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A_FaceStabChase is an action which was formerly used as the thinker for the Lance-a-Bot in versions before v2.2. The actor moves after the player just like with A_Chase, moving a distance of Speed fracunits each time the action is used. If the actor's target doesn't exist or is dead, the actor will look for a new target player; if none can be found, the actor will return to its SpawnState.

The actor will occasionally use its MeleeState or MissileState to attack the player, providing the actor actually has a MeleeState or MissileState set. When the actor's MeleeState is used, AttackSound is played. Unlike A_Chase, however, whether the actor will use these or not is not adjustable.

Each time this action is used, the actor's reaction time will be reduced by 1 until it reaches 0.

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