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A_Boss1Chase is an action that is used as the Egg Mobile's main thinker. The actor will try to chase the target player, similarly to A_Chase, but may also adjust the actor's height if MF_FLOAT is set.

Each time this action is used, the actor's reaction time will be reduced by one. When the reaction time reaches 0, the actor will choose an attack depending on its current health, execute it and set its reaction time to the value of ReactionTime, restarting the process.

When the actor is ready to attack, it will randomly pick either MeleeState or MissileState to run its attack. However, once the actor's health drops to the value of Damage or lower, it will instead use the RaiseState for the "pinch phase" attack.

Object property Use
SpawnState Returns to this state if target isn't shootable or doesn't exist
MeleeState Actor randomly picks either this or MissileState for an attack when ready (except if health is at Damage or lower)
MissileState Actor randomly picks either this or MeleeState for an attack when ready (except if health is at Damage or lower)
RaiseState Actor's "pinch phase" attack; only used if health is at Damage or lower
ReactionTime Value to restore actor's reaction time to after using an attack
Speed Speed
Damage Health point to switch to "pinch phase" mode at

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