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Dr. Eggman

Dr. Eggman, also known as Dr. Ivo Robotnik, is the main antagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, and is the main villain of Sonic Robo Blast 2. After his defeat on the Ring Satellite, Dr. Eggman was thought to be soundly defeated. However, he soon finds and harnesses the power of the Black Rock, using it to power his new conquest over the Earth. He demonstrates his power by destroying Greenflower Mountain, alerting Sonic and his friends to Dr. Eggman's presence. The doctor continues to stop the trio throughout the game with his many badniks.


At the end of the first four zones and the final zone, Dr. Eggman appears as the ultimate boss fight often piloting a rendition of his Egg Mobile.

Egg Mobile

Main article: Egg Mobile

Dr. Eggman's first boss appearance is in Greenflower Zone Act 3 piloting the Egg Mobile. His craft is slow and hovers off the ground, and he'll try to attack the player by firing beams in their general direction. After taking five hits, the Egg Mobile will fire three lasers at once, limiting Dr. Eggman's horizontal capabilities but being a much faster and harder attack to dodge.

This boss reappears in Egg Rock Zone Act 2 as apart of the "disco room". Here, the fight is much more tricky as it's situated on small disc platforms over instant death.

Egg Slimer

Main article: Egg Slimer

Dr. Eggman's next appearance in Techno Hill Zone Act 3 has him pilot an Egg Mobile with two chemical containers attached to its sides. This boss, the Egg Slimer, will spin around the arena while spewing its toxic chemicals on the floor. With every hit, the boss gets faster. After taking enough hits, the boss will start bouncing continuing to spew chemicals.

Sea Egg

Main article: Sea Egg

For Deep Sea Zone Act 3, Dr. Eggman pilots a purple aquatic rendition of his Egg Mobile. He dips underwater, and pops up to shoot missiles and send a lightning shockwave across the water to catch the player off guard. After taking enough hits, Dr. Eggman will start using fake duplicates of him self to throw off the player.

Egg Colosseum

Main article: Egg Colosseum

For Castle Eggman Zone Act 3, Dr. Eggman resides in a thorn-ridden cage as three rows of spiked balls rotate around the arena for the player to dodge. The player must hit coloured switches to open up the cage, and get a hit on the Egg Colosseum after a short amount of time. After five hits, the Egg Colosseum will break free from its cage and take flight, where after taking springs up to the outside area, the player must attack the Egg Colosseum from above.

Black Eggman

Main article: Black Eggman

Upon being dropped into Black Core Zone Act 3, Sonic and company must fight a large metallic version of Eggman known as Black Eggman. As the final boss, Black Eggman takes a total of twelve hits and is protected by an electric barrier. He must be led into the poisonous falls that drop onto the stage where the electricity will wear off and allow him to be hit. Black Eggman has a variety of attacks that he slowly starts using throughout the fight. Starting off, he shoots a stream of fire towards the player which leaves flames on the floor. He can also fire missiles at the player which launch them a far distance. After sustaining enough damage, the walls around the arena will be destroyed and he will start using a second pair of attacks: one where he drops a bomb onto the arena which leaves a large circle of flames for the player to avoid, and another where he charges up a snipe on the player. For the sniping one, the player must hide behind the elevated crates to avoid getting hit.

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