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Thing type 292, Boss Waypoint, is a type of Thing that the Sea Egg and v2.0 Brak Eggman bosses use to navigate the map. Sea Egg uses them to find out which pipes to go to, which waypoint to use to shock the player when they fall into the water, and which waypoints to use to shoot missiles at the player. Brak Eggman uses it to identify the platforms it can jump to and which platform is disabled after the sixth hit.

Sea Egg

The Sea Egg uses a network of 6 to 16 waypoints, which are numbered serially using their Angle value, e.g., the first waypoint has an Angle of 0, the second waypoint has an Angle of 1 etc. Upon starting the level, the Sea Egg will first go to the waypoint with an Angle of 0 and then randomly choose a waypoint with an Angle between 1 and 5. From there on, the next waypoint to go to is determined by the Parameter value or the Thing type number of the current waypoint. In the latter case, the Thing type number is calculated as 292, plus the Angle of the next waypoint multiplied by 4096. For example, if the Sea Egg should go to a waypoint with an Angle of 4 next, the current waypoint should have a Thing type number of 292 + 4096×4, which equals 16676.

Parameter Thing type # Angle of next waypoint
0 292 0
1 4388 1
2 8484 2
3 12580 3
4 16676 4
5 20772 5
6 24868 6
7 28964 7
Parameter Thing type # Angle of next waypoint
8 33060 8
9 37156 9
10 41252 10
11 45348 11
12 49444 12
13 53540 13
14 57636 14
15 61732 15

Once the Sea Egg reaches the waypoint with an Angle of 0 again, it will again choose a random waypoint with an Angle between 1 and 5 and repeat the process. If the player is underwater while the boss is at the waypoint with an Angle of 0, it will stop where it is, make the water flash and shock the player, and continue its movement once the player escapes or dies. If the Sea Egg reaches a waypoint whose Ambush flag is checked, it will stop to fire torpedoes at the player.

Deep Sea Zone Act 3 uses 14 waypoints. The waypoint with an Angle of 0 is located at the bottom of the middle tube. Each tube except the middle one contains three waypoints: one at the bottom of the tube that the boss travels to from the center position, one at the top of the tube that it can shoot from, and a third one at the bottom of the tube that leads back to the center position. The middle tube only contains one additional waypoint at the top, which allows the boss to shoot and immediately leads back down again.

Brak Eggman (v2.0)

Brak Eggman uses a network of five waypoints, one for each of the five platforms it can stand on. These waypoints are identified by their Thing flags, as outlined in the table below. If the player is hit by the goop, the boss will automatically jump to the waypoint that is nearest to the player. The waypoint with no flags checked is recognized as the center platform, and thus the boss will ignore it after the sixth hit. After throwing the missiles, the boss will jump to the center platform, unless it is already standing on the center platform or the center platform is already disabled, in which case it will jump to a random platform.

Flags value Thing flags
0 (none)
1 Extra
2 Flip
3 Extra, Flip
4 Special

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