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MAP01, Greenflower Zone Act 1, abbreviated as GFZ1, is the first act of Greenflower Zone, the first zone in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.2. It is a very short and easy grass-themed level that is intended to guide new players into SRB2. It features Blue Crawlas and SDURFs as enemies and a few easy obstacles.


First section

You start the level in a small square area, and the only way to continue is forward. You will enter a larger area with a river in front of you. Cross the bridge over the river and continue forward by running up the slope. The path makes a U-turn and crosses the same river again with a second bridge, leading into an open area. To your right, you will now see the first Star Post. It leads into an area with a bridge that spans over a lake. Climb up to the bridge via the small steps next to it and cross it to reach the next area. If you fall into the lake, turn around, jump out of it and try again.

After the lake, you must navigate through a narrow corridor and jump up some small elevations, avoiding the Crawlas while doing so. Afterwards, you will see a cave with the second Star Post in front of you. Enter the cave and walk through it. In the following area, you can either go left or right.

Cliff path

If you go left, jump up the platforms to make your way over the cliff. Continue past the fences and turn right to see the third Star Post.

Lake path

To the right, go up to the lake and walk around its edge. Should you fall into the lake, you can escape it with a yellow spring in the underwater cave to your left. Continue past the fences after the lake and turn right to see the third Star Post.

Second section

At the third Star Post, use the yellow springs to reach the top of the cliff standing in front of you then run up the slope to your left to reach the Level End Sign.

Points of interest


  • In the beginning area, right after walking out of the starting square room, enter the cave to your right. You will find a Force Shield inside encircled by spikes that retract and pop back up. Time a spindash to collect the shield while the spikes are retracted.
  • At the U-turn in the beginning area, you will see a Super Ring Monitor in the corner to your left. There is a small opening behind the monitor that you can spindash into. You will enter a small cave with a cracked wall that you can break with a spindash. After breaking through the wall, you will exit into an open area with an Armageddon Shield positioned on a small elevation.
  • Enter the lake after the first Star Post. At the very bottom of the lake, in a corner next to two pillars, you should find a small alcove with an Elemental Shield.
  • Before entering the cave with the second Star Post, turn around and look to your right. You should see a small opening that leads to a side area of the lake. In front of you is a ledge with a diagonal yellow spring. Jump across the pillars in the lake to reach it. The spring will propel you to a cliff above the corridor area. After landing on the cliff, turn around to see another cliff with a house on it. Behind the house is an Attraction Shield surrounded by rings and a shallow pool of water.
  • In the open area after the second Star Post, you should come across a small cave after circling around the lake. Enter that cave to find a Whirlwind Shield.
  • There is a hole in the overhang directly above the third Star Post. As Tails, fly into it to find an Armageddon Shield.


  • Jump into the river at the beginning and charge a spindash aimed towards the center of the bridge. Spin under the bridge to pop an Invincibility Monitor.
  • After exiting the cave with the second Star Post, take the cliff path. Make your way up the cliff but jumping on the three edges then run up the slope in front of you. To your left, you should now see two narrow pillars leading to a high cliff with an Invincibility Monitor.

Extra Lives

  • In the final area, instead of running up the slope that leads to the Level End Sign, turn around to see a small bridge with horizontal red springs. Spindashing into the springs will give you enough speed to reach the top of the pillar standing after the slope with an extra life monitor on it.
  • Make your way to the wide elevated area where an Armageddon Shield is found. Near the house is a very high cliff that you can reach as either Tails or Knuckles. Near the edge of that cliff is an extra life monitor hidden behind small bushes.
  • In the cave that connects to the first elevation with an Armageddon Shield, there is an extra life monitor before the breakable wall.

Super Sneakers

  • After making the U-turn near the start of the level and crossing the second bridge, you should see a Super Sneakers monitor in front of you on an elevated block that speeds you up for a while. You can reach it by either using the small elevations to your left or by jumping off the sloped terrain near it with enough speed.
  • In the cave with the Whirlwind Shield, use the Whirlwind Jump to reach the Super Sneakers monitor on top of the pillar.

RedXVI secret

After collecting every emblem in the game, a note from RedXVI will appear on the door of the first house in the zone, on top of the same cliff where the Armageddon Shield near a locked-up room of Crawlas is found. Approaching the note will cause a unique message box to appear, reading "To everyone who's helped keep this game alive all these years, thank you."


  • The lake path is greatly preferable to the cliff path.


Just above Sonic, a set of grey buildings seen amongst the mountains in the skybox.

In the skybox, set pieces from later levels can be seen within the distance. There is a set of grey buildings which presumably belong to Techno Hill Zone, and there are canyons which likely belong to Arid Canyon Zone. These can also be seen in the skybox for Greenflower Zone Act 2.

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