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Thing type 500, Air Bubble Patch, is a type of Thing that randomly generates air bubbles which players can use to breathe underwater when standing on top of them. The air bubbles generated range in size from small to large, though only the large bubbles can be used as a source of air. If this Thing is placed out of water, it immediately disappears.

This Thing is essential in maps that require players to go underwater for longer than approximately 20 seconds, but even in underwater sections that the player can go through without needing air, it is often a good idea to add air bubbles for less experienced players. The amount of air bubbles in an underwater section and the distance between them heavily influences the difficulty of the section. Mappers should take care that air bubble patches are easy to spot and are not heavily guarded by enemies, to make sure that players can easily refresh their air supply.

To save memory, bubbles are not spawned if there is no player nearby (within 2048 fracunits). This behavior can be disabled by giving the Air Bubble Patch the Ambush flag.

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