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Knuckles the Echidna
Primary ability Glide & Climb
Secondary ability Spindash
Extra abilities
  • Super transformation

Knuckles the Echidna is a main character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series and ally to the titular character, and is one of three playable starter characters in Sonic Robo Blast 2. After hearing of Dr. Eggman's return and witnessing the vandalization of Greenflower Mountain, he teams up with Sonic and Tails to thwart the doctor's plans. With his dreadlocks and spiked fists, he can glide through the air and climb across walls to avoid potential hazards and find his own way through stages in unique routes.

Abilities and techniques

Knuckles climbing up a wall.

Knuckles shares his speed with the rest of the characters, but cannot jump as high, occasionally forcing him to take alternate pathways that take advantage of Knuckles' gliding and climbing abilities. After jumping, a second jump input will begin gliding, which continues until jump is released, Knuckles contacts a wall or hazard, or lands on the ground as Knuckles descends. In most cases, upon contacting a wall during a gilde, Knuckles will latch on to and can traverse it freely. However, some walls cannot be climbed, typically in areas where Knuckles has to take a different path from the rest. When gliding into a non-climbable wall, Knuckles will glide onto its side. When underwater, Knuckles's glide changes to a paddle swim, giving him increased speed preservation and faster turning.

Horizontal and vertical momentum are carried into the glide when moving at higher speeds, enabling Knuckles to soar incredible distances given the correct conditions. Knuckles' gliding and climbing are hugely useful in finding ways across obstacles without much risk, as well as finding secrets that other characters may not be able to reach.

Just like Sonic and Tails, Knuckles can take use of the spindash to blast off with incredible speed and take out enemies by holding the Spin key. The power of the spindash depends on how long Spin is held. Not only that, he can combine a fully charged spindash with a well timed glide to dart across stages at incredible speed, making him a viable option for speedrunning stages in both horizontal and vertical movement. As well as spindashing, Knuckles can destroy breakable walls simply by touching them, including some walls that Sonic and Tails cannot break. Breaking walls often reveals pathways made specifically for him.

Knuckles is suitable for intermediate players who have become experienced with the game. His versatility opens up many options in traversing stages efficiently and effectively, but his personal routes may prove troublesome to a beginner player. In ringslinger gametypes, his ring shots are 1.25x faster than any other character.

Super Knuckles

Knuckles transforming into Super Knuckles.

When given all 7 Chaos Emeralds and 50 rings, Knuckles can become Super Knuckles by jumping and pressing spin in the air. As Super Knuckles, his running, gliding and climbing speeds are increased, and he is completely invincible to everything except drowning, death pits and getting crushed. Super Knuckles is also able to create earthquakes and shockwaves that damage enemies by landing after a glide or attaching to a wall. However, while Knuckles is Super, his ring count is depleted by one ring every second. Once they reach zero, Knuckles turns back to normal, making him vulnerable to everything he once was. Knuckles cannot turn into Super Knuckles while holding a shield.

When using god as Super Knuckles, his colors change to resemble Hyper Sonic from Sonic 3 & Knuckles.


Technical information

Speed Fast (36)
Acceleration Low (40)
Thrustfactor High (5)
Accelstart Low (96)
Jump height factor Low (0.85)
Rough jump

height equivalent

-Two and a half 32x32 blocks of terrain

-One and 1/4th 64x64 blocks of terrain

Primary ability Glide & Climb
Secondary ability Spindash
Flags Super transformation

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