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MAP01, Greenflower Zone Act 1, abbreviated as GFZ1, is the first act of Greenflower Zone, the first zone in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.1. It is a very short and easy grass-themed level that is intended to guide new players into SRB2. It features Crawlas as enemies and a few easy obstacles.


You start the level in a small square area, and the only way to continue is forward. You will enter a larger area with a river in front of you. Cross the bridge over the river and continue forward. The path makes a U-turn and crosses the same river again with a second bridge, leading into an open area. To your right, you will now see the first Star Post. It leads into an area with a bridge that spans over a lake. Climb up to the bridge via the small steps next to it and cross it to reach the next area. If you fall into the lake, turn around, jump out of it and try again.

After the lake, you must navigate through a narrow corridor and jump up some small elevations, avoiding the Crawlas while doing so. Afterwards, you will see a cave with the second Star Post in front of you. Enter the cave and walk through it. In the following outside area, go up to the lake to your right and either jump over it or walk around its edge. The Level End Sign is in the area right behind the lake. Should you fall into the lake, you can escape it with a yellow spring in the underwater cave to your left. The spring will propel to the top of the cliff. Turn right from there to jump back down to the ending area.

Points of interest


  • At the U-turn in the beginning area, you will see a Super Ring Monitor situated in front of a cliff. The cliff has a small opening that is too low to walk through, but you can spindash into it. You will enter a small cave with red springs that lead up to a Force Shield, which protects you from two hits.
  • Before entering the cave with the second Star Post, turn around and look to your right. You should see a small opening that leads to a side area of the lake. In front of you is a ledge with a diagonal yellow spring. Jump across the pillars in the lake to reach it. The spring will propel you to a cliff above the corridor area. After landing on the cliff, turn around to see another cliff with a house on it. Behind the house is an Attraction Shield. This shield attracts nearby rings to you, but it will short out in water.
  • In the area with the end sign, turn around and you will see a cave. Inside the cave is a Whirlwind Shield as well as a pillar with an extra life. Grab the shield, jump towards the pillar and press spin in mid-air to get an additional height boost that will allow you to reach the pillar.


  • Jump into the river at the beginning and charge a spindash aimed towards the center of the bridge. Spin under the bridge to pop an invincibility monitor that makes you invincible for 21 seconds.


GFZ1 is by far the shortest Single Player level in SRB2, and it is possible to finish it in slightly under 11 seconds. To save time, you can skip the U-turn at the beginning by jumping through the opening to the left of the first bridge. In the lake area, it is possible to save some time by turning right before the bridge. You will reach a small side area with some ledges and pillars in the water that lead up to the cave with the second Star Post. If you jump precisely and quickly, this is faster than taking the bridge. To gain speed in long straights, such as the area before the lake, get a running start, spin, thok and repeat.

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