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A_Boss2Pogo is an action that is used as part of the Egg Slimer's pinch phase thinker, when the boss is pogoing towards the target player. This action does not handle the pogoing action itself, but merely the additional behavior that must be done continuously during the pogoing – the pogoing itself is assumed to be handled by either A_Boss2PogoSFX or A_Boss2PogoTarget so that the full pogoing behavior can work properly.

When the actor is moving downwards and is 8 fracunits or lower above the ground, the actor will switch to its RaiseState if not already using it – for the Egg Slimer this would be the state that starts the next jump of the pogoing phase (using either of the pogoing actions already mentioned). Otherwise, if the actor is moving downwards and hasn't already sprayed anything during the jump, the actor will spray Objects of a type determined by PainChance around itself, playing AttackSound when it does.

Object property Use
RaiseState Pogoing state
AttackSound Goop spraying sound
PainChance Object type of goop to spawn

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