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Thing type 521, Spikeball, is a type of Thing that is a floating, rotating spikeball that damages the player when touched. It was formerly used as a hazard in Special Stages between v1.01 and v1.08. When used in normal stages, it provides non-elemental damage, causing players to lose all of their rings (or a shield) upon touching it. When used in Special Stages, the player will only lose 10 rings at a time, none of which are spilled.

Giving a spikeball the Ambush flag will make it float 24 fracunits above the ground. All spikeballs that are not already floating above the ground due to Z offsets should have this flag because spikeballs that do not float are easy to avoid and look as if they were stuck in the floor. The flag stacks on top of the Thing's regular height, allowing spikeballs to be a total of 4119 fracunits above the ground at maximum.

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