1801
MT_BLUEGOOMBA Goomba (Blue) 1802
MT_FIREFLOWER Fire Flower 1803
MT_FIREBALL Fireball from a Fire Flower None
MT_FIREBALLTRAIL Fireball trail None
MT_SHELL Koopa Shell 1804
MT_PUMA Puma 1805
MT_PUMATRAIL Puma trail None
MT_HAMMER King Bowser's hammer None
MT_KOOPA King Bowser 1806
MT_KOOPAFLAME King Bowser's flame None
MT_AXE Axe 1807
MT_MARIOBUSH1 Mario Bush (Short) 1808
MT_MARIOBUSH2 Mario Bush (Tall) 1809
MT_TOAD Toad 1810
MT_AXIS Axis 1700
MT_AXISTRANSFER Axis Transfer 1701
MT_AXISTRANSFERLINE Axis Transfer Line 1702
MT_NIGHTSDRONE Ideya Drone 1703
MT_NIGHTSDRONE_MAN Ideya Drone helper None
MT_NIGHTSDRONE_SPARKLING Ideya Drone sparkling None
MT_NIGHTSLOOPHELPER NiGHTS paraloop helper Object None
MT_HOOP Hoop None
MT_HOOPCOLLIDE Hoop collision detection None
MT_HOOPCENTER Hoop center None
MT_NIGHTSCORE NiGHTS score markers None
MT_FLINGNIGHTSCHIP NiGHTS chip lost by player None
MT_NIGHTSSUPERLOOP Super Paraloop 1707
MT_NIGHTSHELPER Nightopian Helper (power-up) 1709
MT_EGGCAPSULE Ideya Capture 1710
MT_IDEYAANCHOR Ideya Anchor 1714
MT_NIGHTOPIANHELPER Nightopian Helper (actual helper Object) None
Secret enemies and hazards
MT_PIAN Pian 1602
MT_SHLEEP Shleep 1601
MT_PENGUINATOR Penguinator 129
MT_POPHAT Pophat 130
MT_POPSHOT Pophat shot None
MT_POPSHOT_TRAIL Pophat shot trail None
MT_HIVEELEMENTAL Hive Elemental 127
MT_BUMBLEBORE Bumblebore 128
MT_BUGGLE Buggle 124
MT_SMASHINGSPIKEBALL Smashing Spikeball 2000
MT_CACOLANTERN Cacolantern 132
MT_CACOSHARD Cacolantern shard None
MT_CACOFIRE Cacolantern fire None
MT_SPINBOBERT Spinbobert 131
MT_SPINBOBERT_FIRE1 Spinbobert fire 1 None
MT_SPINBOBERT_FIRE2 Spinbobert fire 2 None
MT_HANGSTER Hangster 133
Utility Objects
MT_TELEPORTMAN Teleport Destination 751
MT_ALTVIEWMAN Alternative View Point 752
MT_CRUMBLEOBJ Sound generator for crumbling platform None
MT_TUBEWAYPOINT Zoom Tube Waypoint 753
MT_PUSH Push Point 754
MT_PULL Pull Point 755
MT_GHOST Ghost Object (afterimages etc.) None
MT_OVERLAY Overlay Object (1-up/sign icons, shields etc.) None
MT_ANGLEMAN Object Angle Anchor 758
MT_POLYANCHOR PolyObject Anchor 760
MT_POLYSPAWN PolyObject Spawn Point 761
MT_SKYBOX Skybox View Point 780
MT_SPARK Rail Ring spark trail None
MT_EXPLODE Robot explosion None
MT_UWEXPLODE Underwater explosion None
MT_DUST Dust None
MT_ROCKSPAWNER Rock Spawner None
MT_FALLINGROCK Falling rock None
MT_ROCKCRUMBLE1 Rock debris (sprite ROIA) None
MT_ROCKCRUMBLE2 Rock debris (sprite ROIB) None
MT_ROCKCRUMBLE3 Rock debris (sprite ROIC) None
MT_ROCKCRUMBLE4 Rock debris (sprite ROID) None
MT_ROCKCRUMBLE5 Rock debris (sprite ROIE) None
MT_ROCKCRUMBLE6 Rock debris (sprite ROIF) None
MT_ROCKCRUMBLE7 Rock debris (sprite ROIG) None
MT_ROCKCRUMBLE8 Rock debris (sprite ROIH) None
MT_ROCKCRUMBLE9 Ice debris (sprite ROII) None
MT_ROCKCRUMBLE10 Rock debris (sprite ROIJ) None
MT_ROCKCRUMBLE11 Rock debris (sprite ROIK) None
MT_ROCKCRUMBLE12 Rock debris (sprite ROIL) None
MT_ROCKCRUMBLE13 Rock debris (sprite ROIM) None
MT_ROCKCRUMBLE14 Rock debris (sprite ROIN) None
MT_ROCKCRUMBLE15 Rock debris (sprite ROIO) None
MT_ROCKCRUMBLE16 Rock debris (sprite ROIP) None
MT_BRICKDEBRIS Brick debris None
MT_WOODDEBRIS Wood debris None
MT_REDBRICKDEBRIS Red Brick debris None
MT_BLUEBRICKDEBRIS Blue Brick debris None
MT_YELLOWBRICKDEBRIS Yellow Brick debris None
MT_NAMECHECK Seenames helper None
MT_RAY Placeholder object, identical to MT_NULL None
n/a Freeslots n/a
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