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Thing type 1706, Blue Sphere, is a type of Thing that players must collect in NiGHTS levels and Special Stages. In NiGHTS levels, the player must deposit blue spheres in the Ideya Capture in order to destroy it. Like rings and hoops, they also count towards the player's score. Each item gives the player 10 points on its own; collecting multiple items in quick succession increases the player's link number and awards a larger amount of points. In non-NiGHTS Special Stages, the player must collect a predetermined number of blue spheres in order to end the level and obtain a Chaos Emerald. In non-Special Stage NiGHTS levels, blue spheres are replaced with NiGHTS chips, which serve the same purpose.

Giving a blue sphere the Ambush flag will make it float 24 fracunits above the ground. All blue spheres that are not already floating above the ground due to Z offsets should have this flag because items that do not float are difficult to collect and look as if they were stuck in the floor. The flag stacks on top of the Thing's regular height, allowing blue spheres to be a total of 4119 fracunits above the ground at maximum.

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