Egg Guard

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Thing type 119, Egg Guard, is a small purple enemy used in Castle Eggman Zone that carries a large shield with Eggman's face on it. It moves in a straight line until it hits an obstacle or the edge of a platform, at which point it will turn around. The shield blocks direct frontal attacks and pushes players away upon contact, but it does not harm players. Jumping into the shield will cause the player to bounce back. Hitting the Egg Guard from behind destroys the shield, as does thokking or gliding into the top of the shield. When the shield is gone, the robot turns red and chases after the player, hurting them upon contact. If it is jumped upon or spindashed into in this state, it will be destroyed.

If the Ambush flag is checked, the Egg Guard will move twice as fast as normal. When either the Extra or Special flag is checked, the Egg Guard will rotate 90 degrees whenever it hits an obstacle or the edge of a platform, clockwise or counter-clockwise respectively.

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