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A screenshot of a multiplayer Capture the Flag netgame.

Capture the Flag, abbreviated as CTF, is a multiplayer gametype in SRB2. It is similar to Team Match in that the players are also divided into a red and a blue team that compete against each other. However, each team controls a base that contains a flag. Members of the opposing team can pick that flag up and bring it to their own base. If both the own flag and the flag of the opposing are located in a team's base, it scores a point. The game ends when one team has scored a specific number of points, usually five. Capture the Flag mode is enabled for a map by adding the keyword CTF to the TypeOfLevel parameter of its level header.

Gametype format

For the most part, Capture the Flag is identical to Team Match. Scoring for the individual players works the same as in Team Match; the same weapons and items as in Match are also used for CTF. Refer to the Match article for deeper information. In addition to the team balance methods that already exist for Team Match, CTF has the option to enable the autobalance console variable that automatically balances the teams whenever necessary.

Unlike in Team Match, the teams score points by capturing the opposing team's flag. Players can pick up the flag by running into it (unless they are invincible from a previous hit or in their Super form). Then they need to bring it to their own base while their own flag is still there. If both flags are in the same base simultaneously, the capturing team scores one team point and the capturing player scores 250 individual points.

Hitting the flag carrier will award the scorer with 75 points instead of 50 (125 if the flag carrier is killed). The flag carrier drops the flag the flag upon being hit or pressing the Toss Flag button. The flag will then stay in the place where the flag carrier dropped it for 30 seconds before it respawns in the base. During that time, the own team can pick it up to return it to the base immediately and the opposing team can pick it up to capture it again. The time that the flag stays in place after being dropped before it returns to the base can be modified with the flagtime console variable.

By default, the game ends once a team scores 5 points. This can be modified with the pointlimit console variable. Alternatively, a time limit can be set with the timelimit console variable, which sets the time limit in minutes. In that case, the game will end once the time runs out. Unlike in Match, there is no overtime option, so if both teams have the same number of points after the time limit runs out, the game is tied. Both limits can be enabled at the same time, in which case the game ends once the first of the two limits is reached.

Level structure

See also: Level Design 101/Match and Capture the Flag

Levels for Capture the Flag mode must be built in a certain way to work correctly. A CTF map consists of the blue base, the red base and the terrain in-between. These maps are usually completely symmetrical to make sure both the map is fair for both teams. To spawn the players, 32 Match Starts, 16 CTF Red Team Starts and 16 CTF Blue Team Starts must be placed on the map.

The red team base must contain a sector with the CTF Red Team Base special in which the red flag is placed; the blue team base must contain a sector with the CTF Blue Team Base special in which the blue flag is placed. The bases themselves are much larger than only the flag sector and contain red team rings and red team ring monitors, respectively blue team rings and blue team ring monitors, which can only be picked up by their respective teams. This makes it easier for the teams to defend the bases against enemies.

The terrain between the bases should consist of the paths between the bases, of which there should be at least two. Most of the items that are also placed in Match levels (weapon panels, weapon ammunition, monitors and emeralds) should be placed here, although some of them can also be placed in the bases. Since CTF maps are symmetrical, there will be one weapon panel for each weapon on either side, resulting in two weapon panels for each weapon in total. All damaging sectors that there might be in the level should have the CTF Flag Return sector special to prevent the flag from being stuck in these places.

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