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File:Nights axistransferline.gif
An Axis Transfer Line. (anigif)

Thing type 1702, Axis Transfer Line, is a type of Thing that transfers players from one Axis to another in NiGHTS levels. Unlike with an Axis and an Axis Transfer, Super Sonic goes in a straight line from one Axis to another, which allows two consecutive Axes to be apart from each other. Two of these Things need to be placed for them to transfer the player; one on each of the two Axis tracks. The flags value of the first Transfer Thing should be 1 greater than the flags value of the first Axis. The second Transfer Thing and the second Axis should have a flags value that is 2 greater than the flags value of the first Axis. This means that one flags value will be used only for the first Transfer Thing, and will not be used on an Axis.

Note: You cannot use an Axis Transfer Line to end the track and transfer to the first Axis. Only regular Axis Transfers can do that.

The mare the Axis is on is specified by the Thing's Parameter value: If n is the mare number, the Parameter value should be n - 1. For example, the Parameter value for the first mare is 0, while the Parameter value for the third mare is 2. Since a Thing's Parameter value is multiplied by 4096 and added to the Thing type number, the resulting Thing type number is 1702 + (n - 1)×4096.

Mare # Parameter Thing type #
1 0 1702
2 1 5798
3 2 9894
4 3 13990
5 4 18086
6 5 22182
7 6 26278
8 7 30374

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