Metal Sonic (Race)

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Thing type 207, Metal Sonic (Race), is a type of Thing that acts as Metal Sonic's spawn point in the race against Metal Sonic in Black Core Zone Act 1. By itself, this Thing type will only cause Metal Sonic to spawn; to make him move, replay data must be supplied for him. Additionally, a linedef executor with linedef type 440 must be triggered to start the race. For more information on creating a Metal Sonic race, refer to the Metal Sonic race tutorial.

Metal Sonic has the same stats and abilities as Sonic, but he can walk through spikes, destroying them in the process. Not seen in BCZ1, Metal Sonic can also walk through any enemies, bosses and projectiles in his path, immediately killing/destroying all damageable ones on touch. In BCZ1, a countdown is started towards the end of the race; this functionality is not performed by default and must be added to the map manually.

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