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A_BuzzFly is an action that is used as the flight thinker for the golden and red Buzzes. When this action is called every tic, the actor will continuously fly directly towards its target at a speed determined by the Object's Speed property; note that this value should be a multiple of FRACUNIT. In Ultimate mode, the actor's flight speed is increased by a factor of 1.25. However, the actor will be unable to go into a water FOF from above, but it can still enter from below and sides and move freely underwater otherwise.

Note that the actor will have a seeing range of 3072 fracunits – if the target player is further away than this, the actor will stop chasing it, and look for another player within its seeing range if there are any. Otherwise, if the actor's target is dead, doesn't exist or can't be seen, the actor will look for a new target player; if none can be found, it stops moving and returns to its SpawnState.

Additionally, this action will make the actor play a sound set by Var1. Var2 determines the amount of time in tics between each playing of the sound, assuming this action will be called every tic.

If the actor has the secondary Object flag MF2_AMBUSH, this action will do nothing.

Object property Use
SpawnState Goes back to this state if no players can be found
Speed Speed (Speed×1.25 in Ultimate mode)

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