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MAP24, Egg Rock Zone Act 3, abbreviated as ERZ3, is the third act of Egg Rock Zone, the seventh zone in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.0. It is a boss fight against Brak Eggman in a space-themed arena with low gravity, where both the player and the only ring are scaled down to make the boss appear larger.


Brak Eggman has five attacks that he can use. To successfully beat the boss, it is important to know in which order he uses the attacks and how to dodge them:

  • Cannonballs: Brak Eggman will shoot cannonballs at you in regular intervals. You can easily dodge them if you keep moving. It's useful to strafe left and right, using the gaps between the shots to move from side to side. He will only use this attack while he is on the central platform.
  • Goop: Brak Eggman will shoot goop at you very rapidly. Jump around the four outer platforms to avoid the attack. Getting hit by the goop or stepping on it after it's already landed will cause you to freeze in place until the goop disappears. If you get stuck in the goop, Brak Eggman will jump on you while you can't move. He can use this attack regardless of where he is.
  • Missile: Brak Eggman will fire a cluster of missiles towards you, which are easy to dodge. He will use this attack after using his goop attack.
  • Jump: Periodically, Brak Eggman will jump to a different platform. During the first phase of the battle, he will jump from the center platform to an outer one after he uses the missile attack. He will then jump back to the center one after he uses the goop and the missiles on the outer platform. In the pinch phase, he will jump between the outer platforms.
  • Melee attack: If you pass through the antenna above Brak Eggman's head, he will try to punch you. You can dodge the attack by moving away quickly, it is easily dodged. He won't use this attack while he's in the middle of another attack.


Brak Eggman can't be hit by conventional means, and simply jumping against him will hurt you. However, there are two other ways to hit him:

  • The first way is to pass through the antenna on his head to get him to use his melee attack. If you move out of the way quickly enough, he will hit himself instead. Sonic and Tails will be able to pass over his head at the peak of their jump if he's on the center platform. Knuckles will have to climb up the black mesh walls behind the outer platforms and then glide from there. As Sonic, you can't reach his head while he's on an outer platform.
  • The second way to hit him is to jump onto one of the missiles he fires. You'll then be able to steer it and aim it towards him. Make sure to jump off before you hit him, or you'll get hurt.

After six hits, Brak Eggman will enter his pinch phase. He will jump to an outer platform and destroy the central platform. This has a few consequences:

  • He will no longer use his cannonball attack and instead cycle between the missile attack, jumping and the goop attack.
  • As Sonic, you can no longer reach his head to get him to use his melee attack, so you will have to use the missiles for the last two hits. It's easier to hit him midair if you stand on the opposite platform from the one he is on where he fires the missiles. If you attempt to attack him from one of the other platforms, he might bump into you or easily avoid the missile.
  • If you are steering a missile and don't manage to hit Brak Eggman before he lands on another platform, he will use the goop attack indefinitely until you let go of the missile, making it difficult to hit him without being hit by the goop.

After two more hits, Brak Eggman is defeated, ending the level.

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