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A_MinusDigging is an action which is used by the Minus when digging in the ground. The flags MF_SPECIAL and MF_SHOOTABLE are removed to prevent the player from harming the actor until they are restored by A_MinusPopup. The actor's ActiveSound is played every 15 tics for the digging sound. When the actor is close enough to the player (within the actor's radius and height boundaries), the MissileState is used for popping up out of the ground. If the actor has no target, A_Look is called to search for one. Once the actor has found a player, A_Chase is called (with Var 1 = 3, to disable attacking), and MF_NOCLIPTHING is briefly added until after A_Chase has been called. The actor also snaps to the ground while digging, and spawns ghost Objects for a dirt trail.

If the actor's reaction time is greater than 0 however (i.e. after A_MinusCheck has been used to reset the actor to digging form again), the action will be halted and the reaction time will be reduced by 1 each time this action is used until it reaches 0, allowing the actor to move again.

Object property Use
MissileState Popping up out of ground animation
ActiveSound Digging sound

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