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MAP11, Castle Eggman Zone Act 2, abbreviated as CEZ2, is the second act of Castle Eggman Zone, the fourth zone in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.0. It takes place in the castle the player entered at the end of act 1, featuring Robo-Hoods, FaceStabbers and Egg Guards as main enemies. Jetty-syn Bombers also have their first appearance here. In addition to the rotating maces and chains introduced in the first act, it also features swinging maces, flamethrowers and cannonball launchers. This act also features a secret involving RedXVI sending you to heaven.

The version of CEZ2 included in v2.0 is unfinished and ends partway through the first path split, making it the only official Single Player level with two exits. The version included in v2.1 is approximately twice as long.


You start the level in a courtyard, with an open gate in front of you. The gate leads into a hallway with a large drop in the floor that leads into a dungeon. Behind the drop is a closed door. If you have collected all 7 Chaos Emeralds, the door will open, allowing you enter another courtyard and skip a part of the level. Otherwise you have to continue through the dungeon.

Jump down and turn to your left. You will enter a room with a narrow wooden bridge over which swinging maces are suspended. You must walk across the bridge while avoiding the maces. The dangerous spots are marked by the shadows of the beams from which the maces are suspended. All other spots are safe to stand in. After passing the bridge, you must dodge two revolving maces and then climb up a staircase guarded by flamethrowers. Use the boxes where the fire comes out as safe spots and stepping stones, and only move forward while the flamethrowers are pausing. After the staircase you will reach a platform with a chain of springs that propel you up to a higher ledge.

In the next room, you have to make your way across several platforms suspended from the ceiling to reach the exit of the dungeon. There are two sets of platforms: The ones made out of bricks are safe, but the ones made out of wood will break immediately when you touch them, causing you to fall into a field of spikes. Should you fall down to the floor, turn around and use the yellow springs next to the ledge that you entered the room on to get back up and try again.

After exiting the dungeon, you will reach the courtyard that was blocked off by the door. Hit the first Star Post to your left, go up the stairs and turn right. Here the path splits: You can either enter the building in front of you, or use the spinning chain to the right to reach the bridge that crosses the room.

Lower path

In the first room of the building, avoid the buttons on the floor. If you press them, the room will be closed off and you will have to fight several enemies to open it again. Head up the staircase and jump to the platform in front of you. Wait for the swinging chain and hang on to it to be carried until the low ceiling to the next platform. Continue forward until you reach a ring-shaped platform guarded by a rotating mace. Dodge the mace and jump across the gears to your left. Drop down the hole in front of you to reach the second Star Post and a large room covered by shallow water.

Go to the other side and walk up the staircase. Jump across the platforms until you reach one with a button on it. Activate it to make the water level rise and carry a round platform up with it. Use the platform to get to the next ledge and jump across the gears to reach the next button. The gears have holes in the middle, so be careful not to fall through. Activate the second button and jump to the next platform. Grab the swinging chain and jump off when it's at its highest point to fall directly into the next chain. Jump off again to land on a platform with the third button, which is guarded by two FaceStabbers and two rotating maces. The second mace passes through the button. Wait until it has passed the button, then quickly activate it and jump onto the rising platform.

Jump to the next platform and stand on wooden part to make it rise and reach a higher ledge. To reach the fourth and last button, you must jump across a series of platforms that move up and down. After activating the fourth button, the large tube in the center of the room will rise slightly. Jump back into the water and pass under it to find a red spring, which will propel you upwards and end the level. Raising the tube will reveal several Jetty-syns, so be careful.

Upper path

Hang on to the chain and let it throw you up the wall next to the bridge. Enter the bridge and keep following the hallway until you reach a room with eight breakable pillars and a Turret. Spindash through the pillars to destroy them. After destroying all eight pillars, a platform with an Attraction Shield Monitor will fall onto the Turret and crush it, and the door leading into the next room will open. Turn right to reach another hallway with a spinning chain. Use the chain to propel yourself to a beam with five spinning chains in front of you. Use one of these chains to reach the ledge in front of you. To your right is the second Star Post, as well as a chain of springs leading you outside.

This room is full of cannons that shoot cannonballs into the sky. The cannonballs are aimed so that they will hit you after falling back down, so keep moving at all times while in this room. There are two buttons in this room that you have to press to continue: One is on the far side of the room, and the other is to the left. Pressing the buttons will open a door to your left, leading to a revolving door. Pass the revolving door (if you have all emeralds, RedXVI awaits you to send you to heaven) to enter a corridor made up of several floors that periodically rise and fall. To continue from one floor to the next, jump up when the floor you're standing on is at its highest point. When both floors start to fall, you can reach the next one. One of the floors will crush you against a ceiling, so instead of standing below the ceiling, stand next to it and jump through the gap between the floor and the ceiling once the floor starts to fall. After making your way across a few of these floors, you will reach the Level End Sign.

Points of interest

Extra lives

All the extra lives in this level are located in a single secret room that is only accessible as Tails or Knuckles. To access it as Tails, simply fly up to the right from the starting area. You should barely make it to the ledge where Knuckles' emblem resides. Now turn right and jump down through the opening lined with spikeballs.

As Knuckles, you can either do some highly difficult monitor bouncing on the Super Ring Monitors on top of the spiral staircases in the starting area, or you can use a secret path. To do this, simply drop down to your right after entering the first dungeon room with the swinging maces. You should see a Sharp and a Whirlwind Shield. On the right wall opposite the row of yellow springs, a cracked portion of wall is visible in front of you – this is a bustable block that only Knuckles can break, revealing a tunnel. In the next room, turn right to find a row of red springs leading to the secret room.

The room contains 11 Extra Life Monitors on pillars with damaging floors and one guarded by a FaceStabber. To get the extra lives as Knuckles, simply glide through them. As Tails, you have to jump on the monitors, bounce off and quickly fly away. Note that if you die, you can simply come back to collect even more extra lives.


  • A Force Shield is in the small building to your left in the courtyard where you start the level.
  • When entering the first room of the dungeon at the start of the level, instead of jumping on the bridge with the swinging maces, drop down to your right. Jump into the large hole in the floor below and then turn around. A Force Shield is located in the corner which faces the entrance of the room. Try to escape quickly to avoid getting hit by a Sharp.
  • In the second courtyard where the paths split, there is a large Eggman face made of bricks and wood next to the lower path's entrance. Spin into the side of the eye on the left to destroy it, revealing an extra life hidden underneath.
  • In the Turret room on the upper path, the platform that falls down and crushes the Turret contains an Attraction Shield.

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