Pterabyte Spawner

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Thing Type 135, Pterabyte Spawner, is a Thing that determines the in-level spawning point for Pterabyte enemies used in Red Volcano Zone. The number of Pterabytes that spawn around this point are determined by the mapthing parameter, leaving the value as "0" will cause only 1 Pterabyte to spawn, while any other value after 0 will spawn that number of Pterabytes +1. For example, a value of 2 will spawn 3 Pterabytes in a level, as seen in Red Volcano Zone, and so on. Map placement should be carefully planned out for the following reason, if the spawning point is placed near tall flooring or an impassable wall then the Pterabytes may appear stuck or die on level load.

Pterabytes orbit the spawner's position in a circling pattern, while oscillating vertically. When a player approaches and is vertically lower than a Pterabyte, it will swoop towards them with a piercing screech and attempt to capture them. The enemy will automatically release the player when it flies over lava or a great height, dropping the player into hazards or other potentially harmful situations. A grabbed player can break free by repeatedly pressing the jump button, which also destroys the Pterabyte.

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