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Thing Type 520, Bomb Sphere, is a small black sphere similar to Sonic 2's special stages.[1] When touched, the sphere will explode, causing the player to be damaged similarly to any normal enemy or hazard, or like a Spikeball would, for example. After exploding, the sphere cannot be touched again until the level is either reloaded or is set back to it's SpawnState before it is deleted from the map, i.e. while exploding.

Upon being given the Ambush flag, it will float, similar to how a Ring could do the same, as well as many other similar objects like a Blue Sphere.

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Level Design Uses

  • These are great hazards for custom special stages, despite having a much less polished explosion than in Sonic 2 [2].
  • Futuristic levels like Black Hole Zone would also be a good fit for these too.
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