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Thing type 108, Deton, is a red spherical enemy used in Techno Hill Zone Act 2. It stands still at first, but when it spots a player, it quickly dashes at them, adjusting its direction if the player moves. On impact with a player, the Deton explodes, damaging the player and anything around them, though it will also explode if it collides with a wall or any Object with the flags MF_SOLID or MF_SHOOTABLE. As directly attacking Detons without invincibility harms the player, the only safe way to kill them is with a ranged attack, such as an Armageddon Shield or Fang's Pop Gun.

Detons spawn 33 fracunits above the ground by default, which can be overridden by changing their Z position. The Deton will automatically be set to move at 3/4 of the top speed of the character it chases to make sure every character can avoid it – this must be kept in mind when using the action A_DetonChase for a custom Object.

Checking flags [1] / Block Enemies or [0] / Impassable on a linedef will not prevent this enemy from crossing it.

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