Miles "Tails" Prower

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Miles "Tails" Prower
Primary ability Fly
Secondary ability Spindash

Miles "Tails" Prower is a main character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series and acts as the titular character's sidekick, he is one of three playable characters in Sonic Robo Blast 2. After finding out Dr. Eggman's destruction of Greenflower Mountain, he joins Sonic and Knuckles in their efforts to stop him once again. Tails' twin tails let him fly high and bypass hazards that may otherwise pose a threat to other characters, making him suited for beginners.

Abilities and techniques

Tails flying to get over the waterfall.

Tails can run as fast as Sonic and Knuckles on ground. He can use his tails to fly himself upwards, giving him a huge amount of versatility but not much speed. After jumping once, continuously pressing jump will have Tails fly upwards, letting him fly over tough parts of a level, explore high-up routes, and even swim underwater. While flying, Tails can kill aerial enemies above him with his tails, but is otherwise completely vulnerable to hazards. If he flies for too long, Tails will tire out and slowly fall.

Alongside his flight, he can also use the spindash like the rest of the cast by holding down Spin, shooting him forwards at high speeds in a ball that can take out enemies. The power of the spindash depends on how long it is held for. Tails can combine his flight power and spindash to exceed even Sonic's speed, at the cost of vulnerability and low horizontal control. This gives him a huge advantage in Race or Competition where he can get a massive headstart before other characters.

Tails is a good choice for beginner players to bypass obstacles, but he is also a viable option for expert players in clearing stages quickly (especially more vertical ones), or acting defensively in ringslinger gametypes with his unmatched flight.


Tails can carry Sonic if the player jumps while stood together.

If the player has chosen Sonic & Tails, standing near Tails and jumping while an arrow appears will allow him to carry the player. This cannot be done underwater. Tails will fly up automatically, move downwards when Spin is held, and release the player if Jump is pressed. Tails carrying is also possible in multiplayer.


Technical information

Speed Fast (36)
Acceleration Low (40)
Thrustfactor High (5)
Accelstart Low (96)
Jump height factor Normal (1.0)
Rough jump

height equivalent

-Three 32x32 blocks of terrain

-One and a half 64x64 blocks of terrain

Primary ability Fly
Secondary ability Spindash

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