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A_HoodThink is an action that is used as the thinker for the Robo-Hood. Normally when the player is far enough away the actor will fire arrows at the player. When the player is close enough however, the actor instead jumps at the player. It uses MissileState for shooting, PainState for jumping, XDeathState for falling up after jumping, and RaiseState for falling down after jumping. If the actor doesn't have a target, it will return to its SpawnState.

Each time this action is used, the actor's reaction time will be reduced by 1. When it reaches 0, it will shoot the player if it is at least 192 fracunits away, otherwise it will jump at the player. After shooting/jumping, the actor will reset its reaction time to the value of ReactionTime. If the map Thing flag Ambush is given to the actor's spawnpoint, it prevents the actor from jumping regardless of distance; the actor will instead continue to shoot even when the player is within jumping range.

When the actor is in mid-air, its state will be changed depending on its vertical momentum – if > 0 the actor's state switches to XDeathState, if <= 0 RaiseState is used instead. Note that the actor will not reduce its reaction time value nor attack when in mid-air.

Object property Use
SpawnState Goes to this state if actor has no target
SeeState Aiming state
PainState Jumping state
MissileState Shooting state
XDeathState Falling up state
RaiseState Falling down state
ReactionTime Reaction time

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