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A_Boss2PogoSFX is an action which was used as part of the Egg Slimer's thinker for 2.0 (now since replaced by A_Boss2PogoTarget for 2.1). The actor plays its ActiveSound and bounces towards the player. Speed is used for the horizontal speed. Var1 determines the Z-momentum the actor will pogo upwards at, and Var2 determines the horizontal speed multiple – when the target player is less than 256 fracunits away from from the actor, the actor will pogo forward at a speed of the value of Speed, otherwise it will bounce at a speed of Speed×Var2. Note that both Var1 and Var2 should be multiples of FRACUNIT.

Object property Use
ActiveSound Bouncing sound
Speed Horizontal speed (Speed for when the player is less than 256 fracunits away, Speed×Var2 for when the player is further away)

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