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Thing type 200, Egg Mobile, is the first boss encountered in SRB2; it appears in Greenflower Zone Act 3 and Egg Rock Zone Act 2. It moves around slowly, occasionally stopping to fire a laser at the player. After taking five hits, it will spawn spikeballs that rotate around it, and dash at the player. After a while, it will throw the spikeballs at the player and spawn new ones. When it is hit, it will fly away from the player or enemy that hit it. Because of the way it detects hits, if the boss is shot by an enemy bullet, e.g., a Jetty-Syn bullet, it will forget about the player and attempt to attack the enemy until it sees the player again, whether or not the enemy has been destroyed.

The Egg Mobile spawns 33 fracunits above the ground by default, which can be overridden by changing its Z position. Adding the Special flag will cause the level to end when the Egg Mobile is defeated, rather than by destroying an Egg Capsule. Adding the Ambush flag will disable the horizontal aiming of the laser attack.

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