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Update description for 2.2.0:
  • Var2 has some new options, upper 16 bits of var2 seems to control extravalue2 now as well
  • Is the hardcoded hack to call this action repeatedly still there? I forget offhand.

A_Boss1Laser is an action that is used by the Egg Mobile to run its laser attack. Var1 determines the type of Object to be fired as a laser; e.g.: the Egg Mobile fires MT_LASER. Var2 determines which side of the actor the laser is fired from: 0 fires from the left side, and 1 fires from the right side. All other Var2 values fire from the actor's center.

Unlike other actions, this action is hard-coded to repeatedly call itself every tic for the duration of the calling state, using the MF2_FIRING flag to determine whether the attack is currently in progress or not. Therefore, the duration of the state also determines the actual duration of the laser attack, in tics.

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