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Thing type 409, Extra Life Monitor, is a monitor that gives the player (or everyone in the server if the gametype is Co-op) an extra life upon its destruction and plays the extra life music (_1UP). In Match, Tag, CTF and Race, or if the server has infinite lives enabled, this item gives the player 100 rings instead of an extra life. In Ultimate mode, this item gives nothing to the player at all, instead playing an error sound to show that it does not give any extra lives.

The icon displayed by this monitor changes according to the character that is played; for example, if the player is Tails, it will display Tails's icon. Custom characters have their extra life icon set by their LIFEA frame. If this frame is not supplied, the monitor will instead display a default "1up" icon. In gametypes with more than one player, the Extra Life Monitor displays the icon of whichever character is closest to it at any time.

The table below displays the different icons the Extra Life Monitor shows for each of the three main characters, as well as the default icon used for characters without an extra life icon graphic of their own:

Character Sonic Tails Knuckles Default

Checking the Ambush flag turns this monitor into a Weak Random Monitor, out of which it may randomly respawn with a probability of 3.13%. Checking the Special flag turns it into a Strong Random Monitor, out of which it may randomly respawn with a probability of 6.25%.

In Record Attack mode, these monitors will automatically turn into 1,000 Point Monitors. If either the Ambush or Special flags is checked, the monitor will instead spawn as a 10,000 Point Monitor.

Depending on the level being played or the custom modification being used, sounds can be played instead of the extra life music when this item is destroyed:

  • If Use1UpSound is turned on in the MainCfg block in a SOC, a custom sound of the user's choice can be played – the sound slot sfx_oneup is reserved for this purpose.
  • In all Mario mode levels, the sound sfx_marioa is played. Note that sfx_oneup will take priority over this sound if Use1UpSound is enabled.

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