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MAP08, Deep Sea Zone Act 2, abbreviated as DSZ2, is the second act of Deep Sea Zone, the third zone in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.2. It is similar in style to its first act, but with a greater focus on indoor temple areas and traditional platforming challenges instead of distinct gimmicks. Waterslides are also more prominent in this act than in the first act. While sliding on these, the player can move to the sides but not change the speed at which they move. This act also introduces spinning wheels. These switches need to be spindashed on to activate, and they'll open doors for a limited time depending on how much you charge it.


You start the level with a waterslide in front of you. Jump in, and there are two paths you can take, plus a third as Knuckles. Going all the way down the waterslide will launch you into the main underwater path. Alternatively, about halfway through the slide, you can jump to a ledge on your right and push a gargoyle to open a door behind you, leading to the gargoyle path. As Knuckles, you can jump off before the end of the slide and glide through the small beige portion of the wall to access his and Amy's exclusive path.

Main path

The main path begins in a large room which is flooded with water, where you will find the path's first Star Post in it early on. The path splits halfway through this room, where you can go up a series of sloped cliffs to your right. Going up them takes you to the upper area of this room, and leads into a small cave that rejoins with the gargoyle path once you reach a steep slope heading into a temple. Progress straight ahead instead and you will enter a room with a series of circular pillars you can walk on. Step through these pillars until you find an alcove above the water, that leads directly into another flooded room. Jump down the pool of water and follow the tiles until you enter a temple, which houses the second Star Post.

After the second Star Post is an underwater temple room with a lot of Big Floating Mines. To get out of this area, climb up a sloped ledge far inside and then jump onto a rising platform. Take a U-turn into the next part of the room, which is above water. This area features three moving stone columns, which you can only jump through if they are low enough. These columns are followed by a room with six square holes, that you can either fall through to rejoin with the gargoyle path's first underwater cave, or proceed past the spikes to continue the main path and reach the path's third Star Post.

In front of the Star Post is a moving column similar to the last few, but with spikes on it. Be very careful to jump through the column at the right time, or else you'll get hit. After making it through the spiked column, go up a slope and turn left, avoiding the Crushstacean in the room. Make your way through the moving blocks, and be careful not to get crushed on one of the walls with circular textures. Jump outside of the room with moving blocks to find a hole in the floor. Going down this hole will take you into a flooded temple. Head forward to find the fourth Star Post.

The next room houses a large ceiling crusher that slowly goes up and down. Go through the area while the crusher is ascending to avoid being smashed. If you think you won't make it, wait in one of the two holes on the floor marked with bubble patches until the path is clear again. After making it through the crusher, you will reach the fifth Star Post in a room with a spinning wheel and a bustable floor. Characters that can spindash are able to jump on top of the spinning wheel to open a door located on the other side. Characters that are unable to spin must instead break the block in front of the wheel to proceed.

Spin path

Release your spindash and go through the door you just opened to enter a room with a Crushstacean and a platform surrounded by spikes. Jump on the platform, which will slowly rise toward the ceiling and take you outside the water. Once it is visible, proceed into the temple by going up a ramp leading into a set of yellow springs. Let them take you to the next area, where a Crushstacean protects a row of red horizontal springs you can take to run up a very steep ramp. Once at the top of this ramp, run or spin down the slide to be launched underwater, and progress forward untill you see three diagonal yellow springs that will take you out of the water and to the sixth Star Post.

You will now enter a waterslide. After a U-turn, it will lead you to a room where you have to jump across two other waterslides and into the one on the opposite side of the room, which continues forward. If you miss it and land in one of the other waterslides, they will lead you into a small pool with two Crushstaceans, a Skim, and two pairs of red springs. Take one of the springs to be propelled back to the start of the waterslide section, where you can try again. Once you've managed to jump to the correct waterslide, it will lead you to a fork in the path. You can go either left or right.

If you go left on the waterfall, after a few turns, you will be led into another room where you have to jump to the waterslide on the far end of the room, which leads right. If you miss it, you will be taken back to the entrance of the room, where you can try again. Once you've managed to jump to the correct waterslide, it will lead you into a cave with the Level End Sign. If you jump off at the right time, you can reach an underwater area with the seventh Star Post, and vertical red springs that can take you directly to the top of a temple structure.

If you go right on the waterfall, after a small turn, you will pass by an exit to your left. Jump off here and take the exit, since the waterslide will simply loop back to the start of the path split. You will enter a blue tiled room with a Crushstacean inside, followed by a room with doors that hide a few secret goodies accessible by pushing gargoyles. Turn left from the gargoyle room to reach the seventh Star Post, which is followed by a series of moving spikes that can crush you to death if entered at the wrong time. Make your way through those spikes, then you will enter a cave with a waterfall that goes left. Jump into the waterfall and you will reach a set of three diagonal red springs that can take you to the top of the temple structure.

The corridor at the top of this giant temple contains the End Level Sign.

Non-spin path

After breaking the block, fall down the hole and follow the corridor to find a set of red springs. These will take you out of the water and into a small room with two bustable walls and a ledge with a red button. Fang cannot break the bustable walls, but he can reach the ledge with the red button. Pressing this button will break one of the walls to lead into the next path. Since Amy cannot reach the button, she'll need to break the bustable block that is closest to the way she came from, revealing a row of yellow horizontal springs attached to a wall. Jump on the horizontal springs without hammering, then break the block in front of you to open up a corridor that ends in another bustable floor, which you can then break to proceed. Falling through the hole you opened will drop you into a ledge. Jump into the waterslide in front of you and let it take you to the end of the room, then jump into a hole on the floor to enter an underwater cave containing this path's sixth Star Post.

Follow through the corridor and drop down to a tiled floor, where four cyan pillars extend to the top. Head forward and avoid the pair of Crushstaceans, then fall through another hole in the floor, where you will see a flooded temple. Head straight to its entrance and jump atop a platform surrounded with spikes. Pressing the button sitting on the platform will make it rise. You'll reach another platform surrounded by spikes at the top, that rises when you step on it. From here, the temple briefly connects to a cave. Run up the ramp in front of you while avoiding the mines, then head forward until you find a Crushstacean blocking your way. Take care to avoid it, then go up a sloped floor with spikes attached to it. Go through the entrance to your right, where you will find the seventh Star Post. A red button is on the end of this room; press it to open the door in front of you, which leads to two red springs. Taking them will send you to the top of the giant temple containing the End Level Sign.

Gargoyle path

The area begins with a slope with horizontal springs behind it. Most characters can spin onto the horizontal springs and gain enough momentum to make it up to the top and continue the path. As Amy or Fang, run down the slide and jump on the yellow springs behind the big wall to reach the top platform. From the top platform, you can either progress through the next few platforms to continue the gargoyle path or turn right into a gray cave to rejoin the main path. Turning right into the cave allows Amy and Knuckles to access their exclusive path by breaking the beige portion of the wall. Continuing through the regular path and jumping through the set of platforms will take you to the path's first Star Post and an entrance to a large temple room. A bridge connects the entrance and exit; below it is a deep water pool with two crumbled columns and a few Jet Jaws. Continue through the bridge, taking care to avoid the Crushstacean protecting it. At the end of the bridge, you will see two pushable Gargoyles sitting on a track. Pushing both of those will open the door to the temple's exit. Turn right and jump over the giant pool of water into the cave in front of you. Opting to fall into this body of water will throw you into the main path.

Continuing forward through the cave, jump over the sets of spikes. Knuckles and Amy may break the block to your right between the rows of spikes. The room it reveals contains a singular, golden button, that sinks down a pillar later in this same path. Continuing forward, jump over another pool of water and run up the steep slope to enter the next temple segment. Jump over the row of spikes and you will fall into a shallow body of water. Go towards the corridor in front of you and turn right to hit the path's second Star Post. Run up another slope to be launched into a small room with a singular structure in the middle. If you've hit the golden switch exclusive to Knuckles and Amy, this pillar will have sunken down. Choosing to jump down the pillar will connect you to the rest of Knuckles and Amy's exclusive paths; refer to that topic for more information. If you choose to ignore the pillar and continue forward, you will find the exit to this room. Take the U-turn to the left and avoid the Crushstaceans blocking your way through the temple's outskirts. At the very end of this area, jump up the small ledge to find horizontal red springs attached to the back, leading you to a small sloped corridor. Either proceed through it normally or take the horizontal springs; at the end of the corridor, jump over the water if you will, using the Super Ring monitor as a pedestal. Falling down the water will take you to the underwater path's first temple entrance. If you nail down the jump, you will see a small structure with a hole in the floor.

Jump down this hole to find yourself in an underwater cave. Head forward then slightly turn to your left, following the cave's opening. Jump up the steep slope to find yourself in a room with two columns. Beware of the Big Floating Mines in this room, since the Crushstacean that accompanies them can use its claw to push them toward you. Carefully manouver through this section and turn to the right, then head down the small ramp to find the path's third Star Post. Following it are a series of columns that you must jump up to in order to progress; be careful, though, as these columns' floors will ascend and try to crush you as soon as you land on them. Reaching the end of this section will take you to an outdoor section, where you can either choose to continue forward or head inside the temple far to your left. If you fall off one of the crushers, keep going forward and go through an indent in the cave. You will go up a sloped path that will take you directly to the aforementioned temple. If you are playing as a character that cannot easily gain vertical height, such as Sonic, you won't be able to take the forward path if you fall off a column.


The temple to the left starts with a room with a set of eight gargoyles on either side and a closed door. Five of the gargoyles are closer to the walls, while the other three are closer to the center of the room. Push the latter three gargoyles to the walls' side, and the door will open. You will then enter a small room with a rising platform that can take you to two different paths depending on how far up you go. The lower route is to the right and intended for characters who can spin, while the upper route is to the left and intended for Amy and Fang, who can't spin but can break floors.

The lower route starts with a steep slope you need to spin dash to get up. After ascending the slope, turn right and go down the waterfall. The current will take you to the same underwater room that opens the spin portion of the main path.

The upper route starts with a series of moving spikes that can crush you to death if you come in the middle at the wrong time. Amy can break those spikes, but Fang must carefully jump between them because he can't bounce on vertically moving hazards. Following those spikes is a breakable floor with a Force Shield on top. Break the floor and you will land on a shallow sloped waterfall where you will need to carefully avoid wall spikes on the sides. This waterfall is the same one Amy and Fang enter in the non-spin portion of the main path.


If you make it through the columns and continue forward, you will find a series of large square platforms. Platform up these until you reach the top, marked with a cyan outline and containing the fourth Star Post. Jump to the building to your left, avoiding the Crushstacean. Next to the wall is an entrance to a corridor with a spiked crusher. Jump through this crusher and go through the mossy ruins until you fall into a body of rising and falling water. Floating on the water surface are three large platforms. You can either pass under these platforms or jump on top of them to make your way across the corridor. In both cases, make sure the platforms don't crush you against the floor or the ceiling. The last platform will lead you to a ledge with two pillars and a Crushstacean.

Continue forward, then jump to the ledge on your right. It will take you to an outdoors area with a tiled floor on the center. Enter the indent at the very end to reach the fifth Star Post, followed by a a building with a large upwards ramp and a block filled with red springs. You can either run through the slope normally or use the springs. Be careful, though, as, atop the slope, there is a set of horizontal springs that will send you into a wall of spikes. After going up this slope, go down the stairs to your right to reach another outside section with a view of the ocean. A red button is sitting at the middle of the floor. Take a minute to appreciate the pretty view, then press the button and turn around, as the stairs you walked down on have moved downward, leading to a corridor with a broken floor. Fall through this hole to reach a small building containing a Crushstacean. A single block with a horizontal spring sitting on the floor will send you to a large cave. This cave rejoins with the spin path's last segment, where you go through a long waterslide.

Knuckles and Amy's path

Knuckles and Amy's exclusive path begins with a room containing a set of cubic platforms, some with spikes on them and one of them moving. Knuckles can get to the path by gliding into a beige portion of the wall after the initial waterslide, and both characters can get there by taking a gray cave detour near the start of the gargoyle path. Both characters must use their abilities in unique ways to get through the room.

The walls at the edge of the room are covered in vines and cannot be climbed, so as Knuckles, you must instead climb up the first cubic platform, then jump off and glide into the wall of the next platform, and so on until you reach the top of the room. Behind a cubic platform too high for Knuckles to climb on is the room's exit, which takes you down a slope and to a crumbling floor way down that leads underwater and to the path's first Star Post.

As Amy, a portion of the floor at the start of the room is breakable and hides a yellow spring. Break the floor, then hammer on the spring to go up to the first platform. While jumping to the next two platforms, use your hammer to break the spikes so you don't get hurt. On the fourth platform, the floor is once again breakable and reveals a spring that can be hammered on to reach a downwards slope and then a hole that merges with Knuckles' portion of the path. The crumbling floor way down will take you underwater and to the path's first Star Post.

Following the first Star Post is an underwater section with spikes and Jet Jaws as hazards, with the walls covered in vines and not climbable. As Knuckles, watch out for the spikes in that area; as Amy, pay attention to the Jet Jaws, and use your hammer to defeat them if necessary. The underwater room ends with two rising platforms surrounded by spikes, with a vertical path of rings to show which way to go. The rising platforms will take you out of the water and into a room where Knuckles and Amy's paths split. As Knuckles, spin dash on the spinning wheel to open the door; as Amy, break the floor behind the spinning wheel.

After releasing the spin dash on the wheel, Knuckles will merge with the main path right at the path's third Star Post. After breaking the floor, Amy will enter an underwater room with Big Floating Mines and a set of yellow springs. Jump on those springs, then turn left and go down a slope to reach her and Knuckles' path's second Star Post. Break the spikes behind the Star Post to go down a waterfall and merge with the main path, shortly before the room with moving blocks.

Points of interest


  • On the main path, right after the third Star Post, there is a pillar with a Crushstacean in front of it. Part of the pillar's wall has an X-shaped texture; to break it, either spin dash up the slope before it to land on the pillar, or as Knuckles, climb up the pillar and break the X-shaped area. A Force Shield is found behind that wall.
  • At the start of the upper route in the gargoyle path's left portion, a Force Shield is found on the floor that Amy and Fang can break.
  • At the start of the main path's waterfall section, there is a wall directly behind the Star Post that Knuckles can break. Breaking the wall reveals a room with a Force Shield.
  • Outside a temple surrounded by Crushstaceans early in the gargoyle path, you can see several pillars with gargoyles on top of them. One of the pillars near the end of that area is cracked; spin dash or hammer through that pillar to gain an Armageddon Shield. Fang can also get this shield by tail bouncing on top of the pillar containing the shield, which will break the pillar.
  • Late in the gargoyle path, in the room with floating platforms that rise and fall with the water, jump onto the second floating platform, turn around, and then jump off to the right before it hits the ceiling. You will encounter an Armageddon Shield on a small ledge, which you can more easily access as Tails or Knuckles by flying or climbing.
  • On the gargoyle path, in the outdoor area over a view of the ocean, fly or climb up the cliff to the right of the red button. High up at the end of the ledge is an Armageddon Shield.
  • On the main path, near the slope leading to the room with moving blocks, fly over the waterfall to the left or climb the walls around it. In a dark room behind the source of the falls, you will find an Armageddon Shield.
  • On the gargoyle path's left portion, in the lower route for characters who can spin, after spin dashing up the steep slope, there is a wall to your left that Knuckles can break. Behind that wall is a small room with a Whirlwind Shield.
  • Spin onto the horizontal red spring that merges the gargoyle path's forward portion with the main path, and you will land directly onto a platform with a Whirlwind Shield.
  • Outside the temple that ends the level, deep in the water on the right side is a Whirlwind Shield between two large columns.
  • Early in the gargoyle path, before you jump across the water for the second time, turn to the right to see a small opening in the wall. Jump into it to find an Elemental Shield.
  • Early in the main path, immediately after returning to the water from the area with circular pillars, a set of Big Floating Mines and kelp surround an Elemental Shield to the right.
  • In the gargoyle path, if you pressed the yellow button as Knuckles, you can go deep down into the sunken pillar area and climb up the octagonal column. On the left side, you will see an open door leading to a room with an Elemental Shield.
  • After the first Star Post in the gargoyle path, go down into the water from the bridge. A small portion of the floor can be broken by Amy or Fang and is textured just like the other floors in the zone that they can break. Breaking that floor leads to a small alcove with an Elemental Shield inside; there is a yellow spring behind the alcove to get back to the gargoyle path.
  • On the main path, in the underwater room with a crusher from above, you can fly or climb to get on top of the crusher, which never gets high enough to hit the ceiling. On top of the crusher behind the second hole, there is a portion of stationary ground containing an Elemental Shield and an extra life.
  • On the main path's spin path, in an underwater area shortly after the big sloped slide, look to your right to find a portion of the wall with an X-shaped texture that Knuckles can break. Breaking that portion of the wall reveals a slope you can spin dash up, with an extra life and an Elemental Shield at the very top.
  • In the non-spin portion of the main path, in the underwater temple area, instead of entering inside the temple, platform to get on top of the temple and then walk around it until you find a diagonal yellow spring that takes you to a yellow button. Press the yellow button, then enter the temple area and hop onto the second rising platform. A gate to the right will have opened, revealing an Elemental Shield surrounded by two Super Ring Monitors.
  • There are no Attraction Shields found in this zone.


  • Near the end of the right portion of the main path's waterslide section, when you reach a waterfall in a cave, instead of jumping in, jump on the rocky ledge with a Crushstacean and a Super Ring Monitor, then turn around and jump on another ledge in the corner of the waterfall's turn. An Invincibility Monitor is found on that ledge.
  • On the right portion of the main path's waterslide section, in the room with pushable gargoyles and doors, there is one gargoyle on the right wall that is closer to the center of the room than to the walls. Push that gargoyle to the walls' side, and three doors nearby will rotate open, revealing two Super Ring Monitors and an Invincibility Monitor.
  • Not too far through the gargoyle path, next to the horizontal springs that lead to a small sloped corridor, look left and you will find a wall that Knuckles or Amy can break. Turn left up a slope and you will see an Invincibility Monitor.

Super Sneakers

  • Early in the main path, in the underwater area with circular pillars, jump onto the lowest pillar and look left. A narrow alcove hides a small tiled room that contains a Super Sneakers Monitor.
  • Early in the gargoyle path, before jumping over the second pool of water, jump off the slope to the left as Knuckles or Amy to find an indent with a wall that only they can break. Breaking the wall leads to a room containing a Super Sneakers Monitor.
  • Near the end of the main path's non-spin path, instead of hopping on the red springs to the ending temple, turn left and progress through the water a bit further. A set of diagonal yellow springs will take you directly to Super Sneakers Monitor at the lower area of the temple.
  • On the gargoyle path, in the room with crushing columns, there is a square platform bigger than the columns that doesn't crush you when standing on it for too long. The platform contains eight rings, a Super Sneakers Monitor, and an air bubble.
  • Near the end of the gargoyle path's forward section, after pressing a red button to lower the stairs, a Super Sneakers Monitor is in plain sight at the end of the corridor with a broken floor.
  • After jumping off of the right path split of the main path's waterslide section, in the room with pushable gargoyles and doors, there is a Super Sneakers monitor behind the middle gargoyle all the way in the back.

Extra lives

  • On the gargoyle path, look in the narrow column under the oval platform containing the fourth Star Post. On the side of the column closer to the square platforms, there is a wall marked with X shapes. Spin dash or hammer through the wall to reveal a small room with an extra life inside.
  • In the underwater portion of Knuckles and Amy's exclusive path, there is an extra life high up on a ledge shortly after the moving spikes. Most of the walls in the room cannot be climbed, but the walls holding the moving spikes can. Behind the extra life, climb up the lower portion of the moving wall, then glide in the air for a bit until you can grab onto the wall's upper portion. Glide off the top of the wall by pressing jump, and with careful timing and precision, you can glide onto the ledge containing the extra life.
  • Early in the gargoyle path, press the yellow button hidden behind a wall only Knuckles and Amy can break, then quickly make it to room with the sunken pillar and turn left. If you make it there quickly enough, you will find an Extra Life Monitor about to get crushed by a large, octagonal pillar. Collect the extra life before getting crushed. Spinning as Knuckles will allow more time to get through the narrow gap and collect the extra life without getting crushed.
  • Near the end of the gargoyle path, on the tiled floor right before the fifth Star Post, turn left into a larger indent instead of going ahead. Dive deep into the water to the right of the wall with spikes on its side, and an extra life is hidden in a corner on the green, mossy ground.
  • On the gargoyle path, in the underwater room with the columns that crush you if you stay on for too long, hop on the third column, then hop off and look back. You will find an extra life hidden in a small indent in the column's remains.
  • In the lower route from the gargoyle path's left section, instead of hopping straight into the waterfall, walk around the waterfall and you will see an extra life behind a periodically appearing column of water in the middle. All characters who can spin can reach this extra life, though as Sonic, you will need a well-timed spin dash and thok.
  • At the tiled floor before the gargoyle path's fifth Star Post, fly or climb way up high and to the right. On the very edge of a cliff, there is an extra life.
  • On the main path, in the waterslide section's left path, fall into the water instead of jumping into the next fall and go against the current (most easily by flying as Tails). You will find an extra life on top of a small tiled platform at the edge of the waterslide.
  • In the waterslide section, shortly before the path split, there is a set of wall spikes to your left with an extra life in plain sight next to it. To collect the extra life, jump out of the water at just the right time so you don't get hit by the wall spikes.
  • Near the top floor of the temple that ends the level, a high up balcony over to the left contains an extra life.

Technical data