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Thing type 206, Brak Eggman (Old), is an outdated and unused version of the Brak Eggman boss, formerly used in Egg Rock Zone Act 3 as the final boss of SRB2 in Version 2.0. The boss is twice as large as the current Brak Eggman, and incorporates goop and missile attacks based on those used by Metal Robotnik/Black Eggman from the Japanese anime OVA Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie.

Brak Eggman's huge size in-game relies on the use of the supplementary level type ERZ3 mode, where every Object in the game except Brak Eggman himself is scaled to 50% of its normal size to make Brak Eggman appear larger. This is enabled for a map by adding the keyword Oldbrak to the TypeOfLevel parameter of its level header.


Brak Eggman walks around on the spot for a few seconds, performs one of its three attacks and then walks around again, repeating the process indefinitely. It cycles through the three following attacks:

  • Cannonballs: The first attack is to shoot cannonballs towards the player. The cannonballs fly slowly towards the player in an arc, leaving enough time to avoid them.
  • Goop: As a second attack, Brak Eggman will start shooting sticky goop at the player. The goop moves much more quickly than the cannonballs, making it more difficult for the player to dodge the shots. If the player comes in contact with the goop, they will get stuck and cannot move. If a player is on a platform while getting stuck, the boss will jump to that platform, hurting them in the process.
  • Missiles: As a third attack, the boss will shoot four spiked missiles at the player. If the boss is currently not on the center platform, it will jump back to it. Otherwise, it will jump to a random platform.

To defeat Brak Eggman, the player must hit it eight times. There are two ways to hurt this boss:

  • Antenna: Jump towards Brak Eggman and land on his head. He will try to swat you with his hand, hurting himself in the process. Be careful to jump off immediately, or you will get hurt as well.
  • Missiles: You can hang on to the missiles and steer them towards Brak Eggman. Be careful to jump off before you hit him, or you will get hurt as well.

After five hits, the boss will jump away from the center platform (if it is on it) and call a trigger linedef with tag 4200. This is normally used to destroy the center platform. Afterwards, the boss will no longer use its cannonball attack and will no longer jump to the destroyed center platform. After three more hits the boss is defeated, and all players present will be rewarded 1,000 points each.

Adding the Special flag will cause the level to end when Brak Eggman is defeated, rather than by destroying an Egg Capsule.


Brak Eggman uses a network of five boss waypoints, one for each of the five platforms it can stand on. These waypoints are identified by their Thing flags, as outlined in the table below. If the player is hit by the goop, the boss will automatically jump to the waypoint that is nearest to the player. The waypoint with no flags checked is recognized as the center platform, and thus the boss will ignore it after the sixth hit. After throwing the missiles, the boss will jump to the center platform, unless it is already standing on the center platform or the center platform is already disabled, in which case it will jump to a random platform.

Flags value Thing flags
0 (none)
1 Extra
2 Flip
3 Extra, Flip
4 Special

Object/state data

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