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Thing type 1710, Ideya Capture (pronounced IDD-ee-yuh CAP-churr), is a type of Thing that serves as a capsule that must be destroyed in NiGHTS levels. Its Angle determines how many blue spheres are required to break it open.

The mare the Axis is on is specified by the Thing's Parameter value: If n is the mare number, the Parameter value should be n - 1. For example, the Parameter value for the first mare is 0, while the Parameter value for the third mare is 2. Since a Thing's Parameter value is multiplied by 4096 and added to the Thing type number, the resulting Thing type number is 1710 + (n - 1)×4096.

Mare # Parameter Thing type #
1 0 1710
2 1 5806
3 2 9902
4 3 13998
5 4 18094
6 5 22190
7 6 26286
8 7 30382

This Thing is required in all NiGHTS levels with the exception of NiGHTS Race. The Z offset of this Thing should be at least 64 so that it does not spawn in the ground.

The sprite for the Ideya Capture is based on that of the Egg Capsule in the 8-bit version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

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