Buzz (Gold)

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"Buzz" redirects here. For the red Buzz, see Buzz (Red).

Thing type 103, Buzz (Gold), is a fly-like enemy used in Techno Hill Zone. Golden Buzzes will remain stationary in the air until they see the player, at which point they will begin to fly slowly towards them and make a buzzing noise. Because they can reach almost any place in a map and are very easy to overlook, they are good at following the player unnoticed. However, they have a short seeing distance and will stop dead if they lose sight of the player.

The golden Buzz spawns 288 fracunits above the ground by default, which can be overridden by changing its Z position. Adding the Ambush flag will prevent it from moving. Like the red Buzz, a golden Buzz will refuse to go into the water after a player. When placed directly into the water, however, it will move freely below the surface until it follows the player above the water.

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