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Thing type 1800, Coin, is a type of Thing used in Mario mode which is functionally identical to the ring but uses a coin graphic, and plays a coin sound effect upon being collected.

In modes other than Mario mode, the only difference between the coin and the ring are the graphics and the sound effect. When a player is hurt, they spill out rings instead of coins. In Match mode, players still throw normal rings even if they picked up coins. Therefore, it is not recommended to use coins in non-Mario maps.

Giving a coin the Ambush flag will make it float 24 fracunits above the ground. All coins that are not already floating above the ground due to Z offsets should have this flag because items that do not float are difficult to collect and look as if they were stuck in the floor. The flag stacks on top of the Thing's regular height, allowing coins to be a total of 4119 fracunits above the ground at maximum.

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