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A_Boss3Path is an action that is used by the Sea Egg's fake balloon replicas to move along the Boss Waypoints. The Sea Egg itself is assumed to be set as the actor's tracer, for this action to work as intended. If the actor has reached a waypoint with the Ambush flag, it stops moving, sets its target to its tracer's target (usually a player) and faces it, and switches to the actor's MissileState (if its tracer's state is currently the tracer's own MissileState). Once the actor has reached a waypoint with Angle 0, it is removed from existence.

Object property Use
MissileState State to go to once the actor has reached a waypoint with the Ambush flag
Speed Movement speed (scale: FRACUNIT = 1 fracunit/tic)
Damage (of tracer) If the tracer's health is less than this value, the actor moves twice as fast along the waypoints.

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