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While the SRB2 Wiki is largely relaxed, there are still a few rules that must be followed. Users who break these rules may be blocked from editing the Wiki. The length of said block may vary.

General rules

  • No porn, excessive cursing, or illegal material.
  • No spam.
  • No flaming or trolling. Keep personal arguments off the SRB2 Wiki.
  • No advertising of material unrelated to SRB2 or the Wiki, except on user pages (see below).
  • No advertising of SRB2 modifications, except on user pages (see below). Modifications may only be documented if they meet the criteria outlined in the modification guidelines.
  • Files that are unrelated to the SRB2 Wiki and its goal as an informational resource may not be uploaded. In particular, personal WAD files and files meant for entertainment are strictly forbidden.

User page rules

Every user is granted an user page (including as many sub-pages as desired) of their own. The content of these pages is largely up to the users themselves. Specifically, they may advertise their SRB2 modifications and other works here. However, they may not break any of the above or the following rules:

  • Users may only edit their own user pages, unless the owner of the page has given permission to edit the page.
  • Users may not write about topics such as sexuality, their sexual preference, their sexual history, etc. In this setting, it is more than we need to know.
  • Users may not link to shock sites, or advertise another website under a false pretense.
  • Users may not put another user's creation on their page without appropriate credit.
  • Personal files may be hosted on a different server (such as a free file host) and linked to, but they may not be uploaded on the Wiki itself.