Monitor bouncing

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Monitor bouncing is the act of a spinning player falling down into a monitor, breaking it, and bouncing back up. Because bouncing off a monitor will preserve the player's momentum, monitor bouncing can be used to cross large gaps without losing any height. On Single Player maps, this can be useful to save time, especially during Record Attack runs or in Race mode. In Match and Capture the Flag, it can be used to quickly get from one side of the stage to the other. It is especially useful in Silver Cascade Zone, where Sonic players can bounce off the SRM in the center to get to the other base without going through the underwater route.

If the monitor is underwater, the added momentum from breaking the water surface can be used to gain even more height. Characters with the thok ability can thok right before hitting a monitor, allowing them go much faster due to their increased speed. Characters with the glide ability can start gliding right before hitting the monitor to get a little vertical boost, which is useful in maps like Cloud Palace Zone.

This technique can also be used on enemies, for which the term "Crawla hopping" is often used.