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Update for 2.2.0:
  • Var1 has a new option that can be combined with either of the old ones

A_BossScream is an action that spawns explosions (Object type of the explosions is set by Var2, default is MT_SONIC3KBOSSEXPLODE) around the actor and plays its DeathSound. This action needs to be called over multiple states for many explosions to be spawned, it only spawns one explosion each time. If Var1 is set to 0, the angle each explosion is spawned at is spread evenly across multiple uses of the action, each explosion being separated by 64 degrees each time A_BossScream is used. If Var1 is set to 1, the explosions are instead positioned at a randomized angle around the actor. The explosions are always spawned away from the actor at a distance of its radius, but their vertical offsets can range from 8 fracunits below the bottom of the actor to ~56 fracunits above it, decided randomly.

Object property Use
DeathSound Explosion sound

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