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Metal Sonic
Primary ability Hover
Secondary ability Spindash
Extra abilities
  • Boost Mode
  • Super transformation

Metal Sonic is a recurring villain in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, acting as a foil and robotic doppelganger to Sonic the Hedgehog. As one of Dr. Eggman's greatest inventions, he assists the mad scientist in his efforts by challenging Sonic and company to a race in Black Core Zone Act 1 and eventually as the penultimate boss in Black Core Zone Act 2.

After completing the game, Metal Sonic is unlocked as a playable character with the ability to hover in mid-air given he has enough speed, as at lower speeds he will slowly descend. He also has access to Boost Mode, an ability that allows him to shred through enemies and spikes when he's at high speeds. This makes Metal Sonic most beneficial to advanced players who can maintain a fast speed and find creative routes with the use of Metal's hover.


Main articles: Metal Sonic (Race) and Metal Sonic (Battle)

The player will face Metal Sonic in a race at Black Core Act 1. Metal Sonic has the advantage of being able to shred through spikes, making certain platforming sentences trivial to him. However it does leave openings if the player finds themselves falling behind.

For the proceeding zone, the player fights Metal Sonic head on in a fight. Unlike other bosses, when Metal Sonic is hit he flees leaving a purple holographic trail behind him, and is vulnerable to properly attack. The period in which he's vulnerable slowly decreases as he takes more hits. Metal Sonic will slowly hover around the player, and if given the chance will charge up an attack. His attacks are a variety of energy ball attacks, getting progressively harder to dodge as Metal Sonic sustains more damage. After taking five hits, he'll enter a more berserk mode where he charges at the player and bounces across the arena, before being once again vulnerable to hit. After being defeated, Metal Sonic slowly rises away and disappears for the rest of the game.

If the player chooses to play as Metal Sonic, the opposing Metal Sonic will appear as a greyscale version as reference to Sonic the Fighters.

Abilities and techniques

Metal Sonic hovering in the air.

Metal Sonic's double jump ability is Hover, which allows him to float in the air at running speed while holding down the Jump button. He's able to hover again after dropping from a hover. However, Metal Sonic will slowly descend if he isn't moving during his hover. This allows Metal Sonic to fly through stages and find new routes that are inaccessible to vertically adverse characters, but requires still to stay at a constant latitude.

Metal Sonic is unique among playable characters in that he has an ability initiated by running at top speed for long enough, called Boost Mode. In Boost Mode, Metal Sonic will flash red and run much faster than usual. In this state, he can take out enemies, monitors, breakable walls, and spikes; run on water; and even take a hit on bosses. However, if speed is lost for even a second, like when taking a sharp turn or hitting a wall, Metal will leave Boost Mode and reenter it the next time he maintains steady speed. Boost Mode won't initiate while Metal Sonic is hovering, but Metal Sonic can start a hover while in Boost Mode.

Just like his doppelganger, Metal Sonic can spindash; holding down the spindash for long enough is another way to initiate Boost Mode. His abilities make him a versatile character fit for expert players, and a viable option for running through stages at breakneck speeds. The best way to use Metal Sonic's abilities for speedrunning is to combine the hover and Boost Mode: keep Boost Mode while on the ground whenever possible, so that you can hover over obstacles and hazards without compromising speed.

Super Metal Sonic

If all 7 Chaos Emeralds are obtained, pressing Spin in the air with a minimum of 50 rings will have Metal transform into his super form. He, Sonic, and Knuckles are the only characters to have this ability. In this state, his speed and jump height are increased, and he becomes invincible to all hazards except for drowning, death pits, and getting crushed. His rings will drop down by one each second, which means that running out of rings reverts Metal back to his normal state.

When using god as Super Metal Sonic, his colors will change to resemble Hyper Sonic's colors from Sonic 3 & Knuckles.


Technical information

Speed Fast (36)
Acceleration Low (40)
Thrustfactor High (5)
Accelstart Low (96)
Jump height factor Normal (1.0)
Rough jump

height equivalent

-Three 32x32 blocks of terrain

-One and a half 64x64 blocks of terrain

Primary ability Hover
Secondary ability Spindash
  • Boost Mode
  • Super transformation

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